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Interior Spokeswoman: Department "Welcomes" Resignations From National Park Service Advisory Board

Jan 17th - 19:22pm | [email protected]

A U.S. Interior Department official has blasted the resignation of most members of a board that advises it on national parks. Interior Official Blasts Resignation of Parks Advisory Board Jan. 17, 2018, at 8:00 p.m.

Jan 17th - 19:04pm | Rick B.

Majority Of National Park Service Advisory Board, Tired Of Being Ignored, Resigns

Jan 17th - 19:20pm | Rick B.

Surprise that, eh?  

Jan 17th - 18:15pm | Glad2bretired

This is off topic, so I'll respond to Alfred's post very briefly.  There are conflicting claims on the internet as to what are the Secret Service protection costs to protect Trump vs.

Jan 17th - 17:00pm | Alfred Runte

"The President himself wastes tons of taxpayer money at his weekend golf retreats, requiring more Secret Service protection."

Jan 17th - 16:38pm | Anonymous

The only thing the board ever did was to travel and spend the taxpayers money. They contributed nothing to the centennial or any original ideas to the management of our national parks. The have stayed too long for all of the good they did. It is about time to get rid of  them and start again with a fresh board.

Jan 17th - 14:40pm | Glad2bretired

Wasting money on travel?  Give me a break.  Secretary Zinke, with his history of travel fraud, is under formal investigation for - guess what?  Several of the other current Administration cabinet heads have had travel fraud problems, including one who forced to resign.  The President himself wastes tons of taxpayer money at his weekend golf retreats, requiring more Secret Se

Jan 17th - 14:00pm | Jeepdog

Wish they stayed and waited.  This nightmare has to end soon. Now they will be replaced with ANTI-Park people and we will lose America's best idea.  We are losing everything, our land, our health and our democracy.

Jan 17th - 13:34pm | Lee Dalton

The following clipped from the Coalition to Protect Our National Parks weekly brief: 

Jan 17th - 12:58pm | [email protected]


Jan 17th - 12:34pm | Rick B.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised to see more pro-trump comments posted under the name 'anonymous'.

Jan 17th - 12:24pm | [email protected]


Jan 17th - 12:04pm | ecbuck

You expect us to put any stock in an article that starts "Before he became  the illegitimate President of the United States"?

Jan 17th - 12:00pm | [email protected]

IF TAXPAYERS ARE TRULY CONCERNED About Wasteful Travel,  Read:  

Jan 17th - 11:56am | Lee Dalton

"Another great example of draining the swamp. This advisory board has a history of wasting money on unnecessary travel." Any documentation available for that claim? 

Jan 17th - 11:49am | [email protected]  

Jan 17th - 11:43am | Anonymous

Another great example of draining the swamp. This advisory board has a history of wasting money on unnecessary travel. Glad that the Trump administration will get to appoint new members. 

Jan 17th - 10:48am | wild places

I wasn't even aware this board existed so thank you Kurt for bringing its existence to light.

Jan 17th - 10:43am | Alfred Runte

"The current board enlisted the support of over 160 outside subject matter experts," a release from the park advocacy group said. "These private citizens, all volunteers, include representatives of professional organizations, conservationists, scientists, educators, business people, and leaders with governmental experience."

Jan 17th - 10:17am | argalite

They were mandated by law to meet twice a year.

Jan 17th - 09:42am | ecbuck

What did these nine "advise" that the 20,000 existing employees and 340,000 volunteers couldn't?

Jan 17th - 09:09am | RickyAZ

"....and the nine who resigned were to have their current terms end in May" If it weren't for empty gestures nobody would have known they even existed!  Maybe Interior should spend the time and resources it has time managing what's already on its plate.

Jan 17th - 08:44am | Lee Dalton

No, they probably won't be missed -- not by Zinke or the drumpf administration.  But they should be missed by the rest of us who value our parks, and for that matter, just plain honesty in our government.  Remember this when the next two elections roll around. 

Jan 17th - 03:21am | Anonymous

They will not be missed

"Arches For The People" Proposes Solution to Arches National Park's Congestion Woes

Jan 17th - 18:54pm | Lee Dalton

It is not true that handicapped people are locked out of Zion.  Here is a clip from the Zion website: Zion Canyon Transportation

Jan 17th - 17:03pm | Kat-Alac

About that UMTRA parking lot: "Tailing shipments began in April, 2009, and are expected to continue through about 2034, depending on annually appropriated funds." - Those annually appropriated funds are in question. This is not a viable solution to today's problem.

Jan 17th - 15:35pm | Junk Chuxk

Go with the reservation system. Too many cars is a problem, but too damn many people is just as bad. And maybe Utah can lay off the continued promotion and foreign marketing that feeds this problem.

Jan 16th - 14:20pm | zb39

Sounds like it will be very tough for handicaped people to get in.  Roads were closed in Zion awhile back and now handicaped people can't see it anymore.  Only those who can walk can go see it.

Jan 16th - 13:05pm | Cathy

What about camping in Arches.  Would you close that down?  Even camping with a tent involves a car most times.  Any plans for allowing that and not having to reserve times and dates?  We like to take long road trips and do things spur of the moment and don't want to plan that far out.  Maybe we have seen the last of Arches (we have been there many times and agree that o

Yellowstone National Park Searching For Those Who Freed Bison From Pens

Jan 17th - 18:22pm | bigskyguy

Sounds like the all-too-common overreach of well-intentioned zealots. Start your investigation with a call to PETA or the Sierra Club. 

Photography In The National Parks: My Five Favorites From 2017

Jan 17th - 17:26pm | mtgnppics

ON to 2018 !!!   ;)

Jan 17th - 12:28pm | Rick B.

As a non-camera expert, I don't understand the technical details of which you describe, however I'm glad that you do. That means it is more likely that I'll be able to enjoy more of your work into the future.

Time For New Uniforms For The National Park Service?

Jan 17th - 17:02pm | Madamoizillion

I've been a ranger for 5 years and I both love and hate the uniform. I am proud of what the uniform stands for and the traditions and mission it represents. But I absolutely hate how it feels. I'm a woman, and the park service apparently designed uniforms for women after getting a vague description of what women look like, from 30 years ago.

Traveler's View: So, You Want To Sign A Petition Pertaining To National Parks?

Jan 17th - 15:42pm | Danny Bernstein

Forget about petition!!If you want to make an impact, write a letter (email or postal). Show you're serious about the issue.As for Starbucks, I would love if we could get anything hot anywhere in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I spoke up numerous times when I was on the board of the Great Smoky Mountains Association, with no luck.Danny Bernstein

Within And Beyond National Park Boundaries, A Chat With Superintendent Kate Cannon

Jan 17th - 12:31pm | Lee Dalton

Thanks for an excellent and thoughtful write-up, Rebecca.  Although I've never had an opportunity to meet Supt Cannon in person, I've heard nothing but very good things about her from many people who have and who actually work with her now.  In my mind, she is what NPS people all should be . . . 

Let's Take A Look At What Folks Think Of Interior Secretary Zinke's Surge Pricing Scheme

Jan 17th - 11:28am | argalite

Ecbuck, I wish you would quit trying to assign emotions to me.  I am not disapointed.  I am asking how best to comment on proposals by this administration.  Form letters are actual comments made by real people, and the ease of sending should not be a reason to discount them as not being any more substative than others.  So I guess the only way to make a point is science and

Jan 17th - 11:01am | [email protected]

Interestingly enough, and those with the expertise in enironmental law, please correct me if I am wrong, after the NEPA process is concuded, plaintiffs can only sue on the basis of process, not the final decision.

Jan 17th - 08:44am | ecbuck

Ron, I think we are in full agreement.  The key point is the "public comment" does not equal "public vote".  The powers that be may have a predisposition ("the decision has already been made")  but if the public comment doesn't bring up facts and considerations to overturn that decision, a  ten thousand letters saying "no" isn't going to make a difference.

Jan 16th - 20:16pm | [email protected]

EC, my own experince is that public comments do make a difference, provided the powers at be have not already predetermined the decision.

Jan 16th - 20:06pm | Anonymous

 The abuse of form letters and fake comments by the delusional environmental groups over the past decade have ruined the process. You guys have no one to blame but yourselves and you know I'm talking about Audubon, Sierra Club, NPCA, Defenders of Wildlife, Southern Environmental Law Center, etc...

Jan 16th - 18:47pm | ecbuck

The issue of public comments on government activities has nothing to do with the current administration.  People have been bitching about not being listened to for ages primarily because they don't understand the purpose of the public comments.  

Jan 16th - 18:28pm | Lee Dalton

Remember this when elections 2018 and especially 2020 roll around.

Jan 16th - 17:39pm | ecbuck

I guess, argalite, it depends on what you think the comments are supposed to accomplish.  If you are expecting them to reflect a 

Jan 16th - 16:58pm | argalite

Although comments to the administration, when they are asking for comments, don't count for anything if they are not substantive (substantive may not count either), what is the problem with form letters?  Why do they seem to count even less?

Jan 16th - 15:04pm | Patricia Gibbons

My husband and I have visited the majority of the big parks in the west.  They are the crown jewels of our country.  Here are a few of my thoughts on all this. Although I hate to see the parks priced out of range for a majority of Americans, the current fee is way too low.  Why are the parks always on the bottom rung of the ladder when it comes to allocating funds by the gov

John Day Town Council Won't Support Resolution Asking Congress To Address Maintenance Backlog

Jan 16th - 17:22pm | Alfred Runte

Good points, m13cli, and I often use them myself. The problem is: The more "underclass" jobs we create, the more we fall victim to believing that they somehow compensate for the jobs we had. Remember the 1950s? I do. Every mom stayed home and raised her kids. Then along came Gloria Steinem and told the moms what they were "missing." Why, you also deserve a career!

Jan 16th - 13:49pm | [email protected]

Wonder if anyone has carefully estimated the annual federal dollars flowing into Harney and Grant Counties through the Dept. of Agriculture, Depts. Interior: USFS, BLM, And NPS in addition to Oregon State Government money funding both salaries and pensions ? 

Jan 16th - 11:40am | Alfred Runte

Harney County is my favorite place on Earth. My wife Christine introduced it to me after we were married, since her folks grew up there in the 1930s. Both graduated high school in Burns. Then the primary industry was logging--the Hines Lumber Company, to be specific. They had moved west from Minnesota, and Christine's grandparents had followed the jobs.

Congress Considering New Parks

Jan 16th - 14:47pm | [email protected]

Basic national park history teaches us that had the public land NOT BEEN DESIGNATED EARLY  as a national monument or park, the landscape and its natural resources would have been trashed by  wealthy private interests. Consider Muir Woods N.M. in the San Francisco Bay area now so popular, reservations need to be  arranged for parking.  

Jan 16th - 13:39pm | Douglas Chadwick

I am all in favor of creating more parks, reserves, monuments, parkways, management areas, etc.

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