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John Day Town Council Won't Support Resolution Asking Congress To Address Maintenance Backlog

Jan 15th - 20:28pm | Glad2bretired

m13:  I stand corrected!  After all the time I spent working out there, shouldn't have made that slip-up.

Jan 15th - 19:07pm | [email protected]

Glad2bretired  PS:  Correction:  Malheur National Wildlfe Refuge is in Harney County   (Harney, the largest county in Oregon, was carved out of Grant County and named for Major General William S. Harney, commander of the Department of Oregon)    

Jan 15th - 18:32pm | [email protected]

Hey  Al,   We Do Agree with your views, statement; Should have included one (Sen. Joe,  D-W.Va.) relative's current story: 

Jan 15th - 16:38pm | Alfred Runte

It's an incredibly beautiful area of the nation but occupied, unfortunately, by some of the most fearful, uninformed, selfish, and generally reactionary people the West has ever produced.

Jan 15th - 15:20pm | Alfred Runte

Reminds me of my West Virginia relatives who value DIRTY COAL more than Clean Streams and Water.

Jan 15th - 14:56pm | Eric T.

Another example of the anti-republican political mindset so painfully common in Oregon east of the Cascades. It's an incredibly beautiful area of the nation but occupied, unfortunately, by some of the most fearful, uninformed, selfish, and generally reactionary people the West has ever produced.   

Jan 15th - 11:52am | Rick B.

And this red herring leaps from the unfounded conjecture of one council member. Not from the real conundrum.

Jan 15th - 11:41am | Glad2bretired

This attitude doesn't surprise me.  For those who don't know, Grant County, of which John Day is the county seat, is a hotbed of anti-federal land management agitation.  During the Malheur Refuge occupation, the local sheriff supported the Bundys, and he was reelected.  This was different that neighboring Malheur County, where the National Wildlife Refuge is located.  There,

Jan 15th - 10:12am | [email protected]

Remember, John Day is a community whose ranchers value cattle more highly than their local physician and certainly more than any NPS,  BLM,, USFS  Federal employees.  

Jan 15th - 05:28am | sunsetryder

Exactly the point I have been making.  When your can't afford to repair your roof, you don't add a pool to your backyard.  It doesn't mean you don't like pools.  What it means is that you have to prioritize!

BLM Moving Forward To Develop Resource Management Plans For Redrawn National Monuments

Jan 15th - 15:27pm | Mike Painter

You can read the Federal Register notices announcing the new planning processes here: Grand Staircase-Escalante:

This Land Is Our Land: How We Lost The Right To Roam And How To Take It Back

Jan 15th - 10:44am | [email protected] "I'm Captain Moroni, from Utah."    

Jan 14th - 19:05pm | Lee Dalton

Most Mormons are very embarrassed by Bundy.  

Jan 14th - 18:47pm | Rick B.

If he wants to convince the rest of us, who shake our heads at his not being in jail, he might start to justify his position with something other than his faithh.  

Jan 14th - 17:37pm | [email protected]

Cliven Bundy insists U.S. government can't own land -- no matter who's president

Jan 14th - 09:29am | tahoma

As, usual, the human animal has it backwards; it's the land that owns us:"By the sweat of your face You will eat bread, Till you return to the ground, Because from it you were taken; For you are dust, And to dust you shall return." (Genesis 3:19)

Jan 14th - 07:10am | SmokiesBackpacker

Yes, the Fox News crowd will have a hissy fit over this one. But to dream....  

Jan 14th - 07:02am | Rick Shortt

Being aware of the British and Scandinavian examples, I have long wished America had similar right to roam laws. I'll never see it happen in my lifetime though.

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Jan 15th - 07:51am | Nancy

i just remarried and my name changed.  How do I go about getting a new card? Will there be a fee?

"Arches For The People" Proposes Solution to Arches National Park's Congestion Woes

Jan 14th - 23:26pm | Rick B.

" Zero emmissions (even if that were a problem) for a few thousands vehicles is meaningless.  The (sometimes) problem at Arches is not emissions, it is congestion.  Putting people back into a rental unit will do nothing for congestion and putting a person back into their own vehicle will do nothing for either congestion or emissions.  Your response makes me question your real goa

Jan 14th - 22:53pm | Lee Dalton

Ron, and I always read with great respect your comments, and usually find myself in agreement with you.  

Jan 14th - 21:23pm | y_p_w

Jan 14th - 20:53pm | [email protected]

Lee aways read your posts, and find myself in agreement with you. In this case through I think Arches has it right, as much as I hate to see access restricted, the time has come to face the issue. Our National Parks (some not all) are on a unstainable path, we can build the roads and parking lots, bus systems and railroads, but these are short  term solutions.

Jan 14th - 20:20pm | Lee Dalton

This could open doors to some solutions.  Even at best, it will take a number of years before anything concrete can be in place and as rapidly as technologies are advancing now there will certainly be other options that we aren't even dreaming about today. It may work and it may not.  But isn't it worth consideration?

Jan 14th - 20:04pm | Cynthia

I think you need to do both. I have been to Arches and while the traffic and parking are a huge problem, it also can get jam packed with people who climb over every surface in the park! I think shuttle systems, like Zion, are the future of the parks. No one imagined, when the parks were created, that there would be so many people visiting the parks and, the impact of all those visitors.

Jan 14th - 19:57pm | ecbuck

 Long term, our goal is zero-emissions in the Park,

Jan 14th - 18:23pm | Diane Meyers

Yosemite has had a shuttle service in the valley for years. I think it works because there is ample parking at the lodging facilities for registered guests, and the large number of stops thins the crowd. The shuttle is free, which I think is mandatory for cooperation.

Jan 14th - 15:58pm | Michael Liss, A...

responding to ECBUCK comment "I'm not quite sure how getting out of your car and renting a jeep solves the congestion".

Jan 14th - 15:37pm | Michael Liss, A...

Thank you Kurt for the article. We will keep you updated on our progress.

Jan 14th - 09:17am | tahoma

I'm guessing peak season traffic is far more than 2000 vehicles per day, so the proposed radioactive parking lot seems too small to accomodate the potential demand, even if Rick Perry forgets to eliminate  the DOE.  This proposal to allow private vehicles at a "premium" surcharge nudges the National Parks ever closer to becoming enclaves most welcoming to the wealthiest visitors.  If we really

Jan 14th - 09:13am | ecbuck

Sounds interesting, at least the park and shuttle park - like Zion.  I'm not quite sure how getting out of your car and renting a jeep solves the congestion. 

Jan 14th - 08:45am | Danny Bernstein

I wish the park luckwith this proposal and implementation.There was a similar proposal for Cades Cove in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Visitors would park in Townsend, the closest town to Cades Cove and be shuttled around the COve.

Jan 14th - 08:08am | Lee Dalton

This sounds like it could be the foundation for an excellent solution to a very serious problem.  It certainly deserves thoughtful consideration. 

Former Interior Officials And Staff Challenge Interior's Interpretation Of Migratory Bird Treaty Act

Jan 14th - 18:50pm | James Wilkinson

The Interior Deputy Solicitor's memo states that "every American who owns a cat, drives a car or owns a home", is a potential criminal under the Migratory Bird Act.  Trying to establish that point, he then equates bird deaths from poisons and oil pits, for example with the average American homeowner's cat, car or window.  So a polluting industry is just like your nei

Traveler's View: So, You Want To Sign A Petition Pertaining To National Parks?

Jan 13th - 21:22pm | [email protected]

Kurt, as usual you make a good point, what is happening at DOI is alarming, budget and staffing are critical to our parks. On the issue of corporate takeover of major park concession facilities. it should be noted the effort made to see that large corporate entities did not get the contract in Yosemite.

Jan 13th - 15:29pm | Troy

Right!  I mean why do we need those glaciers in Glacier National Park?

P. Dan Smith Named Deputy Director Of National Park Service

Jan 13th - 17:30pm | [email protected]

cmoreparks thank you for the info. I am not sure the current administration and many of its political appointees have much knowledge of or respect for public service ethices, rules, laws. It is unfortunate that this effort to demean our government, starting with President Reagan, has come to this in my own humble opinion.

Jan 13th - 14:40pm | Rick B.

Take a look at how many senate-confirmed positions are still officially open. Trump even said once words to the effect of [I don't recall the specific quote] "You don't need all those positions filled if you have me at the top". It lets a loose cannon [and diagnosable] despot have a lot of functional power.

Jan 13th - 10:08am | cmoreparks

It is complete violation of the Vacancies Reform Act (VRA) to have Mr.

Senator Wyden Calls For Investigation Into Interior Department Spending

Jan 13th - 09:54am | Anonymous

Great idea, lee!

Jan 12th - 18:19pm | Stray dog

Your thoughts are disgusting Lee.

Jan 12th - 09:00am | Lee Dalton

Maybe the rest of us should fast and pray that the Lord will send us a well-aimed lightning bolt . . . . 

Jan 12th - 07:19am | UKnowItisTRUE

Zinke the Dink fleecing tax payers chasing pink, time for the 'good ole' boys' to be ran out on a rail. 

Jan 12th - 06:03am | SmokiesBackpacker

Well, maybe they can get Rev. Dobson to pray for protection for him like he does Trump.

Jan 11th - 23:09pm | Rick B.

Backpacker... I heard from an in-law of mine who lives in Missouri, and per her Greitens campaigned on 'family values' and fooled some of the voters. Right now I don't think all that many of them will even remember.

Jan 11th - 20:35pm | SmokiesBackpacker

These Navy Seals like Zinke and as of today, Governor Greitens of Missouri, seem to have a serious want for integrity. Such shame upon such an esteemed branch.  Now Zinke carries that shame bucket over to interior. The metaphors here are inescapable.

Op-Ed | Volunteers In The National Parks

Jan 12th - 12:25pm | Jerod Smith

First and foremost, thanks for your service to the national park sites you have worked at. With that now said, you don't have a clue about what you are talking about.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Explains The Need For Reorganizing The Department

Jan 12th - 10:00am | Patrick Moir

Mr. zinke is on the take. Just ask Roxanne Quimby.

What Will Interior Department Reorganization Look Like?

Jan 11th - 22:00pm | ENGR

Too True!!  Can we get him back?  Or even Jewell, or Salazar..........or let's be honest, just about anyone. Ahhhh, remember the old days.

A Day In The Park: Big Bend National Park

Jan 11th - 20:51pm | tomp2


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