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President's Decision To Leave Paris Accord Draws Criticism From National Park Advocates

Jun 6th - 07:52am | ecbuck

Grizz -  the fact that temperatures change, oceans rise and fall, plants and animals migrate is undisputed.  The issue is, what causes those changes.  The alarmist claim it is primarily or largely due to CO2 emmissions.  They have made predictions based on that theory. The predictions have been horribly wrong.

Jun 5th - 23:38pm | Grizz

Global warming/climate change is not just based on models. It is also based on actual measurements of global temperature. The modelshave not been horribly wrong. They have been steadily getting better as more data is available and they can be updated. That is, in part, how science works. The idea of global warming is not just based on air temperature measurements across the globe.

Jun 5th - 21:39pm | ecbuck

Lee you better go back and pay more attention to the story.  The interview wasn't on a right-wing website channel  and Chris Wallace is hardly some right wing interviewer. 

Jun 5th - 19:58pm | ecbuck

Argalite - The AGW cult makes models based on the theory that our dumping greenhouse models is warming the planet.  The models have proved to be horribly wrong - as even Chris Wallace (that bastion of conservative thought) has come to realize.  I don't have to dispute it.  The facts dispute it.  

Jun 5th - 19:01pm | Lee Dalton

Sorry, Rick and Arg, it looks like you've been Trumped by ec.  After all he points out that no less a world renowned scientific authority on everything like Chris Wallace has proclaimed on a right-wing website channel that the rest of the world is wrong.

Jun 5th - 14:58pm | argalite

Hokum?  All we need to know is that we are dumping greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere at unprecidented levels, and that is warming the planet.  That is not Hokum ecbuck, not at all.  Anything you write to dispute this is not true.

Jun 5th - 14:56pm | Rick B.

Trump's gift here to the Koch brotheres has been nationally and internationally scorned, with the miniscule but disproportionately  loud exception of a lonely handful of gadfly misfits here on NPT.

Jun 5th - 08:08am | ecbuck

More hokum.

Jun 4th - 20:26pm | Kurt Repanshek

Jun 4th - 19:11pm | ecbuck

The theory has been horribly wrong but they so want to believe.

Interior Secretary Zinke: Read These Books Before Choosing A National Park Service Director

Jun 5th - 20:56pm | [email protected]

To better understand  EVIL,  read:   Does Evil Equate to Ignorance? "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." ~ Socrates

Jun 5th - 19:53pm | ecbuck

m13 - took your advice and read the book.  No sure how it applies to NPS management.  Must say I had some issues with Pecks conclusions.   In general, I didn't think any of his examples were truely "evil".  Hitler was evil, Stalan was evil, ISIS is evil.  Being a narcissist or not wanting to let go of your childred is not "evil".

Jun 5th - 19:05pm | Lee Dalton

Let's hope people who are in position to make a difference will grab the opportunity to do that.  The thousands of honest, excellent, hardworking people who are really the NPS deserve nothing less. 

Jun 5th - 15:29pm | SmokiesBackpacker

"People of the Lie" is one of the most important books ever written.  Everyone needs to read it.  And my experiences with NPS brass fit right in there.

Jun 5th - 13:40pm | Harryb3570

Thank you for writing this wonderful article with its excellent suggestions. I can only hope Secretary Zinke follows your advice and reads all of these books. He should also have his staff read them as well. Many more books of this type can be found on the web site at 

Jun 5th - 13:36pm | Glad2bretired

In response to m13's post above, I read "People of the Lie - The Hope for Healing Human Evil", by M. Scott Peck, while working at my last National Park.  The insights contained in this book helped me understand how the Park's management team operated, thereby helping me survive a difficult period of my career.  The NPS has all too many managers who fit Mr.

Jun 5th - 09:31am | SmokiesBackpacker

I am glad you are making these suggestions. I will also add that there is clear evidence that performing hit jobs on people who run counter to the NPS line seems to be the shortest route to advancement in the agency.  But I have zero hope that Zinke will reflect upon the NPS misdeeds in light of his own travel expenditure malfeasance.

Jun 5th - 09:10am | [email protected]

Also Read:

Jun 5th - 09:05am | tahoma

Thanks for this timely and appropriate article, Kurt.  The National Park Service has many fine employees, but the total agency is far less than the sum of its parts due to widespread mismanagement. I hope he reads your recommended books, but I doubt Secretary Zinke will be impressed with your travel fraud example, since he's been reported to be guilty of the same offense:

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Jun 4th - 14:24pm | Kurt Repanshek

Sorry, Karen, the NPS does not replace passes. They'll have to purchase new ones.Veronica, next time you visit a NATIONAL park you can pick up a new pass for $10.

Jun 4th - 13:23pm | Karen Coarsegold

My inlaws are in their 90's and for some reason they have lost their senior passes and want to see if they can get replacements.

Jun 2nd - 16:12pm | Veronica Makepeace

I'm sorry, but I lost my senior pass.  I don't have the number from it, either. I don't have a computer or printer, to fill out a application. Is it easier for me just to go to another state park, to get another one?   Thank you,  Veronica Makepeace Warner Springs, CA.

Study Assessing Climate Change Impacts On Birds Includes Yosemite National Park

Jun 4th - 10:44am | Beast Sssotlohiefmjn

 I have them nesting on my property in Hemet, the male fights a mirror I have outside. 

UPDATED: Deaths At Hawai'i Volcanoes, Great Smoky, And Zion National Parks Are Reminders To Be Careful Out There

Jun 4th - 08:59am | Lee Dalton

The Zion death has been ruled suicide. Ooops. Just discovered that this was in an update yesterday.  Sorry, Kurt.  Missed that.

Jun 3rd - 17:46pm | Lynn Landers

A man drowned today at Abrams Falls swimming in the creek... June 3, 2017 in the Cades Cove area of the Smoky Mountains 

Jun 2nd - 23:56pm | Kevin Ahern

There was also a fatality in April. Zion NP, when a hiker from Florida  apparently fell while hiking Angela's Landing. 

Jun 2nd - 14:28pm | HIKINGDIVA

Respectfully, his attire or physical fitness likely had little to do with the incident - we had a lot of rain all week followed by a brief hard rain Sunday morning. No doubt water levels were high. Poor judgment trumps fitness, gear, experience, and bravado.

Jun 2nd - 07:25am | SmokiesBackpacker

Sadly, the death at GRSM has a lot to do with a social media site that promotes off trail exploration.  Not that I oppose that activity, I participate in off trailing quite a bit.  However, many of the folks that read this site have no experience off trail and think they can go up and over the waterfalls.

New Contract To Bring Lodging Back To Flamingo At Everglades National Park

Jun 4th - 06:52am | Lori Joseph

The campgrounds are there already but the map may show them expanded,the visitors center and marina are there now. I don't believe there any restaurant facilities at all. The area is absolutely gorgeous, however we only visit in the late winter or early spring and serious insect protection is needed even then.

Jun 3rd - 13:22pm | Lee Dalton

How much of the development shown on the map already exists and how much would be brand-new? 

Jun 3rd - 13:09pm | Rebecca Latson ...

Being a user of "brick & mortar" lodging, myself, when I travel, this does sound intriguing and might entice me out to a place I've never visited.  That said, June 1st was the start of hurricane season, which lasts through November.  Having lived through more than my share of hurricanes in east Texas over the past 20 years, I certainly wish them luck.

UPDATED: Will President Trump's Decision To Leave The Paris Accord Impact National Parks?

Jun 2nd - 14:48pm | Lee Dalton

Depsite all the Drumpfian unreality shows, there are still some good folks out there in our government who are trying to do what's right. Here's a little encouraging news:

Jun 2nd - 08:13am | Acadia on my mind

Good to hear that the National Park Service reaffirms its climate change mission, despite President Donald J. Trump's announcement of US withdrawal from the Paris climate change agreement. We can confirm that the climate change exhibit at Acadia National Park's Nature Center is still up, as we stopped in last week.

Jun 2nd - 06:30am | beachdumb

A win for the USA, science and the National Parks. Lee, this is move by Trump IS making America sane again. 

Jun 1st - 22:41pm | RickyAZ

Quitting this non binding, non enforceable, non treaty will risk raising the earths' temperature by .05 ' C by 2100!  That is literally a rounding error.  The 2 trillion $US cost is anything but a rounding error.

Jun 1st - 20:07pm | Lee Dalton

Four years.  Only four years until we will have a chance to Make America Sane Again. 

Jun 1st - 17:42pm | ecbuck

In my opinion, it will affect the entire country, of which the parks are a part.  Also in my opinion, the longer he is around the more pro-science will prevail and the better it will be.

Jun 1st - 17:20pm | Rick B.

In my opinion, it will affect the entire world, of which the parks are part. Also, in my opinion, no matter how long he is around, we will lose ground that will be difficult to make up once a pro-science administration regains control.

3 Days In Heaven

Jun 2nd - 13:25pm | C. Aviles

Thanks R. Latson. I feel lucky to live at the foothills of the Appalachians and near the southern terminus of the AT but a visit out West and to Glacier is very appealing. The information provided will help me determine how much time i can "afford". 

May 31st - 07:43am | Dick Gutierrez

It truelly is God's family and I can hardly wait to go back.

Relive The Past At Fort Scott National Historic Site

Jun 2nd - 13:02pm | Kurt Repanshek

This Saturday, VV. If it was next Saturday, we would have included the date.

Jun 2nd - 12:54pm | V V Wallace

Prominant display of the DATE of the event would help.  ie which Saturday?

Naked Hikers Let It All Hang Out On the Summer Solstice

Jun 1st - 21:10pm | David Buckner

Just out of curiousity, who ever proved to you or gave conclusive evidence that simple nudity harmed (in any way) a child. In fact there is proven evidence to the contrary. Look up university studys done by men and women with doctorates.

The National Mall: Contents Under Pressure

Jun 1st - 13:17pm | Rick B.


Ozark National Scenic Riverways Celebrating The Outdoors This Weekend

Jun 1st - 13:12pm | Ranger1

Trail is being built by Volunteers-I suspect that very little of the backlogged maintenance can be done in the same way.

Jun 1st - 08:45am | tahoma

Building a new trail is apparently a higher management priority than addressing the almost $1.6 million dollars in deferred trail maintenance listed at OZAR:  This is typical throughout the National Park Service:

Geologist Sues National Park Service For Denying His Grand Canyon Research Permit, Claiming Religious Discrimination

May 31st - 20:37pm | Grizz

It is impossible to judge his research based on the information in this story. But you can't study the folding of sedimentary layers by simply collecting rocks, so it sounds a bit fishy. I am a geologist, but I would need to see his complete research proposal to judge what he is asking for.

May 31st - 09:16am | loneieagle

Are other individuals who have a doctorate in geology allowed to take rocks from the canyon? If they are than what is the reason for denying Dr. Snelling other than his religious beliefs?

Yellowstone Officials: Expect Crowds This Summer

May 31st - 12:54pm | Lee Dalton

This is off the subject here, but it's fun. Try your hand at this quiz that was published this morning by Salt Lake's Deseret News.  (I have to admit that I missed two questions, so I was rated as a Junior Ranger who has a passion for our parks.)  

May 31st - 10:57am | David Tucker

We love our cars . Being able to get from point a to b at our leasure , it might be getting close for a shuttle system .I would enjoy the park alot better when some one else is driving . Of course they would stop at all the thermal  features and slow down or stop for wildlife .   It may come to this giving the short season Yellowstone has.

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