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Armchair Photography Guides

When do you think you will be publishing more of those photo guides for those of us who are not closely related to mountain goats? I forget the author's name (I think it was a woman) but I found them extremely helpful.

Photo guides?

Could you be more specific, Amarillobymorning. Not sure off the top of my head what photo guides you're referring to. Those by Rebecca Latson?

Armchair Guides

That sounds like the author's name. I know it was posted sometime before Sept. 30, 2015 because that was the date on the file where I saved some of the information. And I suspect it wasn't a whole lot earlier that it was published because I usually visit the NPT site at least weekly.

Armchair Guides

Well, it's probably Rebecca. She has an "armchair guide" to Banff National Park coming out June 7. Later this week we'll have a somewhat similar guide to Yosemite Valley, by Jean Bjerke.


Thanks for your reply. I like your site a lot because it has so much useful information and frequently is the only place where issues concerning our parks get much, if any, coverage. And I enjoy reading comments on those issues from all the different sides. Seems like this is one of the few forums where the comments are (almost always) civil and respectful of different viewpoints. Perhaps because we all come from the one basic: Love of our national parks and wanting what (in our differing opinions) is best for them. The Armchair Guides are a special feature. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to see photos of some beautiful place, research the trail to said spot and find out that it's a mere 10 miles and requires the skills of a well-conditioned mountain goat!

Armchair Photography Guides

Hi Amarillobymorning - Kurt keyed me into the conversation about the Armchair Photo Guides I've been writing.  I'm so glad you enjoy them and have found them helpful.  Thanks for your nice comments.  Yes, I plan on having another guide (a Part 1) for Banff National Park coming out on June 7.  It's sort of a tip of the iceburg guide, considering how much there is to see in that park and how little time I had when I visited.  I'll continue to work on these guides as I visit other parks.  And I hope they continue to be helpful to you and others out there.

Future guides

Looking forward to the Banff guide. As for future guides, if you'd like any tips or suggestions I would be happy to supply from wherever we visit. This summer we'll be at Wind Cave, Theodore Roosevelt, Apostle Island, Pictured Rocks and Sleeping Bear. Past visits include Canyon De Chelly, Glacier, Natural Bridges, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Bisti Badlands, Big Bend and some more back east.

If there is any special information you would like me to gather, I'd be delighted. If you would like to pursue it further, you can mail me at [email protected] and I'll give you my writing/editing/photo background.

Between my husband's new hips and my new knee, we are pretty well qualified for the armchair variety of photography!

Looking forward to the Banff

Looking forward to the Banff guide.

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