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Grizzly Bear Shot and Killed By Hikers In Denali National Park and Preserve

Mar 12th - 19:38pm | Fish

Poor Bear, just looking for dinner.

"What Were They Thinking?," Death Valley National Park Edition

Mar 12th - 17:49pm | justinh

Down by the river I'm guessing.    Perfect.

Mar 12th - 16:22pm | George Spivey

$10,000.00 fine per foot traveled each tire track, which also included tire tracks of the tow truck.

Mar 12th - 13:32pm | Kathleen Burt

No matter where this idiot lives you don't go off the road.  I know Death Valley like it is my backyard and where he is located ...he obviously wanted to see his tire make .  Well I choose to use the roads provided and there are dirt roads and asphalt roads all designating where bad water is located.  He needs to pay and go to court!

Mar 12th - 08:28am | floyd

I didn't see where this van was driven by a "guy"

Mar 12th - 05:28am | Bruce Hildreth

Looks like the vehicle is stuck on protected property.  Confiscate the vehicle and hold it for a 50k ransome.  Put a lien on there personal property.  If they are supported by government funds, they should loose all of it.  Consequences should hurt, just like they screwed up the park's and our property.

Mar 12th - 05:02am | Richard

The unfortunate part to this is that Death Valley is not as stringent about collecting fees and keeping people like this out. This van is a sign of homelessness.

Mar 12th - 00:19am | Pat Cos

This is a copy cat incident.  Their van is going to rot from all of the salt.  The floorboards, the engine, the body frame and the tires.  This is ancient salt and is very corrosive.  Even ocean salt can cause permanent damage to vehicles.

Mar 11th - 22:08pm | Marc

Down by the river I'm guessing. 

Mar 11th - 19:25pm | Kevin Ahern

In answer to your question what we're they thinking,  they weren't. That's the problem.  We have a generation or two that really believe rules do not apply to them. Call it stupidity or just selfishness.  Either way, throw the book at them!

Mar 11th - 18:41pm | Anonymous

Now you're talking

Mar 11th - 18:40pm | snochasr

I'm curious as to the WHY?  Drunk? Stupid? Didn't care?

Mar 11th - 16:59pm | Bob Hartung

I am curious where the driver lives.

Mar 11th - 16:30pm | Richard Payne

Time to really raise the fines so high if they are that stupid it will hurt, $20,000 is a start plus mandatory jail time and mandatory community service at DV. This is getting out of hand, and signs warning about this in several languages too. 

Mar 11th - 13:14pm | Steven Hobbs

not sure what they were thinking. I'm thinking $500 fine and 20 hours community service.

Mar 11th - 12:21pm | Johann

And MANUALLY replace the salt/ repair the damage!

Mar 11th - 11:59am | Cyn

these penalties are all too little. This is intentional damage showing and  should have significant consequences. and if not fully charged you set precedent that encourages such actions. 

Mar 11th - 11:38am | Becky

The guy is a tital idio. He probably thinks noe rules or regulations apply to him.  I hope he gets the jail time, and has to pay all $$ incvovled with his rescue and restoration and a hefty fine.  The only that bothers a guy like this is to hit him where it hurts, IN HIS WALKET.

Mar 11th - 11:23am | Richard & Melin...

Lift it out by helicopter and charge the crap out of the stupid driver - hope he gets the maximum fine also $5000!

Mar 11th - 07:42am | Lee Dalton

Why not just leave it there as a monument to stupidity?

Find A Red Chair This Year And Enjoy the View

Mar 12th - 17:11pm | Megaera

I sat in one of those chairs at Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario (and saw *lots* of other red chairs all across Canada) last summer. At the time I wondered why my parks pass was good for two years.  Now I know.

Woman Dies in Fall From Angel's Landing

Mar 12th - 15:16pm | deborah owens

i live near zions, it is very beautiful, and i've worked at the hotel/motel nearest it.  lots of scarey stories come in from the trail.  i like your suggesting.. each visiter be attached to a harness that sides with them along the trail.. i don't like the idea of three million people hooking and unhooking to chain links however..

Utah Republicans, From The Beehive State To Washington, D.C., United On Altering Public Lands

Mar 12th - 12:50pm | dahkota

We are in our second week of six weeks in Utah. Our time has been and will be spent on Federal Land (next week we will be in Bears Ears/Cedar Mesa) seeing as much as we can while it is still open/available. However, what money isn't spent on Federal Land/Parks is going mostly to Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado; that is where we have been getting our gas and supplies.

Mar 12th - 11:30am | Rebecca Latson ...

The tourists have it all wrong when it comes to boycotting Utah's national parks and national monuments as vacation destinations until the mindset changes.

When Did Dancing In The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Become A Crime?

Mar 12th - 11:40am | MATZO

As you can see by the videos taken. They were mostly all given calm and peaceful warnings. This article says this was not a spontanious act so at least 1 of the people were there doing it in protest. People began to resist and it got out of hand. All the cops had to do is ignore it, yes. BUT all the people had ot do is just not dance once they were told they cant dance in the memorial.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Considering Solar Power For Cades Cove

Mar 12th - 11:22am | ecbuck

Tahoma, the defense of our country is a specific enumerated power and the #1 responsibility of our government.  Building solar farms to be PC isn't.   And yes, this one solar farm would be a drop in the bucket but it is symbolic of the non-enumerated (and thereby unconstitutional) spending across the entire government that has generated the $20 trillion debt.  When N.

Mar 12th - 10:48am | tahoma

It has long been true that NPS management often gives a higher priority to upgrades, enhancements, and outright new development than to maintaining the infrastructure they have.  However, this spending is a drop in EC's $20 trillion national debt bucket compared to an offensive Defense budget larger than the next several nations' combined military spending and with over seven hundred overseas b

Mar 12th - 08:50am | ecbuck

And if the entire NPS put in solar it would not sandbag the national debt. Of course no suggested it would.  However without additional funding, it would exacerbate the maintenance backlog.  Applying the same thought processes across the entire government would and has sandbagged the national debt. 

Mar 11th - 23:40pm | Rick B.

Not a big footprint. Reading through the above it doesn't sound that ominous, and probably beneicial. And if the entire NPS put in solar it would not sandbag the national debt.

Mar 11th - 16:39pm | justinh

Cleaner energy, less costly, seems unobtrusive.  Sounds like a good idea.

Mar 11th - 10:15am | ecbuck

This is why there this is an alledged $11 billion maintenance backlog and real $20 trillion national debt. And putting in cement and glass is preserving the park?

UPDATED: Price Of Senior Pass Going To $80; Buy It Now For $10

Mar 11th - 20:25pm | Matt Howell

I just bought one too - thanks to govt incompetence: the credit card machine at the Edison Park in NJ was down (!) and since I didn't have enough cash on me for my family of 4, the very helpful ramger suggested I buy a senior pass.  Saved me $30 and I'm now looking for other local parks to visit...   

$1 Million Enticement Not Enough To Get Outdoor Industry To Embrace Utah

Mar 11th - 18:13pm | Megaera

Good for them!  I wish bribery backfired like this more often.

Mar 10th - 14:14pm | Rebecca Latson ...

Ditto Lee Dalton.  What I find sadly amusing is that the Utah legislature would rather offer that amount of money as a $1 million bribe instead of taking that same amount and applying it toward the maintenance / upkeep of these natural places so beloved by the tourists who come to that state (and to the places that depend upon those tourist dollars).

Death Valley National Park Seeks Grant To Restore Areas Damaged By ORVs

Mar 11th - 14:28pm | Jerry Eppler

Have you ever been there? You can't keep the vehicles out. Too much frontage.    

Mar 11th - 11:34am | Kathleen Burt

My boyfriend and I have been going to Death Valley since 2003.  There are so many back roads many people are not aware of.  We Jeep on established roads always!  All of our Jeep buddies do the same.  Respect of the land and living creatures is paramoun.  Many ATVs drive anywhere they wish even though signs state otherwis.  We support NPs and rangers.

Mar 11th - 11:18am | Patty G

I enjoy Death Valley's beauty so much that I have taken many groups to experience it.  All are in awe and many have made it an annual trek. We must preserve the beauty of our National Parks for others to enjoy and for future generations.  I am in strong support of requesting a grant.

Mar 11th - 11:12am | Debbie Grossberg

The park is so beautiful. I support Federal funds being allocated  for.restoring the damage to this park.

Mar 11th - 08:28am | Sandra

I traveled from PCB FL last year to Death Valley and was so in awe of the park I am going back again this year. I am definitely in favor of fixing the area that was driven on. I hope the people will be found a d prosecuted for defacing an area rich in history!

Mar 11th - 08:21am | Jessica Blanco

Protect the land from trespassers. Preserve Death Valley! 

Mar 10th - 18:55pm | Anonymous

Do they know who did the damage?  Will they have to pay for the repairs?

Mar 10th - 16:08pm | Deborah Rees

I am in support of repairing damage done by off-road drivers in Death Valley National Park. I am in strong support of requesting grant funds to do so.  We must protect these national treasures.

Newfound Gap Road In Great Smoky Mountains National Park Being Considered For National Scenic Byway Designation

Mar 11th - 13:22pm | SmokiesBackpacker


Mar 11th - 10:09am | Ray Snader

We already have several Scenic Byways in Tennessee and none collect a fee. Don't know who came up with this idea that a Scenic Byway is somehow linked to a toll.

President Trump's Call To Kill The Clean Water Rule Criticized By Conservationists

Mar 11th - 08:51am | Lee Dalton

NPR just reported that data, photos, and other vital information regarding environmental issues has been disappearing from websites maintained by a number of Federal agencies. Although it is against the law to destroy government records, there is no law that prevents it from being made much less accessible.

Cyclists Will Have Right Of Way In Shenandoah National Park On April 23

Mar 10th - 22:00pm | Gary Wilson

I think this is great, and I wish more parks would do things like this.  I think bicycle days or non-motorized days should be set aside at least a few days each year at a variety of parks.  Some of my favorite times of experiencing Cades Cove in the Smokies was on bike well before the traffic sets out, and it is such a great way to see a park.  

Moose And Wolves: Managing For Wilderness Values At Isle Royale National Park

Mar 10th - 20:09pm | wild places

No RD they are not almost extinct., In fact MI, WI and MIN are all considering hunting seasons for wolf because biologists got it wrong and now there are vastly greater numbers than what those biologists deem the right "balance". I for one am not for interfering with what Mother Nature has done however my guess is the NPS will get their way and transplant wolves anyway.

Mar 10th - 19:14pm | RD

Except centuries ago the wolves existed in large numbers all over North America, now they are almost EXTINCT in the USA due to hunter and ranchers

Mar 10th - 19:12pm | RD

Looks like you understood wrong, they were not introduced to control the moose.

Mar 10th - 19:11pm | RD

Because there's NO guarantee of any kind it will freeze over again, the trend has been for ice to MELT away as proven at the poles and especially Greenland's ice which has been melting at a rate like never seen.

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