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For Sale: A Stunning Mansion Inside Black Canyon Of The Gunnison National Park

Jul 20th - 11:18am | Rebecca Latson ...

Wow!  Ok, so now, I'm waiting for The Onion to write a story about subdivisions being built within our national parks. Depending upon where you work, the commute might not be so great, but for wealthy people who don't work or could telecommute, that might be just the ticket.  Jeesh, I've just scared myself.

Jul 20th - 08:12am | tahoma

Surely Secretary Zinke & Congress could scrape up a measly $5.5M for another getaway for overworked bureaucrats?

Zion National Park Considering Reservation System To Manage Crowds

Jul 20th - 10:38am | Kathy G

I am supportive of a reservation system. It is imperative so all can enjoy the park and protect resources.  I think there needs to be a balance btw tour company and individuals. While you are at it, I think non US  visitors shld be charged more than citizens.

Jul 19th - 17:06pm | RickyAZ

charge $15 like they do at Pike's Peak and regulate the numbers, issue solved!   Was up at Zion at end of Feb, beautiful, uncrowded but cold.  You make do.  No one has the right to vist X park on Y date and not expect a crowd if they insist on visiting on the 4th of July

Jul 19th - 14:14pm | Lee Dalton

Zion's not alone in this, as we all know.  Here's an article from the Fresno CA Bee regarding Yosemite's crowding. Perhaps articles like this one, that tell the truth about what's happening will have a dampening effect on visitation and may help a little.

Jul 19th - 08:30am | ecbuck

Looks like the problem is not limited to National Parks  

Jul 19th - 08:05am | Lee Dalton

Glacier Bay limits the number of cruise ships that may enter the bay each day.  Why not the same kind of restrictions on large tour buses in other parks? 

Jul 18th - 16:32pm | Karen Louwsma

Hi Jill! International travelers have been visiting Yellowstone since the Park was created in 1872. Many other countries followed our example and created their own national parks. The National Parks are for the enjoyment of all but there must be crowd and use management so that we can actually enjoy them. Keeping foreigners out is not the answer. 

Jul 18th - 14:50pm | cathy944

Yes!  I never understood all this promoting.  The NPS has brought this on themselves.  Population growth is another big problem.  

Jul 18th - 13:03pm | Donald Scott

Entry quotas would work.  Before Eisner and Eiger took over Disneyland, Disney had a strongly-enforced quota for daily visitation.  It meant that the park was never suffocating with people.  There was a legal reason, too, and this should have been obvious to the NPS decades ago - simple safety.   There are clearly marked capacities in all public buildings; Disneyland wo

Jul 18th - 12:55pm | Donald Scott

Reservations?  Making more money for a corporation, and a foreign corporation at that?  "National park units are a public resource, and to the extent possible, should remain affordable to visitors across a range of financial status," the park newsletter said.   I'm retired, in the same financial poverty bracket as in early camping years.  That reservation fee - which is

Jul 18th - 10:34am | Rob G

Times have changed - there are more people visiting the parks then there used to be...  We have more and more people coming into the country every year...  The NPS budget has been greatly reduced as the Federal Government funnels budget to other programs.  Only a few parks actually pull in enough money to be self sufficient.  I don't see a short-term solution

Jul 18th - 10:19am | Rob G - San Jose

The National Parks are definitely getting crowded - too crowded for an unplanned quiet stroll through the parks.  I too am a photographer - and the only way to get shots without lots of people are early morning shots.  I am not a fan of reservations - but I don't see an alternative.  Just too many people - and not all of them are too focused on takin

Analysis Of Comments Points To Overwhelming Support For National Monuments

Jul 20th - 10:19am | Susan Hayes-Tripp

The GOP is constantly yapping about being Pro-life, yet the legislation they write, support & pass proves otherwise. Their greedy agenda destroys everything/anything which keeps AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL.

Secretary Zinke Pledges To Open Public Lands To More Recreational Endeavors

Jul 19th - 23:47pm | Carolyn

Land grab 

Jul 19th - 15:51pm | D

As usual, it's all about $money$ and to hell with all the non-human inhabitants of our planet  

Jul 19th - 13:59pm | Lee Dalton

We dodged a bullet with President Cheney's boy Hoffman.  It took a real fight, though.  We have to be ready to fight again. 

Jul 19th - 10:38am | Michael Kellett

All you have to do is look at the list of meeting participants to know what kind of "recreation" Secretary Zinke is talking about. They represent intensive, commercial, mostly motorized recreation and advocacy for increased privatization of our public lands. Now they have a president who is one of them, and these corporate interests are making the most of this opportunity.

Jul 19th - 08:02am | Lee Dalton

Public lands ARE ALREADY ACCESSIBLE.  But there are some areas where, for any of a number of reasons, some access is restricted.  In some places, ATVs are restricted to established roads or may be banned completely because of such issues as erosion or damage to archaeological sites.

Jul 18th - 21:49pm | Kevan Barton

I would have wanted more balanced reporting by National Parks Traveler, but instead we got another one sided pitch.   He said public lands!   And, while I've watched carefully the polarization of thought surrounding Grand Straircase and Bears Ears,  this could be a win win.

Jul 18th - 20:23pm | Pedergraham

i am all for increasing access.  How about if there were some reps from non-motorized groups there, too?

Jul 18th - 20:12pm | ecbuck

Gee, we shouldn't make public lands accessible to the public?  He didn't say "National Parks" he said "public lands".  Yes National Parks are public lands but a very small percentage of them.  There could be plenty of efforts to open recreation in public lands that would have little if any impact on the parks.

Jul 18th - 18:45pm | Lee Dalton

The only surprise in this is that it has taken six months for them to announce it. 

While Parks Struggle With Unhealthy Ozone Levels, Congress, EPA Want To Delay Reductions

Jul 19th - 21:42pm | wild places

And just how much do the National Parks contribute to this problem? How many millions of miles do people drive to and through the parks in not only their cars but their gas guzzling motor homes, fifth wheels and trailers? Given the widespread overcrowding of the parks it's hardly surprising the air quality suffers. It's always good to look in the mirror once in a while.

Jul 19th - 16:49pm | argalite

Much better than the first statement    

Jul 19th - 10:48am | ecbuck

When the EPA says 100 ppb is healthy, then moving from 75 to 70 ppb is nonconsequential.

Jul 19th - 10:35am | argalite

Your definition of nonconsquential, ecbuck I'm sure those with poor lung health would disagree with your definition. Don't forget all the other life that is affected by this decision

Jul 18th - 20:58pm | Lee Dalton

There are only a few words necessary to describe the current administration.  They include words like GREEDY, DISHONEST, STUPID, UNCARING, CORRUPT.

Jul 18th - 11:56am | ecbuck

in that the economy and jobs take precedent over clean air? Yes, jobs and economy takes precedent over costly steps that will result in nonconsequential improvements in air quality

Jul 18th - 11:44am | Rebecca Latson ...

Yeah, I'm trying to figure out what, exactly, that TX rep meant by taking into account "jobs and the economy".  Was he pussyfooting around what he really wanted to say, in that the economy and jobs take precedent over clean air?

Jul 18th - 10:57am | argalite

"We want to make sure that common sense is included. With these new rules, you have to take into account jobs and the economy. Right now, they don't do that." I sure those words were utttered by many a Chinese official

Jul 18th - 09:14am | ecbuck

EPA says that Ozone levels up to 100ppb is just fine for all but those unusually sensative to ozone.  Seems like 75 ppb would be a reasonable (if not aggressive) standard and even Arcadia never maxed the level considered fine for the vast majority of people.  Be interesting what the maxes were at the other "struggling" parks.    

UPDATE: Woman Missing At Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Turns Up

Jul 19th - 19:34pm | wild places

A happy ending. She was found alive and well.

Traveler's View: If Secretary Zinke Was An Anthropologist, Would Bears Ears National Monument Be Safe?

Jul 19th - 18:35pm | y_p_w

Michael Kellett on July 18, 2017 - 1:32pm.

Jul 19th - 13:23pm | Cheryl White Hawk

Is it because Bears' Ears is a culturally important site that Trump wants Zinke to cut it up hense destrying it's significance or is it because Trump wants to access the fossil fuel beneath it ? Either way not keeping it intact would be a crime !  

Jul 18th - 14:32pm | Michael Kellett

However, this is partly on Forest Service land, and I'm not sure how he has authority over such land.

Mount Who? How Did This Famous Park Get Its Name?

Jul 19th - 11:00am | Candance Rushmore

Heidi- I had a Great Uncle named Charles Rushmore, from Michigan. Any chance we could be related?  I can be found on Facebook, AKA"Candi".  Contact me if you are interested. 

Trails I've Hiked: Spruce Flat Falls in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Jul 19th - 04:56am |

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President's Decision To Leave Paris Accord Draws Criticism From National Park Advocates

Jul 18th - 21:15pm | beachdumb

ecbuck, I will give you a prediction.. Next year NASA will say that the planet got hotter, and their scientists will say it is because of climate change and greenhouse gasses. 

Jul 18th - 18:35pm | ecbuck

May very well happen argalite. Will they explain why all their prior predictions have been so horribly wrong?  But then, it may not get warmer, but they still will blame green house gases.  You do have one advantage however, your prediction is based on kool aid not a scientific model so you will have an excuse if you are wrong.  

Jul 18th - 18:24pm | argalite

ecbuck, I will give you a prediction.. Next year NASA will say that the planet got hotter, and their scientists will say it is because of climate change and greenhouse gasses.  I want to see you dispute that. I don't have a tail...

Jul 18th - 15:13pm | Rick B.

Enjoy that momentary  sensation. That is what bullies say to keep people engaged. Goiodbye.

Jul 18th - 13:53pm | ecbuck

Yes, I enjoy discussing the issues of the day. Looks like my predictions are far more accurate than those of the AGW models.  You are right, you should ignore me because everytime you engage you end up running away with your tail between your legs.    

Jul 18th - 13:28pm | Rick B.

Nah. I'm going back to the advice so many of us have repeated over the years, and then forgotten in the heat of the moment, to just ignore you, like the bully in junior high school beating up everyone in the hallways. You simply enjoy this conflict. Sorry I got involved again.

Jul 18th - 13:05pm | ecbuck

In no way is a prediction "science."  I don't know Al, these are supposed to be scientific models. Not predictions of a football game.  You put in the variable and it predicts the outcome. If the prediction is wrong then so must be the model.  

Jul 18th - 11:59am | Dick G.

I'm getting a headache--think I'll go sit under my oak tree and smoke a cigar....

Jul 18th - 11:14am | Alfred Runte

The archaic meaning of "prediction" (Webster's) is "an act of proclaiming or preaching," hence "a sermon." On that score EC is right: The predictions (sermonizing) on climate change have been wrong. That's the danger with making predictions.

Jul 18th - 08:34am | ecbuck

Tell me Rick, is the Artic ice cap gone?  Answer - no.  The prediction was horribly wrong.  Tell me Rick, have we had more and more severe hurricanes?  Answer - no. The prediction was horribly wrong.  Tell me Rick, have we had more andmore severe droughts?  Answer - no.  The predictions were horribly wrong.

National Parks: Going To The Dogs!

Jul 18th - 11:24am | Teresa B. Schaefer


Traveler's View: Psst! Our National Parks Are In Danger

Jul 18th - 10:40am | Niiraj Timila

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