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Fossilized Tracks Stolen From Death Valley National Park

Mar 29th - 14:42pm | Greg

I certainly hope they catch em 

Mar 29th - 13:30pm | WannaMontana

I'll contribute extra funds to up this bounty for this!  Respect our amazing lands!

Mar 29th - 06:34am | Rebecca Latson ...

The stupidity, ignorance and rapacity of people never fails to amaze me.

"Corporate America" Escapee Running Marathon Distances In National Parks

Mar 29th - 13:51pm | tomp2

With all due respect to Hot Springs NP, how many laps does he have to run to make it a marathon, or if he stays in the park the whole way, how many out & backs to Sugarloaf?

Huge Increase In Tour Bus Traffic At Yellowstone National Park

Mar 29th - 13:43pm | tomp2

Sharon-- Information on entrance fees for commercial busses is on the fee page for every park: for Yellowstone, replace YELL with the 4 letter code for any other park.

Mar 29th - 12:14pm | Michele M.

Sharon - I'm a Tour Operator who brings in some of those buses to Yellowstone.  I pay $500 for the bus to enter Yellowstone and an additional $500 to enter Grand TetonNP.  We specialize in senior tours many of whom would never be able to see Yellowstone and our magnificent National Parks unless they came on a tour.  

Mar 28th - 19:53pm | Sharon W.

I agree with the comment that for-profit tour busses should be charged a premium for the Yellowstone experience. However, I've heard that the tour busses (who brought in 500,000 Chinese last year according to the papers)are charged less than $200 to enter the Park, and that's with 50 passengers.  Would someone explain if that is not true and my information is incorrect? 

Sens. Warner, Portman Introduce Legislation To Wipe Out National Park Service Maintenance Backlog

Mar 29th - 13:26pm | Mike Painter

Can we afford to wait until 2047 to wipe it out?

Mar 28th - 17:38pm | Lee Dalton

Nice idea ........ But won't believe it until it happens.

Trump Administration To Review Oil And Gas Regs For National Park System

Mar 29th - 13:22pm | Mike Painter

Why not name the congressman who introduced the legislation? It's a House Joint Resolution (H.J.Res.46) expressing disapproval of the rules, which were adopted last November.)  

Mar 29th - 06:08am | Rebecca Latson ...

"...inconconceivable..."?  No, I think it's totally conceivable that this would happen under the current administration.

Fire Burning In Big Cypress National Preserve Covers More Than 3,000 Acres

Mar 29th - 13:02pm | Pete G

This feels lke fires were intentionally set to discourage public use while they roll their giant vehicles in for seismic testing. Very convenient timing. I'd love to see this map compared to the map of where the seismic testing is happening to see if there's any overlap. My guess is that there is not.

Thousands Call To Reject Permit Requested By Industrial Hog Farm Upstream Of Buffalo National River

Mar 29th - 10:42am | Debbie Alexy

The first battle for the Buffalo National River began in the '60's.  Just as today, it took time for awareness of the threat to this jewel of nature that flows in the Ozarks of Arkansas..  Before it was over the battle of the Buffalo in the 60's was joined by the Governor of Arkansas, US Senators, Congressmen, and Supreme Court Justices.  These visionarie

Mar 29th - 10:20am | Terri Allen

I have lived in this beautiful spot for only 5 years, it is a safe harbor for wildlife, you call this the Natural State, there is nothing natural about 6,500 hogs confined to such a small area in such a critical spot. This is the head waters of many watersheds. We are the source of the clean water, please save this pristine wilderness for the generations to come.

Mar 29th - 09:47am | Susan Parker.

we moved here in 1975 because of the beautiful Buffalo River. PLEASE don't let it be destroyed by a hog farm that was literally snuck in the back door. 

Mar 29th - 09:35am | Kankabono

I have questions about the long term effects of this farm's operations. We are already experiencing detrimental issues with the farm and the lack of strict regulation it has been blessed with thus far. What has been done to prepare for inevitable issues stemming from this ghastly operation in say 5 or 10 years. What pollution abatement policies and procedures have been put in place?

Mar 29th - 09:16am | Catherine Reed

Please takes the appropriate steps to insure the Buffala River stays clean and safe from harm from pollutants such as Hog waste, and anything else that should not be in that River. Come on Arkansas! Get with the program! It's time to think about our children's future and what we leave them.    

Mar 29th - 06:08am | Mike Lewellen

Please deny the permit. I have spent my entire life on the Buffalo River and I am now raising my kids on it. We love this river.

Mar 29th - 04:56am | Patrick Brennan

If it's true that adequate water testing wasn't done prior to issuing a permit in 2012, I wonder why a permit was issued. Seems to me that there's plenty of land tracts available to raise pigs other than an area so close to an area subject to disastrous possibilities. Maybe the reason for the initial issuance was government ineptance. Money talks.

Mar 29th - 04:33am | Bannon Gallaher

This river is one of the most untouched areas in the state. A true window to the past. We, as Arkansans have a special duty to uphold and defend the very title we take so much pride in, "The Natural State". 

Mar 29th - 01:27am | Sharon L. Ash

We can't "restore" our lovely rivers and watersheds afterwards;  this is our chance to not further taint our shared resources.  Please restrain this blight on nature.

Mar 28th - 21:15pm | Charles Bunting

Such beautiful country.  My wife and I considefred moving to the Jasper area years ago but decided to move closer to our grandchildren instead.   

Mar 28th - 19:16pm | Martha DeChant

After learning about the karst limestone here, I am more concerned than ever about the potential for a disaster.  I have been blessed with having family camping trips every summer throughout the 60's.  We took a month and camped all along the way.  Most of the time, we stayed at our National Parks and National Forests.

Mar 28th - 17:31pm | Carol Bitting

This has been one of the hardest battles I've ever had to fight. Last summer I saw algae from shore to shore and feet thick on an 11 mile float trip on the Buffalo River. This algae is in an already impaired section of the Buffalo River, impaired from 2008.

THIRTEEN's Nature Explores The Impact Of Climate Change On The Ecosystem Of Yosemite

Mar 29th - 06:32am | beachdumb

dahkota, I don't think you understand math. The claim is made from using temperature data from about 700 mostly stable rural small town US weather stations that have been continously active since the 1920s. These shouldn't be affected by urban heat island effect like those cherry picked by our dishonest government agencies .

Mar 28th - 21:26pm | Ron Mackie

Interesting article.

Mar 28th - 19:18pm | ecbuck

 If the norms rise, extremes flatten out;   Why would that be?    

Mar 28th - 18:47pm | dahkota

Can you please provide a reference for the claim: "Using a stable set of ground based stations, the number of daily maximum temperature records peaked in the 1930's and have been generally declining ever since." In Google it just comes up as word salad.

Mar 28th - 16:41pm | ecbuck

Peer.  How does bringing back jobs to the US help his wealthiest buddies?  How does keeping illegals out - illegals that are providing cheap labor to the "wealthy" and taking jobs from US citizens help the wealthy and hurt the poor?  How does easing the regulatory burden that raises prices and reduces jobs hurt the "unwealthy"?   What "own interest" is Trump preserving?

Mar 28th - 15:49pm | Alfred Runte

Speaking of billionaires, foolishness, and so-called peer reviews. . . This recently out from the Los Angeles Times Book Review. I know; it's a liberal publication, but what the heck? Go ahead and read it anyway. Just don't start acting like Donald Trump and read the whole thing.

Mar 28th - 14:25pm | peer reviewed s...

He's a billionaire and President who manipulates the fools in order to preserve his own interests and those of his wealthy buddies.

Senior Pass Price Won't Jump To $80 Until October 1

Mar 28th - 22:01pm | John Date

go to any national park or monument and purchase one there no extra fees just $10

Mar 28th - 21:59pm | John Date

No need to renew your pass is for life not to worry youe set for life

Mar 27th - 19:45pm | Charles Vandergriff

Your pass should still be valid after Oct 1. Also, they do have a disabled pass which is free.

President's Energy Plan, Scrapping Of Obama Climate Action Plan Draw Criticisms

Mar 28th - 21:30pm | Rick B.

His governing by executive order is largely public masturbation. Most implementation of this one in particular will be in litigation for years.   Prepare to hear the rants of the flat earth society in opposition to my comment.

Mar 28th - 17:13pm | Acadia on my mind

We'd include Acadia National Park as among the iconic parks that would be at risk with rising seas and other changes that could come with climate change.

Tennessee's House Of Representatives Opposes Backcountry Fee At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Mar 28th - 15:07pm | Rick B.

For pete's sake. Wait four years after someone posts something here, someone who I haven't heard post otherwise, and then you jump in here and call them a fool. Well played. You sound like a little barkie dog that is unable to stop biting at the ankles of people, even people who haven't been near you in four years.

Mar 28th - 08:26am | SmokiesBackpacker

You are a fool, Jprizzo if you think backcountry fees go to fund anything other than a reservation system.  Read the proposal and see how the NPS is misusing taxpayer funds three years into what you called "a good idea".

Day-Use Permits Will Be Needed For White Rim, Elephant Hill Roads In Canyonlands

Mar 28th - 14:13pm | Michele R.

Are there fees for the 2017 season?

Repair Work Will Close Railroad Crossings In Mojave National Preserve In March

Mar 28th - 10:52am | Donna Luciano

How can i get an update on the status of the rail repair.  I am planning on traveling the Kelso Rd to the Cima or Nippon road and continuing to highway 15 then to Las Vegas around April 14th.

UPDATED: Price Of Senior Pass Going To $80; Buy It Now For $10

Mar 28th - 09:07am | Paula

I won't be 62 until the end of the year. Do I have to wait until then?

Welcoming Spring For Three Glorious Days In Great Smoky Mountains National PArk

Mar 28th - 08:18am | JimCasada01

Kurt--I am a native of the Smokies and one of those Kephart described as "branch-water people." I am also someone who has done a great deal of study on and writing about Horace Kephart, I would like to add a few thoughts to your well-written piece on a part of the world I cherish and to the review of Camping and Woodcraft.

Mar 28th - 07:46am | SmokiesBackpacker

Regarding Kephart, however, you won't get much warm fuzzy from true Smokies sons and daughters about him.  He is seen as a carpetbagging degenerate who abandoned his large family to pursue and indulge his alcoholism in the hills aforementioned.

Mar 28th - 07:41am | SmokiesBackpacker

Sounds like you had a great visit down here, Kurt.  Nice article.

Duke University Hosts New Institute To Help Preserve National Park Landscapes

Mar 28th - 05:50am | Jack

Awesome article and best website

"It Is Obvious We Need To Educate The Visitors"

Mar 28th - 00:41am | Rick B.

Yet more entitled scofflaw drone nonsense.

Rep. Raúl Grijalva: Public Opinion For Public Lands Can Sway Congress

Mar 27th - 21:38pm | Lee Dalton

Grijalva = American patriot and honest man. A real rarity in congress. Bishop, on the other hand = something I can't describe because I don't use foul language. Can someone clone Raul?

Tracking Wolves By Radio Frequency In National Parks Of Alaska

Mar 27th - 21:21pm | Ray Bane

Excellent film.  Yukon Charley Rivers Nat. Pres. is a wonderful park.  I had the pleasure of spending time in the park traveling by aircraft, boat and dog team and remember it fondly.  

Creature Feature: The American Crocodile is Florida’s Comeback Kid

Mar 27th - 20:46pm | kyle

Another small detail (always one, right). He doesn't say Australian crocodile and saltwater crocodile as the same species anywhere in the article. He says the Nile and saltwater crocodiles. Which are not the same species. As you must know with your fancy Latin use.

Finding A Little Acadian Solitude This Spring

Mar 27th - 13:39pm | Acadia on my mind

And for even more details about visiting Acadia in springtime, including links to year-round lodging and restaurants and hours for the visitor center, check out our recent blog post on the Bangor Daily News Web site:

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