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President Trump Donates $78,333 To National Park Service, Critics Label It Publicity Stunt

Apr 3rd - 19:44pm | Rick B.

At least they got a check. Many of Trump's publicity stunt "donations" are still waiting for the money.

Will Legislation To Reduce National Park Service Maintenance Backlog Succeed?

Apr 3rd - 17:40pm | tomp2

Alas, $78K isn't going to make a dent in anything, not even in the $228M backlog just at battlefield parks that Zinke said it would go toward.  Also, I fully expect that the fy18 NPS budget will be more than $78K below the fy17 appropriation, especially after adjusting for ~1-2% inflation.  I could be wrong; we'll see.

Apr 3rd - 17:03pm | ecbuck

Kurt, never said it would take care of it.  But it certainly demonstrates that he isn't anti-NPS as many here have claimed. And I dare guess that is far more than anyone else here has contributed to reducing the backlog.  If I recall you said you had something like 2 million readers.

Apr 3rd - 16:38pm | RickyAZ

Not quite as effective a publicity stunt as signing a "treaty" that is never submitted to the Senate for approval to lower the temperature in 75 years by .0013 degrees, but at least he put up his own $.  But yeah, the Clinton Global Initiative was all kosher because they cared so bloody much...

Apr 3rd - 16:17pm | Lee Dalton

Better wait to see if the check clears before getting too excited. There are a lot of contractors and Drumpf University students who are still waiting for theirs to arrive in the mail.

Apr 3rd - 15:36pm | Kurt Repanshek

Hmmm, $12 billion backlog, $78,000. Yeah, that takes care of it.

Apr 3rd - 15:23pm | ecbuck

Wow, wonder how many apologies we are going to see from those making baseless accusations. 

Apr 3rd - 14:25pm | RickyAZ

This gonna hurt the haters:  Trump donates first-quarter salary to National Park Service Man wants a legacy, looks like the NPS is gonna be ok.

Apr 3rd - 13:23pm | ecbuck

It would be good to know whether the private companies running the parks (and benefiting from their upkeep) are going to add anything to the financial support of these parks...

Apr 3rd - 12:42pm | L. Hudgens

It would be good to know whether the private companies running the parks (and benefiting from their upkeep) are going to add anything to the financial support of these parks and the proposed bill up for consideration in Congress.  These companies have taken over ownership of longstanding park names and other aspects that really belong to the people of the United States.

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Apr 3rd - 13:49pm | Perri

I sent in an application by mail about 5 weeks ago and have not gotten my pass yet.  I also have not seen the credit card transaction go through.  Does anyone know how long the processing normally takes?  

3 Desert Tortoises, A Threatened Species, Killed At Joshua Tree National Park

Apr 3rd - 12:29pm | tomp2

All 3 were hit by motor vehicles, 2 in campgrounds and one on a park road. As far as I know, there is no evidence for who hit any of the tortoises.  Absent negligence, speeding, intent, or similar contributing factors, there is no penalty for running over a desert tortoise.

Apr 3rd - 11:13am | Me

How was the third one killed?  Were the drivers who ran over the others noticed, and fined or charged? Inquiring minds want to know.....:-)  

Thousands Call To Reject Permit Requested By Industrial Hog Farm Upstream Of Buffalo National River

Apr 2nd - 22:20pm | Anonymous

Governor Hutchinson & ADEQ:

Apr 2nd - 20:23pm | Stephanie McCloud

why would it even be considere? Littering and polluting for the sake of a nasty pig farm? Is money that famed important that you would allow this beautiful river to be ruined FOREVER? Put the nasty pig plant elsewhere please?

Apr 2nd - 19:05pm | Anonymous

I have friends planning on taking me there. deny the permit so your people not only have clean water but also for the tourism value it provides your state. 

Apr 2nd - 12:27pm | Pam

Please deny the Regulation 5 permit for the C&H swine factory in the Buffalo River watershed. This industrial operation has no business in the geologically sensitive karst environment of our own national river. Any failures or long term degradation risks a $62M tourism industry in one of the poorest areas of our state. Deny it because it makes economic sense.

Apr 2nd - 11:04am | Robin Wilson

This whole deal was underhanded and I am ashamed of my state for allowing this 

Apr 1st - 18:27pm | Dr. Luis Contreras

Please ask ADEQ to DENY the new permit. Several comments posted herein are asking for denial, but the National Parks will not decide. This is an old problem in Arkansas, with Gov. Hutchinson choosing pigs over public health and tourism. It is hard to believe the Pig Factory got a permit to pollute the Buffalo River. Only in Arkansas!

Apr 1st - 11:49am | Carole George

Governor Hutchinson & ADEQ:

Mar 31st - 16:18pm | Tammy McCaslin

What part of national Park National River do they not understand. Isn't that the whole purpose of creating a national park is to protect the river? This is a beautiful River that should not be harmed in any way. Please do not allow this to happen. Let them take their hog farm somewhere else where there is no water. I guarantee if they allow this to go forward they will regret it.

Mar 31st - 10:53am | Donna Thompson

Gov.Hutchinson,Please DENY Regulation5 permit for the C&H Swine factory in the Buffalo River Watershed!!! This is a geological sensitive Karst enivironment. Any failure to protect this beautiful National Waterway, any degration risks 62 MILLION in the TOURIST industry...DENY this for all of us and your Great grand children.

Mar 30th - 19:59pm | Lee Dalton

We need to find a way to broadcast this far and wide via all kinds of media. Encourage as much public outrage as possible and encourage people to boycott Cargill and the others. Hit them hard right in the wallet. Nothing else will work.

Mar 30th - 17:56pm | Brandon Langley

There is so much of the National Forrest in Arkansas that could be allotted to hold this farm... Why the Buffalo River? Are there other national parks that contain pig farms in the US? I dont think so......

Mar 30th - 10:58am | S M Copeland

Please close this hog farm.   It will pollute the river.

Mar 30th - 10:50am | Nancy Deisch

This is a travesty that can be corrected if action is taken now.  The ADEQ is not protecting our environment as their title implies.  Please, Gov. Hutchinson, take control and do the right thing for Arkansas and for the Buffalo River before it is too late.  We moved to this area because of a pristine river.  Will we have to move again to find one?

Photography In The National Parks: A Wildlife Advocate's View Of Wildlife Photography

Apr 2nd - 00:22am | Steve Byland

I was attacked and slightly injured by a Coyote in Yellowstone a few years back. The animal had obviously been fed by people I stood on next to my car as the animal moved along the road. Then suddenly, it ran towards me at full speed and knocked me off balance. It was then on top of me. I was lucky not to be bitten and the animal was lucky not to be put down.

Lots Of National Park Legislation In Congress

Apr 1st - 19:44pm | Steven T. Corne...

Sounds like good news at a time when national parks and national monuments face threats.  

Apr 1st - 19:28pm | ecbuck

Wish I would have seen this earlier.  Chatted with Cory Gardner today.  I would have told him "Great idea - but fund it and any other expansion of NPS responsibilities."  

Apr 1st - 13:15pm | Grizz

Congressman Darin LaHood from Illinois has introduced a bill to designate Route 66 as a National Historic Trail. Bill has 11 cosponsors from both parties.

When Did Dancing In The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Become A Crime?

Apr 1st - 08:51am | Donald

A Memorial is compareble to a grave. Imagine people would insist to dance on your grandmother's grave. How would you think about it? Case closed. Freedom doesn't mean that you can do everything. 

The Great Park Time Zone Puzzle, Or...."What Time Is It, Anyway?"

Apr 1st - 07:45am | june

I am so glad that I am not on any time schedule for any one place. I would spend all my time wondering what time zone and where to go if I were and I would  miss the a lot of the beauty of the land I came to see. 

Glacier National Park To Permit Non-Motorized Watercraft Into Park This Summer

Apr 1st - 00:28am | Michelejackson

I have recently read about this place from this article But I have few questions. If you are willing to answer.  1. Time to visit this place?  2. How to reach there? 

Fossilized Tracks Stolen From Death Valley National Park

Mar 31st - 19:46pm | Dee Peck

Agreed. By "public land" it means it belongs to all of us. I don't have the right to take anything and neither does the next rockhound, or Mike b.

Mar 31st - 19:42pm | Dee Peck

While I share your anger regarding this crime, please keep in mind that for now the pictures are merely of hikers that were in the area around the time the prints are thought to have been taken. Possible witnesses and not necessarily the perps themselves. 

Mar 30th - 19:51pm | Lee Dalton

Maybe the FBI needs to pay Mike b a visit.

Mar 30th - 17:00pm | Joey P.

Unfortunately, these guys in the photos look less like the Death Valley researcher types and more like Euro-Trash explorers of the Greatest Nation on Earth. My family and I stopped in D.V. way back in the late 1980s. We were surprised at how many people around us came from Europe and South America. My father-in-law spoke with a few in Dutch (I had no idea what was said).

Mar 30th - 15:08pm | Rick B.

Luckily, Mike b, your personal opinion 'should' ain't the law.

Mar 30th - 12:26pm | Mike b

I don't care if it's a national park. It's still public land and people should be able to rock hound or prospect.

Mar 30th - 12:08pm | Rick

I doubt the middle guy steps up as a witness.  Makes me think he is a perp.  That device hanging on his backpack sure looks like a metal detector to me.  Also illegal in National Parks. 

Mar 30th - 11:56am | Bonnie Hale

About two decades ago, I went to Death Valley during spring break with my then BF, a geology student at a CA university, who was supposed to meet his brother, also a geology student attending a CO college. That's my guess.   Look there 

Mar 30th - 09:43am | Anonymous

Ha. Troll. Because the best approach to someone doing something dumb is obviously to take the most extreme measure possible instead of educating them. 

Mar 30th - 07:11am | Jimbo peep

Really??  You think they should be executed for this?  Man, you need to get some perspective.  A hefty fine, yes.  Death penalty, no.  

Mar 30th - 01:39am | Frank B

Murder is not the correct response.

Mar 29th - 23:44pm | Jimbo

seen bigger reward for people who steal bubblegum from the local conv store s

Motor Vehicle Accidents In Yellowstone Skyrocketing

Mar 31st - 15:43pm | Wendy

We camped in Yellowstone for 10 nights in the Summer of 2016 and still did not see everything.  We found that a lot of visitors, especially those who only came for one day...were the worse on the roads as they were in such a hurry to try and "see the park in one day"...therefore, were passing dangerously and parking in areas illegaly.  These would be the same people that would drive a

Pruning the Parks: Mar-a-Lago National Historic Site (1972-1980) Was a Gift the National Park Service Couldn’t Afford to Keep

Mar 31st - 12:26pm | Rick B.

In review, I noticed this quote from this 2008 article: "In 1980, the same year that Mar-a-Lao was designated a National Historic Landmark, Congress returned the estate to the Post Foundation. If it isn't immediately clear why, consider for a moment how expensive it is to maintain and provide presidential-grade security for a place like that. Yikes!"  

Mar 31st - 10:51am | Rob O'Neill

Actress Dina Merrill was Post's daughter.

Dueling Legal Opinions Offered In Battle Over National Monuments

Mar 30th - 11:07am | Rick B.

The same John Yoo who declared that waterboarding is not torture.

Sens. Warner, Portman Introduce Legislation To Wipe Out National Park Service Maintenance Backlog

Mar 29th - 22:30pm | Lee Dalton

Pure political posturing. Congress at work, business as usual.

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