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Campsite No. 7 in Zion National Park Gives Up Its Garbage

How much garbage did you correctly ID? Jon Merryman photo.

During their visit to Zion National Park this summer, Jon Merryman and his son decided to clean up their campsite, No. 7 in the South Campground, before leaving the park. The accompanying photo shows what they gathered up.

How many different items did you manage to identify? Here's Jon's list:

1) A lemon slice,
2) A Canadian penny,
3) A Red Bull pull tab,
4) A bungee hook,
5) A zipper pull,
6) An in-store sock hanger,
7) A piece of electrical wire,
8) A Rolling Rock bottle cap,
9) A zip tie,
10) A bobby pin,
11) A gum wrapper,
12) A hair clip,
13) A spring,
14) A bread bag clip,
15) A cotton swab,
16) A screw and a bolt,
17) Three tent stakes,
18) Three drink-box straws,
19) Four nutshell halves, and
20) Five twisty-ties.


21. 7 corona bottle caps
22. 2 miller lite caps
23. bud lite cap
24. bits of a broken plastic spoon
25. tissue/paper nakin bits
26. corn cob button
28. several copper pennys
29. numerous bottle caps--some older, some newer
30. bits and pieces of glass/plastic
31. what looks like some line and sinker
32. some pistachio shells
33. plastic tie for wiring

FYI - my list was meant to be a challenging list of things to find, not a complete list. Some of the things are completely unidentifiable because of how small they are, others are very hard because of the resolution of the photo, still others I'm not really sure what to call them (like those little plastic tips that break off of the tent stakes when you pull up on them too hard), and some are so old or damaged that I couldn't uniquely identify them well enough for you to go forth and find it. But see if you can actually find the list of 20 things I provided.

PS - The "line and sinker" that Anon. identified above is actually a piece of thread sitting next to a rubber tip (I assume that was on the end of a fiberglass pole of some sort).

What is that little button looking disk with the smiley face on it?

Gee, just yesterday I lost a knife somewhere in Zion or Springdale. Let me know if you find it!

Aside from the items in the previous lists,
34. Plastic bottle tamper ring
35. Another thing that you pull off the open a plastic bottle
36. A piece of tarp
37. Brass grommets
38. A rubber grommet
39. Bare mechanics wire
40. A banana sticker
41. a piece of wood
42. String
43. The top that you tear off of a plastic food bag
44. A sheet metal screw
45. A pony tail hair thingy
46. A bead
47. A rubber band

That's about all I can identify. But this is not supposed to be a list. What we should all see is that none of these things belong in a natural setting. Every single person who visits nature should remember what I was taught in Scouts, "leave only footprints". That means that you should not only take everything out that you bring in but also pick up the things that other less observant visitors may leave behind. At the end of every visit we would always take a few minutes to "police the area" as it was called. Even at home we bring a Jewel bag along on our walks and pick up recycleables along the way.
Many thanks to Jon Merryman and his son for being good stewards of the park.

Boy Scouts

No cigarette butts? No plastic bags? Were they outlawed at this park?

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