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UPDATE: Congresswoman Pelosi Asks National Park Service To Deny Alt-Right Rally Permit

Aug 17th - 11:27am | Kurt Repanshek

Let me remind all involved to keep your comments constructive and don't wallow in the mud.

Aug 17th - 11:25am | ecbuck

Personally I find the guy who plowed his car into a group of nonviolent protesters to be the most dangerous, To Heather yes, to our society, no.  

Aug 17th - 11:20am | y_p_w

Personally I find the guy who plowed his car into a group of nonviolent protesters to be the most dangerous, but that may just be me.  You can find your "evidence" but the woman who got killed and the many who were injured certainly weren't combatants.  This was a guy looking to mow down protesters, starting with a full head of steam before hitting the first person.  

Aug 17th - 10:00am | ecbuck

The violence was instigated by the Antifa people - watch the video.  To deny those acts are ones of hate or that that flyer isn't bigoted is just naive or intentional denial.

Aug 17th - 09:50am | y_p_w

Nope.  Those things are covered by the violence.  I wouldn't call that hate.  Referring to those violent actions as hate only serves to deflect from the fact that one group was espousing Klan, Nazi, and various white supremacist views.  It gives them a moral equivalence that just isn't there.  

Aug 17th - 08:58am | ecbuck

What bigotry or hate was there on the side fighting the white supremacists?

Aug 17th - 08:37am | y_p_w

You don't get it?  What bigotry or hate was there on the side fighting the white supremacists?  Yeah I get that the Antifa guys are basically a collection of anarchists looking to cause mayhem, but they are distinctly not racist.

Aug 17th - 07:55am | ecbuck

 but an observation.   And of course a false one with its usual baseless accusations.  My words "I condemn the bigotry, hate and violence on both sides."  How you can twist that into identifying with and defending Nazis is beyond me. 

Aug 17th - 07:51am | ecbuck


Aug 16th - 23:54pm | Rick B.

I take some time off to go to work and when I come home, what a surprise to find who is identifying with and defending the Nazi's.   No, this isn't an insult, but an observation.

Aug 16th - 22:58pm | y_p_w

Aug 16th - 21:19pm | y_p_w

Once they issue a First Amendment permit, NPS is in an untenable position to deny another First Amendment permit for a counter-protest.  Counter-protests are pretty standard when there's some sort of rally.  If it's not specifically organized and stays on the sidewalk, it's generally not illegal.

Aug 16th - 17:05pm | ecbuck

I agree Kurt, Antifa was looking for a fight. The only ones I saw with semi-auto weapons was an independent militia.  If Antifa and the the press had stayed home, it would have been a non-event.   I condemn the bigotry, hate and violence on both sides.  I just note that one side had a permit to march. The otherside showed up without a permit to be confrontational.

Aug 16th - 16:55pm | wild places

Lest I be misunderstood I am not advocating outlawing any views or protests, just not at the same time at the same venue. I don't see what harm that would cause. I'd go with your idea of just keeping the groups separate but don't think that is a realistic expectation.

Aug 16th - 14:39pm | y_p_w

Counter-protests aren't specifically illegal, and in no way should they be.  However, a competent law enforcement presence should separate the counter-protesters from those they're protesting.  Legally, the permits are generally needed if anyone is going to block a road or use amplification.

Aug 16th - 14:26pm | RickyAZ

Protests, counter protests they are ALL protected. (firearms are a different matter of course, SF and CA have very strict rules on those)  The government shouldn't be deciding who to issue permits to based on content, any content, ever. Yesterdays's permissible content is todays verboten, what happens tomorrow.  No no no.

Aug 16th - 14:03pm | wild places

Perhaps what we need is to prohibit counter demonstrations. The kkk was all but gone until BLM, antifa and the like started trying to shut down free speech elsewhere. The result? More extreme far right groups. Let them have their little rally and don't give them the publicity they so badly desire. If you want to protest, hold your protest on another day.

Aug 16th - 13:57pm | y_p_w

While I generally don't agree with the aims of these groups, I'd be hard pressed to support keeping them from securing a permit.  I might find their expression to be reprehensible, but the government can't really pick who gets the right to speak on public property where others are granted that right.  

Aug 16th - 13:49pm | y_p_w

If you're asking, open carry would not be allowed in the Presidio given that it's completely within the city limits of San Francisco.  Or more specifically unlicensed open carry.  The law that allows people to carry firearms at NPS sites states that it must comform with local and/or state law.

Aug 16th - 13:48pm | Kurt Repanshek

EC, what do "patriots" think about hundreds of protestors showing up armed to the teeth with semi-automatic weapons, wearing helmets, toting shields? Sure, 2nd amendment. But, really??? What's the underlying motive/intent? A rally to express a view, or looking to incite?

Aug 16th - 13:41pm | ecbuck

You've got it right RickyAZ. Only the true Facists try to shut down speach.  Patriots ignore what is rightfully identified as despicable. 

Aug 16th - 12:47pm | RickyAZ

Gonna lose this one: people are best ignored.  They are seeking attention, spend the time playing with your dog on the beach

Aug 16th - 11:44am | Rick B.

Agreed, Rebecca. Let's hope sane minds rule on this.

Aug 16th - 10:17am | Rebecca Latson ...

I'm pretty certain this group knows exactly who gathers at Crissy Field and it's one of the reasons they have chosen to have a rally there.  Regardless of whether or not open carry is allowed at this place, I'm also pretty certain they'll have concealed weapons ... maybe they'll shoot themselves in the leg again.  I just hope nothing worse occurs.  It's a scary thought.

Yellowstone Visitors Say Park Too Crowded And Congested, Not Enough Rangers

Aug 16th - 18:51pm | Steve Nelson

Whitedog, I agree with that also.  Ken Burns' series on the national parks was one of his best and once the great recession ended and gas prices dropped, people decided national parks were a place to go.  

Aug 15th - 22:59pm | Whitedog57

It might help if filmmakers took a break from making films/documentaries on the wonders of Yellowstone and other US parks. I enjoy watching them as much as anyone, but most result in increased interest and thus visitation, which is definitely not needed. 

Aug 14th - 16:37pm | Rick B.

Agreed. It only seems like an Asian invasion if you are a white guy looking at 43 Asian folks descending off a bus. I've seen the other side of that in the two Asian nations I've visited.

Aug 14th - 12:12pm | wild places

@ cici, I too have witnessed poor behavior from Asian tourists just as I have from American tourists when in Asia. It is a cultural learning opportunity. I myself was guilty of taking a photo in Asia when I sign clearly stated (in Chinese) "No photos". I was embarrassed even though I don't read Chinese.

Aug 13th - 21:28pm | cicihigh

Probably the same!!!!  I volunteered in the park 15 yrs ago...biggest question was where are the bears....  duh!!!    

Aug 13th - 21:27pm | cicihigh

I think limiting the number of tours/tour busses and very large motor homes is a great idea.....roads just aren't built for them and the parking lots are overloaded....

Aug 13th - 20:14pm | cicihigh

I agree with most of what you say...and I am not a prejudice person....but, I do understand about the Asian tours...I've been to the park in June, being pushed off boardwalks as they shove you...and they have to take a million pictures - as we all do - but they always have to be in the picture with a selfie-stick...that is just not acceptable, as they use up all the space on the boardwalks.

Aug 13th - 17:17pm | Steve Nelson

I agree with what others above have said.  With the ignorance of some of the survey comments, you wonder if people will get bored and the visitation will drop off.  On the other hand, we could still use that national task force.  Secretary Zinke, feel free to steal this idea.

Aug 13th - 16:06pm | Stormy

Yes, YNP is crowded.  You have two choices; restrict access or jack up prices until tourism falls off.  Take your pick.  Just increasing funding (which I'm in favor of) isn't going to change that.  Build new facilities and you increase visitation.  But do we really want more (or wider) roads, more hotel rooms, or even more campgrounds?  I don't.

UPDATE: National Park Service Ends Ban On Disposable Water Bottles

Aug 16th - 17:34pm | ecbuck

Once again, reason prevails. 

Aug 16th - 16:51pm | wild places

I've always thought buying bottled water foolish but then I am lucky enough to live where the water is clean and good. Besides, disposable water bottles are very reusable although I understand many do not do that. I've always been a fan of education over creating more laws and love the water fountains that can accommodate a 32 oz bottle.

Aug 16th - 16:20pm | Lee Dalton

Three and a half years . . . . just three and a half years . . . . 

Yellowstone National Park Visitors Show Age Diversity, But Not Much Racial Diversity

Aug 16th - 16:46pm | wild places

I guess Mother Nature is racist. I've read more than enough articles on lack of diversity in the outdoors. Celebrate our differences, it's what makes us interesting. Since when do we all have to enjoy or participate in all the same things based on our percentages?

Aug 16th - 15:47pm | Janice Love

I am a Parks Specialist Tour Manager and can never spend enough time there. Plan a week at minimum and be patient. I believe people come in thinking the park is much smaller than it actually is. Enjoy your journey!

Crowding Issues In National Parks Drawing Concern And Brainstorming

Aug 16th - 16:06pm | Tim Gerber

Personally, I think they should raise the entry price for SUVs, Trucks, Campers, Trailers, Groups of more than 4, require very expensive car passes during peak season and limit the number issued,improve tour bus service for visitors, implement a bike share service where visitors can park outside the park or in a parking area away from ecosystems, natural resources, cultural  sites and ride

Drone Grounds Helicopter At Yosemite National Park

Aug 15th - 15:24pm | Teresa Cristina...

We are curious beings but above all we are vainglorious. We want to see nature in all its angles and our photo has to be much better than ordinary. We are lignin in times where experience is replaced by the image.   When all that brings danger to other people's lives, there is something wrong.

Hiker Falls to Her Death In Zion National Park

Aug 15th - 15:12pm | lauren

theres absolutley nothing "Amazing" about this story. certainly a poor choice of word (im hoping).   My thoughts are with the victims familys...may they rest in peace

New Online Venue For Purchase Of Senior Pass To National Parks

Aug 15th - 14:54pm | Anonymous

Actually, Mount Rushmore is a National Memorial, not a National Monument.

Aug 15th - 10:58am | Ranger1

At our small, non-fee Historic Site we have sold in excess of 3,000 Senior passes in the last month. A normal year is about 200. The stress on a small staff has been intense-we are getting constant (and I mean constant) calls, to the point that normal calls to the park are not getting through. We have about 100 left (expect them to be gone tomorrow) with 500 more on order.

Aug 15th - 09:02am | rzitzman

Gee, How Thoughtful you are, Just Remember you will be that Age in the Future and you would Hope no one would talk about YOU that way.

Aug 13th - 16:18pm | Stormy

WNash, no you actually have to BE 62 to purchase the pass.  No early purchase allowed, not even one day before your 62nd birthday.  

Higher Visitor Fees Proposed At Everglades National Park

Aug 15th - 12:25pm | Theresa Yong

I believe some of the plan proposals are good, such as the $50/year boat sticker and annual test, however, the $15pp fee and the $1000 commercial license is excessive. It will serve to hurt vital Florida tourism and will not guarantee that the increased influx of money will be properly allocated to benefit the sensitive environment, the wildlife or the local ecosystem.

Aug 14th - 19:30pm | Jill Kennedy

As I understand it everyone who enters must register for themselves or their family. We can not do it for them.  If we should get pulled over by the park rangers and each customer doesn't have proof of payment, they will get ticketed.  This will be a very big problem for the commercial vessels.  

Aug 13th - 16:35pm | Lee Dalton

Now that puts an entirely different light on it, Jill.  But can't your company simply buy permits for your customers, or is it necessary that they personally obtain one themselves? If that's the case, I agree it is a problem.  

Grizzly Bear Shot and Killed By Hikers In Denali National Park and Preserve

Aug 15th - 07:03am | Leni

How tragic for the bear, whose home was invaded by humans who did not need to be there. Humans continue to insist our desires and pleasures and entertainment come before the rights of every other being, with often fatal results to wildlife. Why didn't the Hikers have bear spray? One less individual bear is dead, in shrinking numbers now.

Aug 13th - 21:42pm | Dustin

I think it's ridiculous that we have to wait until teeth or claws are ripping into our flesh before we should react. No one knows a Bear's intent and I believe if a Bear is charging, that's a good enough indicator to shoot 1st to protect human life in my opinion. 

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