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Tennessee's House Of Representatives Opposes Backcountry Fee At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Mar 28th - 08:26am | SmokiesBackpacker

You are a fool, Jprizzo if you think backcountry fees go to fund anything other than a reservation system.  Read the proposal and see how the NPS is misusing taxpayer funds three years into what you called "a good idea".

Welcoming Spring For Three Glorious Days In Great Smoky Mountains National PArk

Mar 28th - 08:18am | JimCasada01

Kurt--I am a native of the Smokies and one of those Kephart described as "branch-water people." I am also someone who has done a great deal of study on and writing about Horace Kephart, I would like to add a few thoughts to your well-written piece on a part of the world I cherish and to the review of Camping and Woodcraft.

Mar 28th - 07:46am | SmokiesBackpacker

Regarding Kephart, however, you won't get much warm fuzzy from true Smokies sons and daughters about him.  He is seen as a carpetbagging degenerate who abandoned his large family to pursue and indulge his alcoholism in the hills aforementioned.

Mar 28th - 07:41am | SmokiesBackpacker

Sounds like you had a great visit down here, Kurt.  Nice article.

Duke University Hosts New Institute To Help Preserve National Park Landscapes

Mar 28th - 05:50am | Jack

Awesome article and best website

"It Is Obvious We Need To Educate The Visitors"

Mar 28th - 00:41am | Rick B.

Yet more entitled scofflaw drone nonsense.

Rep. Raúl Grijalva: Public Opinion For Public Lands Can Sway Congress

Mar 27th - 21:38pm | Lee Dalton

Grijalva = American patriot and honest man. A real rarity in congress. Bishop, on the other hand = something I can't describe because I don't use foul language. Can someone clone Raul?

Tracking Wolves By Radio Frequency In National Parks Of Alaska

Mar 27th - 21:21pm | Ray Bane

Excellent film.  Yukon Charley Rivers Nat. Pres. is a wonderful park.  I had the pleasure of spending time in the park traveling by aircraft, boat and dog team and remember it fondly.  

Creature Feature: The American Crocodile is Florida’s Comeback Kid

Mar 27th - 20:46pm | kyle

Another small detail (always one, right). He doesn't say Australian crocodile and saltwater crocodile as the same species anywhere in the article. He says the Nile and saltwater crocodiles. Which are not the same species. As you must know with your fancy Latin use.

Senior Pass Price Won't Jump To $80 Until October 1

Mar 27th - 19:45pm | Charles Vandergriff

Your pass should still be valid after Oct 1. Also, they do have a disabled pass which is free.

Finding A Little Acadian Solitude This Spring

Mar 27th - 13:39pm | Acadia on my mind

And for even more details about visiting Acadia in springtime, including links to year-round lodging and restaurants and hours for the visitor center, check out our recent blog post on the Bangor Daily News Web site:

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Mar 27th - 10:56am | Bartolome M. Cajas

I had a Golden Age Pass, but.l I lost my wallet containing the pass. How can I get a replacement?. I am now 91 years old and can hardly walk, but I still like to visit the parks that I visited when I was younger.

Mar 26th - 21:10pm | Clyde L, Tucker

Why can't I apply for a new pass to replace the one that is lost ?

Mar 23rd - 09:20am | Kevin Neil

Can I buy a pass  before my Birthday in May

Portion Of North Kaibab Trail In Grand Canyon National Park Facing Temporary Closure

Mar 26th - 22:30pm | Rick

I've visited Ribbon Falls many time, we seldom use the bridge to access it. The access trail has a marked turn off about a half mile south of the bridge trail. It's not difficult to cross the stream and work your way up the short canyon to the falls. If you're uncomfortable hopping rocks, wading through knee deep water works just as well.

Unknown Cache Of Letters Mailed To A Ghost Town May Rewrite History Of Big Bend National Park

Mar 26th - 21:16pm | Jason Abrams

They definitely sound real.  Please email me at [email protected]  Thanks, Jason.

Mar 25th - 12:09pm | H. Elizalde

Today I found designs of planes, subs and another things signed by A.W.Dorgan in 1940's. There are very schematic. Some include 2 witness signatures. I don't now is it real.

Archaeological Survey Coming To Little Round Top In Gettysburg National Military Park

Mar 26th - 15:25pm | greg gober

yes but 1863 views shortly after the battle show some shrubs and trees.  As long as the witness trees are protected, which they are doing by attaching ribbons then all is ok    

Backpacker Missing In Sequoia National Park

Mar 26th - 08:31am | Kurt Repanshek

We ran a story the following day, Harry.

Mar 25th - 21:31pm | Harry Miller

To anyone that may read this, he was found. Not sure why this page hasn't been updated. No details on cause of death;

Huge Increase In Tour Bus Traffic At Yellowstone National Park

Mar 25th - 11:28am | Karl in Clancy

We love Yellowstone in the winter, when there is practically no one else there.  We avoid it like the plague during the summer months.  It is a zoo and the animals are not amused by the numbers of two legged pests. I work in public health and we have to recommend rabies post exposure prophylaxis entirely too many times for stupid tourists who cannot comprehend what a wild animal is.

Mar 24th - 12:21pm | Susan in Pittsburgh

imagine if all of those bus travelers came in rental cars! Many parks are using or considering shuttle buses anyway as a more effienct means of transporting visitors. However, I do hope that for-profit tour companies are being charged a premium for the use of our public resources.

Mar 23rd - 21:02pm | Mel

In 2015, I spent 10 daysa in the park----3 nights at Canyon----I apreciated the new rooms made available, but to get a seat at the restaurant was very difficult, since I don't think they expanded in that area to ofset the additional rooms.

Mar 23rd - 14:44pm | wild places

I can sympathize with you Cory, however I think we also need to understand that many of these groups also plan far in advance. Many are not even from this country and many don't drive. I'm not sure a tour bus is worse than having that many more additional cars filling the parking lots or the behemoth motor homes and campers that clog the parking areas either.

Mar 23rd - 10:31am | Cory in STL

We stayed at Mammoth Hotel in June 2016, and I was stunned by the number of tour buses we saw and the volume of humanity that poured out of them. The day we checked out, three large buses pulled in, and the front desk told me they were taking up the entire second floor of the hotel. No wonder it can be so hard to get a room even 9 months ahead of time.

THIRTEEN's Nature Explores The Impact Of Climate Change On The Ecosystem Of Yosemite

Mar 25th - 09:36am | ecbuck

Yeah he is so foolish, he is a billionaire and President.

Mar 24th - 22:56pm | Rick B.

Quoting that dunderhead in the White House with his nonsensical "Fake News" slogan doesn't make you look like the sharpest knife in the drawer. It just makes you look like a puppet of a fool.

Mar 24th - 09:43am | beachdumb

Despite the recent heavy rains and snowfall, scientists are finding that water is scarcer and the threat of fire is more likely as the area continues to experience rising temperatures upsetting that important balance. 

Millions Found Their Park In 2016, And Now Park Staff Are Struggling To Manage Them

Mar 24th - 12:28pm | Carolyn McCartney

I wish our President and Congresional people who want to cut funding  to our National Parks System could read this.  As usual, laws are made by people who have never visited these parks as a "visitor", not  as a "special visitor."  President Trump needs to read this  

Campgrounds Set To Open At Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Mar 24th - 09:47am | beachdumb

 Will the NPS ignore resource protection regulations when a PIPL nests within 100 yards of the Cape Point campground. I would be very leery of reserving a site between April and June.

Traveler's View: Don't Gravel Over Paradise

Mar 24th - 09:34am | tahoma

I don't see how a mandatory mass-transit system could work in Yellowstone.  Would it include lodging guests, RV & car campers, stock users, backpackers, bicyclists, canoeists, or visitors who had planned to transit the park from one side to another as part of a larger itinerary?  If not, then you have a built-in double-standard favoring some visitors over others.

Mar 24th - 07:20am | Pam Sohan

Yes its disppointing to not get to see the things you traveld to a National Park to see, but paving over acres of grass isn't the solution. Who wants to go to a NAtional Park to commune with nature and see amusement park sized parking lots everywhere?   

Mar 24th - 05:13am | Joan

Let's expand the park system to spread out the impacts - add new parks and monuments, and expand the size of those that we have. Yellowstone needs to be expanded just to support the winter habitat of the wildlife that lives there! If it were larger, people would spread out somewhat into the new area, and put a bit less pressure on the existing sites.

Mar 23rd - 19:53pm | Steve Nelson

Assuming this situation continues, I think they'll have to have mandatory shuttles and ticketing for the big famous parks. If you want to stay in the park, you'll be reserving lodging two years out.

Mar 23rd - 16:46pm | Eliza J.

Exactly my thought, thank you!

Mar 23rd - 16:13pm | Peter

hhaving spent last season in Yellowstone I can tell you that there was way more than 4.3 million visitors. when most people get to the 'must-see' spots like grand prismatic there is no parking so they make their own parking along the roads sometimes a mile long i  either direction. this causes an enormous amount of destruction to the lanscape both physically and visually.

Mar 23rd - 15:57pm | Greg

The NPS should interpret the population trend of Homo sapiens and point out the correlation to extinctions of other species and greenhouse gas measurements. The "loved to death" parks are overrun by Sapiens.

Mar 23rd - 15:19pm | Kurt Repanshek

For what it's worth, Ricky, one shuttle possibility might be to base shuttles out of lodging areas. For instance, have a shuttle from Old Faithful that runs down to Madison Junction, stopping at the pertinent spots to let people out, collect those going back to Old Faithful.

Mar 23rd - 15:11pm | RickyAZ

Curious how a shuttle would work at Yellowstone with over 250 miles of road:  To and from the Old Faithful Visitor center could take hours, to say nothing of taking it from Gardiner, Jackson, etc.  Maybe time restrictions on a certain amount of parking lots (say 1 hr limit in the popular areas) might be workable, encourage the long term usres to park further out.  Who knows, but

Mar 23rd - 14:12pm | Rodney M.

Build the parking lots and make them large enough for RVs. Most of the parks are hundreds or thousands of acres and theres no reason I can think of that more and larger parking areas can't be made. It is much safer for pedestrians to walk in parking lots than along the edge of roadways. Especially families with young children. Safety first!

Mar 23rd - 13:25pm | Branden B.

I love our National Parks and have visited over half of them with the goal of someday seeing them all.  I get one 2 week vacation each summer to travel.  While the parking lots are unsightly and adverse to the natural environment, I would be devastated if I arrived at a park on the other side of the continent only to be denied entry because the park is full.

Mar 23rd - 12:35pm | Sharon P.

There's a song about this, "Big Yellow Taxi".  Some of the verse is; ".. they paved paradise and put up a parking lot...".  We don't need more parking lots in paradise. 

Mar 23rd - 12:24pm | Trish Murphy-Cone

You will never buld enough lots in the right places.....and the cost of decimating our precious park areas is too high of a price!  Get out of your cars and hop on a shuttle or walk!  

Mar 23rd - 11:36am | Maureen Adams

These areas have not been set aside to create parking lots. What a waste of beauty and natural resource just to allow more people to pack in. Would rather see permit only, or daily limits out on traffic than see areas wasted in parking lots. It will never be enough, and soon, there will be nothing but parking facilities. 

Mar 23rd - 11:29am | John Poynton

Why not expand public transportation within the parks so people don't have to drive in.  Hybrid buses would cause less pollution.  I would love it if I didn't have to drive in.  Pick up points at the entrances would lessen the traffic, buses taking park goers to all of the attractions would be so much nicer than lines of cars waiting for parking spaces.  Would have loved tha

Mar 23rd - 10:47am | Kathy Dimont

Good luck. The obvious solution (shuttles and other forms of public transit to/from/in the parks) was fought tooth and nail even by more environmentally concerned administrations. People love their cars and the freedom they offer and won't give them up without a fight.

Mar 23rd - 10:46am | Julie Macefo

Perhaps we can look at out of park structures like Hoover Dam and trolleys to carry people in the parks. 

Rep. Grijalva Wants Interior Secretary To Testify On Trump Budget

Mar 23rd - 20:24pm | Greg

Checking the NPS Green Book budget document shows the NPS budget has increased on average 3.5% per year and added 281 FTEs in the last few years. Would rolling that budget back to the 2014 level be catastrophic? The country''s debt to GDP ratio is over 100% and servicing that debt will grow substantially as interest rates rise. How do we get out of this hole?

Mar 23rd - 05:35am | beachdumb

Eliminate all support of the fake climate change initiatives would be a good start. That's about 20% of the budget? 

Bending The River At Gates Of Arctic National Park

Mar 23rd - 10:15am | tahoma

I think this marvelous photo is perhaps of an incipient pingo?

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