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PEER: NPS Superintendent In Sexual Harassment Case Transferred To Larger Park

Aug 1st - 17:35pm | ecbuck

Smokies - watch the interview that started this.

Aug 1st - 15:09pm | Kurt Repanshek

Easy, folks, easy...

Aug 1st - 15:08pm | Rick B.

And he does this petty junior high school debate society hair-splitting in a thread about a sexual harassment case. Off topic much? I hear there are recurring openings in the White House press office - just the thing for a career path from junk bonds to real estate to website trolling.

Aug 1st - 14:34pm | SmokiesBackpacker

On Wednesday night, the Alaska Dispatch News first reported that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke had phoned Murkowski and fellow Alaskan Sen.

Aug 1st - 14:33pm | ecbuck

Harang about a paraphrase?  There isn't a shred of evidence that Zinke threatened anything about energy or land use.  It's not paraphrase is fabrication.  Such a pity for a grown man to post time again, manufacturing accusations to suit his agenda.  

Aug 1st - 13:38pm | Rick B.

Such a pity for a grown man to post time and again, haranging another adult over the difference between a paraphrase and a quote in a discussion forum. Not in legal tetimony, but in a discussion. What a waste.

Aug 1st - 08:09am | ecbuck

Rick, perhaps you don't understand what hearsay means.   As "credible" as you may believe these reports to be they make claims without identifying the sources and it is unlikely the specific information regarding the subject of the conversation came directly for Trump, Zinke or Mukurski.  Anything not from them regarding the conversation is "hearsay'.

Aug 1st - 08:03am | ecbuck

Smokies - Zinke talked to Murkowski.  But there is no indication he threatened any public land and even Murkowski has said it wasn't appropriate to characterize the disussions as "threats".  This was normal Washington procedure.  The President, Senators and Congressmen are always pressuring each other working quid pro quos to accomplish their agendas.

Aug 1st - 07:49am | SmokiesBackpacker

Aug 1st - 07:14am | SmokiesBackpacker

EC, I've been out of town but here is some proof of Zinke's threats to Murkowski and Alaska, if you don't have enough proof by now.  Speaking of proof, they are looking into these threats made by Zinke and several are calling for his head over it.

Jul 31st - 23:57pm | Rick B.

"Reuters, established in 1851, is a privately owned company and its credibility is one of the primary, if not the only assets of the company. Reuters - Wikipedia Reuters, famously, avoids the use of emotive terms. Their policy is "value-neutral approach".

Jul 31st - 22:17pm | ecbuck

anon - your can throw all the hearsay reports you want out there but there is no evidence that Zinke threatened to "lock up public lands".  

Jul 31st - 20:40pm | Anonymous

The Alaska Dispatch News on Thursday reported that Zinke had called Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, both Republicans, on Wednesday. He warned them that Murkowski's vote on Tuesday against a motion to begin debate on the healthcare overhaul could have negative consequences for energy and land use in Alaska, the newspaper said.

Jul 29th - 19:39pm | ecbuck

Well been 24 hours.  Fair to say Smokies is not going to back of his accusation.  But hey, why let the facts get in the way of a good made up story.    

Jul 28th - 07:49am | ecbuck

Smokies - Could you please document that Zinke told her "he would lock up public lands in her state"?

Jul 27th - 23:32pm | Rick B.

Mr Baker - it sounds to me, in my personal opinion, like you are already steamed about a particular lost in the woods person or case. These aree NOT ignored by the NPS and USFS as witnessed by how many extensive SAR occur every year.   Edited to add: And I have no idea what this has to do with NPS Superintendants and sexual harrassment.

Jul 27th - 21:06pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Esteemed DOI Sec Zinke threatened Alaska Sen Murkowski today if she didn't get on board with the healthcare vote. He told her that he would lock up public lands in her state.  As if he doesn't have enough to do. This is our government under Trump.  Zinke, the self professed Teddy Roosevelt re incarnate.

Jul 27th - 03:54am | Keith Baker

Funny, how there's nothing ever mentioned about the hundreds of people who go missing in the "National Park system" every year.

Jul 26th - 21:33pm | Sara M

apparently the supervisors and managers of the NPS are afforded the same security and "sweep under the rug" approval as the Catholic priests who sexually abuse children

Jul 26th - 11:43am | SmokiesBackpacker

Mirroring the embarrassment that is our commander in chief, American culture rewards bad behavior through promotion.

Legacy Of The Yosemite Mafia: The Ranger Image And Noble Cause Corruption In The National Park Service

Aug 1st - 12:55pm | Donald Scott

Although I'm no fan of Berkowitz, because his (and the other critical books mentioned here) don't deal with the real reason for such malfeasance, I would comment:  What do you expect when hiring and promotion are done politically, through "upward mobility" or some such nonsense, guaranteeing that incompetent, corrupt people wind up running an agency?  Why don't the readers of this sit

Creature Feature: A Lightning Whelk Knows What to Do With a Clam

Jul 31st - 12:30pm | bizcocho

indeed very helpful

For Sale: A Stunning Mansion Inside Black Canyon Of The Gunnison National Park

Jul 30th - 22:52pm | janes

Can't imagine the cost involved bringing water and power to this remote location. A sober reminder of why public lands should be off-limits to such privatized development.

Op-Ed | Yosemite So Crowded You Can’t Park; But You'll Still Pay To Enter

Jul 30th - 21:05pm | wild places

Yet National Parks Traveler wants to blame the air quality in the parks on the Trump administration? No, they aren't mutually exclusive but overcrowding has a far greater impact on air quality in the parks than what would be gained by more stringent emissions regulations.

Jul 30th - 16:40pm | Mary F.

Yes and AMEN! My family visited Yosemite for the first time this summer. Yes, we knew it would be crowded. But for many families with kids in school it is the only choice. We have been to many of the NPs of the West, including the popular Yellowstone. We were so disappointed by the poor traffic management - it is by far the worst that we have experienced.

Jul 27th - 20:58pm | Steve Nelson

Thank you Edmond.  I'm still waiting for that national task force.

Jul 27th - 12:43pm | y_p_w

I tend to agree that calling a place a "national park" or putting it under NPS jursidiction doesn't necessarily do anything to boost visitation if the place isn't going to attract that many visitors anyways.  Location and attractions will be the primary drivers for visitation.

Seeking A $10 Senior Pass To National Parks? You're Far From Alone

Jul 28th - 22:45pm | Mary Larkin

took about three months to receive the pass I ordered by mail. They were very organized and emailed me when it been shipped. 

Jul 28th - 16:20pm | Medalguy

any federal fee area that sells passes or charges an entry fee. Also many National Forest offices and even by mail 

Jul 28th - 13:56pm | y_p_w

Sandy on July 28, 2017 - 12:10pm. Where can I go in person to purchase this Senior pass The list is right here:

Jul 28th - 13:28pm | Peter

You'll find ways to purchase the pass if you click on the FAQs linked above.

Jul 28th - 13:26pm | RUSSELL J MCCORMICK

I ordered a Pass a while ago and I was wondering if it wentv through?

Jul 28th - 13:10pm | Sandy

Where can I go in person to purchase this Senior pass

Jul 28th - 10:48am | RickyAZ

What windfall?  $10 x 250k = $2.5 million   $80 x 30k = $2.4 million.  You'd raise more money over 2/3 years by increasing the fee pronto. I think we can put the "overcrowding" stories on hold for a while when 250,000 people are hauling 40' RVs in on these $10 passes

No Charges Forthcoming In Shooting of Grizzly In Denali National Park and Preserve

Jul 28th - 22:45pm | judge geoffrey

it is perfectly legal under our federal laws for a person to use deadly force to stop a life threathening attack by anything or anyone upon oneself or another. know the law  people and dont make  stupid excuses against  protecting ones life and family or another

Acadia National Park Officials Debating How To Deal With Crowds

Jul 28th - 13:08pm | Robyn

Maybe you could have mostly buses going to top of Cadillac with parking at the Bus pickup/drop off spot. Why doesn't Island Explorer Buses go to Cadillac? You have a special bus for Eagle Lake runs. Why not do the same for Cadillac Mountian? Obviously, more people can ride a bus to the top and down. If buses are running every 1/2 or so, people can come and go as they please.

Jul 26th - 11:23am | argalite

About one-sixth of federal spending goes to national defense.

Jul 26th - 08:46am | ecbuck

More than HALF of our Federal tax dollars go to the defense department. Not even close. The percentage is in the teens and near historical lows. 

Where in the World is Paul Fugate?

Jul 28th - 10:46am | Max

According to David Paulides, Robert Horton saw Paul in a truck sitting between two men looking worried and not wearing his glasses.  The case strongly points to an abduction and foul play.  I was surprised that Paulides included this case.  The motive for his abduction is unknown.

The Navy Converted Yosemite's Luxurious Ahwahnee Hotel to Hospital Use During World War II

Jul 28th - 09:27am | Mary Rhiner

My father served in the navy and was stationed at the hospital admitting new patients.  We have may photos of the staff and patients in various rooms of the hotel.  My dad told me the photos were taken by Ansel Adams but I cannot authenticate the photos.  How do you know your photo was taken by Ansel Adams?  

National Parks: Going To The Dogs!

Jul 28th - 01:00am | Thuê Xe tải

We should keep our dogs at home. It is the best way to protect our dogs, as well as the wild animal in the park. National park is just for us to visit and see animal. Thank for sharings.

Jul 27th - 22:56pm | Sakakakwea

National parks are about the wildlife and cultural resources, not about your dragging your dog wherever you want.

Traveler’s View: Interior Department Fumbles Zuckerberg Visit To Glacier National Park

Jul 26th - 23:28pm | Greg Meaney

Mr. Z should attempt an anonymous visit without privileges or official escorts to understand what it's like to find a parking spot in a popular national park. He should hear about the park''s ecosystems from an interpretive ranger, just like the hordes learn about the park. If he wants to camp or spend a night in the backcountry, he should compete with the rest of us for those limited spaces.

Really Getting Away From It All: The Loneliest National Parks

Jul 26th - 21:45pm | Angel Raika

This number is unbelievable

Jul 26th - 17:59pm | RickyAZ

would be interesting to see an update. Ft Bowie is a bit of a hike but that's the charm.  Could be made a unit of Chiricahua NM without a problem.

Jul 26th - 17:20pm | Atascadero

The story is from 2011, Argalite.

Jul 26th - 14:45pm | argalite

"Frederick Law Olmstead National Historic Site was closed during part of 2010 due to major preservation project and is not scheduled to reopen until sometime in 2011." Isn't it 2017 now?

Jul 26th - 12:01pm | Anonymous

When the NPS staff outnumbers the vistors at a park unit, it's time close up shop.

Camping In The Parks: Big Creek Campground At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Jul 26th - 13:50pm | Bobbie

Can you have a camp fire at the tent sites

Olympic National Park Working On Long-Range Mountain Goat Management Plan

Jul 26th - 12:37pm | [email protected]

This "Old NPS Policy"  of attempting to re-create or maintain the dynamic biota which inter-acted during the 1850's or some other period is riddled with flaws:   

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide