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President's Budget Proposal Viewed As Overly Harsh For National Parks

Mar 17th - 08:59am | ecbuck

Lee - read the Constitution, it is the role of Congress, specificially the House, to come up with the specifics and actual numbers.  But then, maybe it is Rick that is making up the budget since he claims to know the numbers.   And contrary to your claim, I would say Trumps proposals contain quite a bit of specifics.

Mar 17th - 00:19am | Mary Zoen

Nope years of sequestration and grid lock from our lovely Congress.  Republicans own this. 

Mar 16th - 22:41pm | Lee Dalton

I just took a look at the Drumpf "budget" proposal.  It contains little more than his campaign talking points and very little in the way of specifics or actual numbers. He's tossing the bouncing ball to Congress.  Whatever happens will be their fault and not his.  Nice way to dodge, Donald.

Mar 16th - 21:26pm | ecbuck

And of course Rick has yet to provide us with the NPS budget for 2018, yet without hesitations he proclaims "This budget is a disaster for our National Parks"  He has no idea what the budget is but makes the unequovical claim that it is a disaster for the parks.  Typical baseless accusation.

Mar 16th - 20:03pm | Lee Dalton

It's going to be very, very interesting when the Fit Hits the Shan and people begin to realize how much they have come to depend upon services provided by all those awful bureaucrats.

Mar 16th - 17:33pm | [email protected]

Wonder What Percent of the Federal Workforce Voted for TRUMP ?   NOTICE to Federal Employees:  No TRUMP Dividends for YOU ! RETIRE or LEAVE NOW while You Still Have Some Retirement and Medical Benefits Left !  

Mar 16th - 16:05pm | Judi

A 9% increase per year in the 1990s? It's no wonder Bush had to apply the brakes on that. I am on the Board of Directors of a four-season recreational community, and if we ever proposed 9% increases, we would be charged with mismanagement of funds.

Mar 16th - 14:52pm | Rick Gallagher

Doesn't it seem fair that shortfalls for funding parks and park programs should come from those who benefit?  Taxpaters, including many who never step foot into a park in a particular year, are funding parks with tax dollars.  I enjoy federal and state parks.  I enjoy the freedom to visit them.  I don't presume to expect others to subsidize my enjoyment.

Mar 16th - 13:56pm | ecbuck

Wally, you are correct that the build up of the park maintenance backlog didn't occur only under progressives, but it has been the progressives (both Republican and Democrat) that have generated the $20 trillion deficit that must be addressed.  Oh, and BTW, Bush was a progressive, at least fiscally.  

Mar 16th - 13:45pm | wally

Not sure why you state that progressives "created this mess". Park Service funding dove under Bush to a growth of only one percent per year from about nine percent per year in the 1990s. From the 1980s to the mid 2000s Park Service funding fell about 25% when adjusted for inflation. Funding has been a battle under many administrations.

Mar 16th - 13:22pm | ecbuck

OK Rick, what is the 2018 NP budget?

Mar 16th - 13:19pm | Rick B.

This budget is a disaster for our National Parks and Trump owns it because its his bill. Simple as that.   This.

Mar 16th - 13:08pm | ecbuck

  How the Interior secretary would distribute the 12 percent cut across his many agencies, which include the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Bureau of Reclamation, was unknown. What the Park budget is going to be, no one has a clue, but that doesn't stop many from making accusations.

Mar 16th - 13:00pm | Michael Kellett

Decades of mismanagement resulting in an alarming out of control maintenance backlog. You progressives have created this mess and now you have to live with it. We will not blame Trumps budget.

Mar 16th - 12:31pm | Pffftttttfffftttt

Decades of liberal mismanagement? How about decades of bipartisan mismanagement or have you already forgotten the George Bush years? Give me a break. This budget is a disaster for our National Parks and Trump owns it because its his bill. Simple as that.

Mar 16th - 12:16pm | [email protected]

Trump's Political Appointees will facilitate the disruptions/down-sizing of Federal Agencies from within:  

Mar 16th - 11:40am | beachdumb

Decades of mismanagement resulting in an alarming out of control maintenance backlog. You progressives have created this mess and now you have to live with it. We will not blame Trumps budget. NPCA and Wilderness Society are part of the problem and they should instead propose how the NPS changes to fix the problems they created. 

Public Comment Period Extended On Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan For North Cascades

Mar 16th - 22:10pm | justinh

We seem to have been "play[ing] God" with grizzlies for quite a while:

Mar 16th - 13:39pm | Terry D

Please stop trying to play God. Let the grizzlies be, and allow them to recover on their own.

Mar 16th - 09:08am | justinh

This would be great, along with wolves restored to Olympic NP.

Millions Found Their Park In 2016, And Now Park Staff Are Struggling To Manage Them

Mar 16th - 21:19pm | ecbuck

 American's are born in America, "True Americans" are born in America believe in the Constitutionand the principles of the founding fathers.  A single payer system would be a disaster just as the VA has proven to be.  

Mar 16th - 18:44pm | Rick B.

I was born in Washington State. My son was born in Washington DC. My wife was born in Missouri. All native born American citizens. All believe in a single payer system. I know hundreds and thousands more.

Mar 16th - 15:09pm | Ottoman

I visited 21 parks in 2016 and had no problems with crowds in any of them.

Mar 16th - 12:50pm | ecbuck

If you believe in a single payer system, you are not a "True American".  Such a system would be anathema to our Constitution. 

Mar 16th - 10:58am | True American

Your age and federal service don't make you any smarter or give you any standing over anyone else.  That said, I disagree with him too about single-payer. We should be moving towards a universal system.

Mar 15th - 22:47pm | Rick B.

The personal opinions on the VA of someone of our age who never did federal service are irrelevant.   But, bonus points for totally missing the point. Go back to sleep. I've been ignoring you for weeks now and it has improved my mental health. Going back to that now.

Mar 15th - 18:58pm | ecbuck

The VA disaster is not a matter of underfunding, it is systematic of the failures of a single payer healthcare system and the government bureaucracy in general.  Denver VA hospital is prime example.

Mar 15th - 18:11pm | Rick B.

People don't think in terms of 'what are the logicl consequences of this action'. Example - pushing the war machine but not budgeting adequately foe the VA. Example - defunding birth control, family planning, and Planned Parenthood medical services, and then trying to cope with the herds entering the educational system.

Mar 15th - 17:10pm | Lee Dalton

That photo from the front of the Old Faithful Inn tells the whole story.  

Senior Pass Price Won't Jump To $80 Until October 1

Mar 16th - 20:04pm | Rangergirl

Your pass is a lifetime pass so as long as you do not lose it, you won't need to buy another.  If you do lose it, however, it sounds like you are eligible for a free lifetime Access Pass due to a disability. 

Mar 16th - 16:57pm | Doug

Once you have the pass, it's good for the rest of your life.  

Mar 16th - 16:23pm | Lisa petrides

so now you have to buy a pass for four years before you can get a lifetime pass??? Can't I just buy a lifetime pass?

Mar 16th - 16:02pm | tomp2

Folks,   The NPS website on all the different passes is at: [EC pointed to a USGS pdf that has most of the information.]

Mar 16th - 06:13am | Deborah Evans

is my Senior Pass still a life time pass like it says on the back?

Mar 15th - 17:15pm | Ronald Buckman

Is the disability pass that my wife currently has good forever?  Or has that changed?

Mar 15th - 16:29pm | ecbuck

Kurt - I suggest you post this link in the original article. It might shortcut alot of (redundant) questions.

Mar 15th - 16:22pm | Roberta M Cox

I'm 80 years old and disabled. After Oct. 1 well I lose my lifetime pass if I can not pay the 80 dallars to renew it?

Mar 15th - 16:14pm | Kurt Repanshek

At age 62 Nana, but prior to Oct 1 it will still be $10 for a lifetime pass. Yes, Roberta, your pass is a lifetime pass.

Mar 15th - 16:04pm | NanaSher

At what age may one purchase a Senior Anual Pass for $20?

Former Big Bend National Park Ranger: Border Wall Would "Completely Ruin The Experience"

Mar 16th - 15:16pm | justinh

I suppose we'd parse the phrases "forced to sell" and "seized" differently. (I'm not sure how the title is misleading since it doesn't say "the land would . . . be seized."  Or who is your antecedent for "we.")

Mar 16th - 14:54pm | ecbuck

The article is a little misleading.  The land would not be "siezed".  The owner would be forced to sell at market value - which may indeed be $2,900 or something higher or lower.  I'm not a big fan of emminent domain or the wall (I believe there are cheaper and more effective ways to accomplish the goal) but nevertheless we should present the facts accurately.  

Mar 16th - 14:45pm | justinh

"Texans Receive First Notices of Land Condemnation for Trump's Border Wall"

UPDATED: Price Of Senior Pass Going To $80; Buy It Now For $10

Mar 16th - 14:56pm | Roger Vinsant

No they are not blocked. Come to the park I'm at and we will sale you one if your old enough to have it. 

Where in the World is Paul Fugate?

Mar 16th - 14:37pm | wildheart

Mrs. Fugate,  I am sorry for you not being able to find closure to your husbands disappearance. I hope that it will come. May I please ask if you know what became of the basket that was found? Was it ever returned to its original placement?

Will Trump's "All Of The Above" Energy Policy Impact The Parks?

Mar 16th - 08:43am | ecbuck

Doing what he said he was going to do. And got elected saying he was going to do it.  Refreshing. 

Mar 15th - 22:58pm | Lee Dalton

Here we go . . . . it's starting. And it looks as if Rob Bishop is joining the Navy or something:

House Subcommittee To Consider "Innovative" Ideas For Tackling National Park Service Infrastructure Needs

Mar 15th - 20:42pm | Glad2bretired

A hearing before a House Subcommittee headed by Rep. Tom McClintock, a reflexive anti-government politician who happens to have milked the system to his own benefit. Another reason to be suspicious of these "Innovative" new ideas.  Why have the NPS and NPCA not been invited to participate?

Mar 15th - 17:02pm | Rick B.

Hmmm. "Innovative". Whether it is Congress, your cell phone company, the IRS, or Major League Baseball, the phrase you dread to hear is "improved in order toi serve you better". Makes you automatically look to hold onto your wallwet.  

A View From The Overlook: Nudity And The National Parks

Mar 15th - 19:32pm | Grandpa Dave

God created us in his image, then decided to send us here naked without reservation. He instilled in each of us the common sense necessary to cover ourselves from heat, rain, cold etc. as needed. He never said that wearing clothes was mandatory, his son sent some of his deciples out to preach in the nude.

National Park Basics For RVing Newbies

Mar 15th - 19:11pm | Rene Agredano

Hi Jeanique,

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide

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