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Glacier National Park Sees Record Visitation...But Is That A Good Thing?

Aug 9th - 09:01am | Lee Dalton

A parking time limit might be a good idea, but how will it be enforced?  Tow and impound cars?  Tickets? And if tickets, how do you collect from someone who lives in Hoboken or Berlin or Toronto?

Aug 9th - 08:05am | Brent

Went there last year and it was miserable..Unless you make it to trail head it's the equvalent of a bad day at Disneyland..Very sad..Roads backed up for miles and trailheads over flowing with cars..Yellowstone was even worse..Not planning to go again 

Photography In The National Parks: Focus On More Than Just The Mountain

Aug 9th - 04:48am | Rebecca Latson ...

Thanks, Rick B.  You are so kind and your words are appreciated.

Aug 8th - 23:34pm | Rick B.

Prime stuff, as always, Rebecca.

UPDATED: Interior Secretary Zinke To Be Investigated For Threats To Alaska Senators

Aug 8th - 14:03pm | wild places

Wow, a whole lot of editing going on not to mention completely off topic. The Traveler has far more patience than I ever will. I tip my hat to you Kurt.

Aug 8th - 12:42pm | Rick B.

Tell yourself whatever gets you through the night. Edited to remove insulting language

Aug 8th - 11:26am | David Crowl

At least we all agree Trump is not an effective President

Aug 8th - 07:33am | ecbuck

Don't forget Rick, much of the disapproval is not from people that disagree with his agenda but comes from people upset that he hasn't accomplished enough.  I would put myself in that camp.  

Aug 8th - 00:22am | Rick B.

TA you must be dreaming. The only person talking about Hillary now is Trump. She has left and gone away, but he still keeps fighting here because she won the popular vote. Trying to lay that on us is a projection and a straw man.

Aug 7th - 23:25pm | trailadvocate

Yep, I envision Smokies is on his knees chanting Hillary is my leader, Hillary is my leader.  If the Left would be willing to just clean out their side of the Swamp they might have a bitch (and a chance).  But, they evidently won't.  

Aug 7th - 23:24pm | Rick B.

Backpacker - even when Trump gets down to 0% support [he is down to 33% as of this morning] the folks you are arguing with won't admit it. It would require them to admit they have been wrong, and they can no more admit that than Trump himself can.

Aug 7th - 22:35pm | ecbuck

So where is the proof, smokies?   Of course there isn't any But that doesn't stop you from  Your accusational dysentery.   

Aug 7th - 21:28pm | SmokiesBackpacker

With a plethora of news There is none he can use to deflect from a growing new scandal. Involving Ryan Z, it is clear to see EC's got more Trump crap to handle.

Aug 7th - 15:43pm | ecbuck

Perhaps you would like to document that proof, smokies.

Aug 7th - 14:51pm | SmokiesBackpacker

EC Buck You're out of luck The Zinke threats proven real. Now you can whine That the media opined It really is a big deal!

Aug 6th - 19:07pm | ecbuck

All of whom were simply denied individual coverage no matter how much they wanted it under the old laws.

Aug 6th - 18:29pm | Toxie

I dare you to be that callous to to the faces of people with Type I diabetes or sickle cell anemia or Factor V Leiden. All of whom were simply denied individual coverage no matter how much they wanted it under the old laws. Edited to remove personal attack.

Aug 6th - 18:10pm | ecbuck

Toxie, sorry, life isn't fair.   I can't sing or dance or dunk a basketball.  That is my lottery but I am not whining about it.  While there are some that may lose the genetic lottery, for the vast majority, our health is prmarily driven by our lifestyles.

Aug 6th - 17:57pm | Rick B.

If you really believe that I have some offshore property for you to build on.

Aug 6th - 17:42pm | Toxie

ecbuck ... won't explain that he is removing the Medicaid expansion from his numbers because it's not "real" insurance and that the "solution" to people who receive vital care that they can't pay for is bankruptcy. Including people with genetic conditions- because he's a lottery winner and they aren't.

Aug 6th - 16:57pm | ecbuck

No Rick, read the CBO report rather than the complicit media headlines or Alex Jones, Sean Hannity or Breitbart, none of which I listen to.  The vast majority of those that will "lose" their insurance according to the CBO wont "lose it" at all.   Absent the mandate they will use their own free will to not purchase insurance.

Aug 6th - 16:01pm | Rick B.

Sorry. During my nursing career I saw real people bleed and die, and learned to care about it. Meanwhile you became much better than I at reading profit and loss statements. I'm comfortable with my viewpoint, and wouldn't feel comfortable in my own skin if I had yours.

Aug 6th - 14:01pm | ecbuck

Millions losing coverage is not helping people. Few if any would "lose" coverage.  Of course when Obamacare collapses, everyone will lose coverage.   

Aug 6th - 13:31pm | Rick B.

Toxie - no one ever said that Zinke was good at trying to try to heavy them. Of course, he has a DOA product in Trumpcare. Millions losing coverage is not helping people. As a retired healthcaree professional, I can tell you I know of many who are now insured, and in fact alive, because of the ACA and who are terrified at living under the profit-motivated Trumpians.

Aug 6th - 12:42pm | ecbuck

Yes Toxie you are trying to move the goal post from " large-scale, high-expenditure campaigns" to routine discussions between the administration and members of Congress.  Why must those on the left focus on non-consequential minutiae rather than the issues, i.e getting rid of the self imploding Obamacare and putting in something that works.  

Aug 6th - 09:39am | Toxie

That sound you hear is goal posts moving and Gish galloping. Though that wild places and ecbuck think that this sort of bullying is totes normal says an awful lot about them, at least.

Aug 5th - 18:46pm | ecbuck

The Office of Legal Counsel within the Department of Justice has interpreted the statute (The Anti-Lobby Act) based on its underlying purpose, which is to restrict the use of appropriated funds for large-scale, high-expenditure campaigns to solicit pressure on government officials in relation to pending or proposed legislative matters on behalf of an Administration position. 

Aug 5th - 17:04pm | Mike Painter

"... there is nothing unethical or illegal about an administration official lobbying Congress." We shall see. The "fake news" Washington Post reported this:

Aug 5th - 15:48pm | Jeremiah Johnson

Between congressmen yes, but when the clown in chief gets the secretary of interior doing his dirty work thats another story all to gether.

Senior Pass Price Won't Jump To $80 Until October 1

Aug 8th - 11:59am | Carole Darcy

Went through the whole form and then was told I had insufficient proof of my age.  ????????????????????    

Higher Visitor Fees Proposed At Everglades National Park

Aug 8th - 11:51am | George Bain

I want to comment on the proposed $12 per day per person fee for boaters entering the Everglades Park. For residents of the Keys, Key Largo for me, i think this is terrible. Since we live on an island there are times when weather is not good and this is our only option to get out on the water and enjoy the day.

Great Video Of Mountain Lion In Sequoia National Park

Aug 8th - 07:36am | edmond macgregor

While watching the video I was apprehensive about the outcome.

Aug 8th - 07:32am | edmond macgregor

Glad the hikers had the sense to back away.  Would carrying bear spray been an option?

Aug 7th - 13:19pm | janes

Glad the lion had sense enough to get up high and away from hikers!

Seeking A $10 Senior Pass To National Parks? You're Far From Alone

Aug 7th - 17:44pm | ecbuck

Check details under "Access Pass"  here:

Aug 7th - 17:37pm | Gary skeen

Would like to know how to get total disablea senior national  park pass,I am total disable..

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Aug 7th - 17:29pm | ecbuck

You give the attendant the card and an ID when you go through the entrance gate.

Aug 7th - 15:57pm | hangtag

I didn't receive a hangtag.  What do I do, display card with signature side up. Deborah Dixon

Mount Rainier National Park Shuttle System Stretching to Ashford

Aug 7th - 14:36pm | Jim Carroll

Is the Longmire to Paradise shuttle still operating ?

Growth Of Crater Lake National Park Fire Could Force Evacuation Of Rim Village

Aug 6th - 19:20pm | [email protected]

Crater Lake National Park Notifies Visitors and Residents to "Be Ready" for Potential Evacuation of Rim Village and Park Headquarters

Aug 6th - 17:10pm | ecbuck

Fortunately, m13, there are wood shake shingles now manufactured that installed properly meet the Class A standards.  In this case, we can have our cake and eat it too.  

Aug 6th - 16:28pm | [email protected]

The real fire hazard are hot embers blown a mile ahead of the fire frontlighting on the many flammable dry wood shingled roofs mandated by a fire-foolish cadre of NPS Historians who have no background in

Happy Birthday to the National Park Service Arrowhead Emblem

Aug 6th - 17:35pm | Rick

There is a seller on Amazon who sells the arrowhead decal, its not as big, but they can certainly make it as big as you need. I purchased an arrowhead decal from them already about 5" tall, they did send me info when it arrived directing me to their website. They are listed as Luna Graphic Design, selling via Amazon.

Is NPS Getting Ready To Toss Bluffs Lodge On The Scrap Heap?

Aug 6th - 15:25pm | Howard Murphy

The Bluffs was always our favorite stop along the parkway.

EPA Reverses Itself On Decision To Delay Ozone Rule

Aug 6th - 12:46pm | ecbuck

Where did I "decry any regulation at all"?  Nowhere.  What I did decry is regulation that has no positive impact like ten years of lead bans of one form or another or forcing are reduction in ozone from levels that are already well below those considered safe.  

Aug 6th - 09:47am | Toxie

Typical conservative response, to decry any regulation at all. Anyhow, lead was good enough for Baby Boomers like ecbuck so it's good enough for condors:

A Tough Week for Hikers and Mule Riders at Grand Canyon National Park

Aug 6th - 12:18pm | califcamper

perhaps forcing a mule to take this trip, should be reconsidered? Or money spent to make it safer for the mule, and humans... That being said, if millions have gone down the mountain as they say without issue, maybe not? I took this trip myself, and mostly kept my eyes closed, probably not the smartest move but couldnt have made it otherwise.

National Park Basics For RVing Newbies

Aug 6th - 11:32am | Lee Dalton

Rick's advice about going to a large parking lot to practice driving is excellent.

Aug 6th - 05:07am | Shari Hagewood

I have been the driver of a truck towing a trailer and losing my brakes going downhill.  The back way going down from Sequoia.  I have done this drive several times with no problem, but was behind a compact car whose driver had apparently never seen a curvy road or gone downhill before.

Spruce Lake Fire Forces Some Closures At Crater Lake National Park

Aug 6th - 01:08am | [email protected]

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