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Climate Change Is Driving Changes In Wildflowers At Mount Rainier National Park

Dec 2nd - 01:33am | tomp2

1) I agree with John Lemons comment: the post is about empirically observed shifts in phenology.  What's important and an advancement in our knowledge in that research is not that wildflowers are blooming earlier (which can mess up the timing of pollinators, but is well-established), but that different sets of wildflower species are responding differently.  Some have flowering time di

Dec 1st - 20:18pm | ecbuck

Over the past 250-300 years the earth's mean atmospheric temperature as risen about 1.1 degrees C due to human activities, mostly fossil fuels. The types of changes discussed in the article have occurred in response to the rise in temperature since about 1750 or so-again, mostly from fossil fuels.

Dec 1st - 19:50pm | John Lemons

I am somewhat bemused by the majority of comments posted about this article. The original article was mostly about ecological changes in the context of global climate change. Yet, almost no one focused his/her comments on what the article had to say or what, if anything, should be done about trying to protect parks from global climate change.

Dec 1st - 18:54pm | ecbuck

Toxie, perhaps you missed it.  The link wasn't to a study I conducted, it was to a study that scientists conducted and was published in a peer reveiwed journal that focuses on atmospheric sciences.  

Dec 1st - 18:20pm | Alfred Runte

And now a word from the other side. Drum roll, please!

Dec 1st - 18:18pm | Toxie

I don't know. You could listen to scientists about science or some guy who sells houses about science.

Dec 1st - 17:48pm | ecbuck

Yes Rick, you got played the fool again so you will run and hide. The study is the study, its conclusions have nothing to do with who reports them.    

Dec 1st - 17:22pm | Rick B.

Sorry everyone. In a moment of weakness I lost control and poked our local troll with a stick and woke him up. My apologies and I'll be going back to the real world now.

Dec 1st - 17:05pm | ecbuck

And they aren't the only ones reporting it. Do you believe Investors Business Daily "is filled with conspiracy nonsense and fringe right wing propaganda"?

Dec 1st - 16:45pm | ecbuck

And they aren't the only ones. Or do you want to claim Investors Business Daily "is filled with conspiracy nonsense and fringe right wing propaganda".  

Dec 1st - 16:42pm | ecbuck

Typical argalite and Rick B, don't like the facts try to blame the messenger.  Daily Caller didn't do the study.  An independent group of scientists commissioned by the US Department of Energy did the study.  Daily Caller merely reported on the results.  

Dec 1st - 15:59pm | Alfred Runte

So, Argalite and Rick B. What have both of YOU read that "settles it for sure?" And what do want your sources to "settle" in the first place? If all human knowledge has been "settled," what is there left to learn?

Dec 1st - 15:37pm | trailadvocate

Nothing more slanted than someone conjuring up the DNC, Leftist hatchet job of Dick Chaney and efforts toward his personal distruction.   Better clean your own nest, Rick.  Dark side actions of your presumed heros from Clinton(s) through Obama and everyone they seemed to have corrupted are becoming more clear and provanble.

Dec 1st - 14:47pm | Rick B.

Buck - do you have any more credible and less alanted sources? Daily Caller, fouinded by an aide to Dick Cheney, is filled with conspiracy nonsense and fringe right wing propaganda. If that's your alt3ernative to Faux lNews, that is like saying you switched from Navel Orange Juice to Valencia Orange Juice.

Dec 1st - 14:47pm | argalite

Daily Caller?  Oh that settles it for sure

Dec 1st - 08:08am | ecbuck

And apparently, not with ill effect. Once again the "settled science" models are proven wrong.   

Nov 29th - 18:16pm | ecbuck

I have hope for alternative fuels such as wind and solar, as these have the potential to power the world.   I have the same hope, meanwhile fossil fuels ARE powering the world and doing it much more efficiently.

Nov 29th - 14:49pm | argalite

I don't want anyone to fret.  Just kill the outdoor cats and keep jack russels as pets.  I read the population bomb when it came out. 

Nov 28th - 21:06pm | trailadvocate

Sorry about the duplicate.

Nov 28th - 21:04pm | trailadvocate

Do so appreciate your posts, Alfred (and EC).  Always the unexpected consequences of reality verses utopian theory.  The learning curve.  May it come sooner than later to all of us but to those that have been playing us, just bugger off.

Nov 28th - 19:11pm | Alfred Runte

Well, let's talk about "magnitude," Argalite, starting with a statistic from when I was born. There were then just 2.5 billion people on the planet, and just 150 million in the United States. "We" were called the Baby Boom--and we boomed so fast demographers predicted there would be 400 million people in the US by the year 2000.

Nov 28th - 17:43pm | argalite

"wild places" response shows he does not understand the magnitude of change coming. Al just wants everyone to like his little story about his cute cats.  How nice!

Nov 28th - 10:57am | Alfred Runte

Actually, our favorite channels are PBS, Smithsonian, National Geographic, and the History Channel, where recently we learned that the Yellowstone Super Volcano remains a threat. Were that to blow (the magma chamber is 40 miles across), we can kiss everything on the planet but cockroaches goodbye. But yes, the parking problem in Yellowstone National Park would be resolved!

Nov 27th - 19:04pm | [email protected]

George and Gracie, fun post.  I think you cats made a good point, population is a serious issue, not only do all of us contribute to the complexity of all these issues, cats included, but the development, resources, etc. needed to sustain the growth is probably an impossibility. One thing is for sure, things are going to change.

Nov 27th - 17:59pm | Alfred Runte

The nice thing about The Traveler is that a good thread never ends. Argalite, this is from George and Gracie, the family cats:

Photography In The National Parks: An Armchair Photography Guide To Mount Rainier National Park – Part 2: The Stevens Canyon Road

Dec 1st - 23:44pm | Ken Bucy

Excellent work!  Perfect tips!  Hope to visit again some day with family this time.  

National Park Service Construction Projects To Be Delayed To Pay For Repairs To Arlington Memorial Bridge

Dec 1st - 19:03pm | ecbuck

Jerrilyn - 100% agreed.  This bridge (along with the GW and BW parkways) has no business being the responsibility of the NPS.

Dec 1st - 16:19pm | Jerrilyn

I'll bet very few drivers of those 68000 vehicles even realize that it's part of a national park. Make it a toll bridge and let all the bureaucrats that use it each day pay for it.

Conservation Groups Pan Mexican Wolf Recovery Plan Released By U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service

Dec 1st - 17:09pm | Jim Lobo

The last recovery team (2010-13) started with a conclusion and then tried to support it - that we needed 750 wolves and recovery should be in the US with no serious consideration of Mexico.  For some reason many people are quite comfortable saying that was good science, but never ask where that conclusion came from.  As in the Wizard of Oz, you don't was to peek behi

PEER, National Park Foundation At Odds Over Foundation's Spending Habits

Nov 30th - 18:51pm | Clark Griffiths

I am a great fan of the National Parks which in general are supported by the Federal Government and individual memberships. I have talked to Park Employees who in general seem to feel that this is adequate. However I have no idea of what the Govt. budget is to support the Parks is but I suspect that it is adequate.  

National Park Service Opts Not To Revise Dog Management Regs At Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Nov 30th - 00:17am | Lawrence Kobernus

It's complete b.s. that people want to let their dogs 'run free' in the parks, and there is no enforcment of this now. People have a right to hike or jog without being attacked by somebodies dog, because they will not put their dog on a leash. It's a public safety issue, and we shouldn't even be having this discussion. Let your dog run free in your backyard.

Interior Secretary Promises To Root Out Sexual Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying Across National Park Service

Nov 29th - 17:51pm | Angela Valdez

How about all the sexual harrassment that goes on with civilians on DOD bases? I am still waiting on my Eeo hearing. In fact I complained about it to ROB BISHOPS office in Utah last year. No help at is there a code word that NPS uses that can be paased on so we can get some attention on this same situation? 

C&O Canal Park Ranger Honored For Interpretation And Eduction Excellence

Nov 29th - 13:24pm | Harry Hunt

Congratulations, Ms. Lynch!

19th Century Military Saber Training Course At Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

Nov 29th - 02:14am | Jeffrey Richardson

While those indeed are not the modern full weight trainers we prefer to use, and which the adults do use, they are indeed sabers.  They are modern non electrified sport sabers.    As for dueling swords...

Will Mexican Wolves Once Again Roam Parts Of The National Park System?

Nov 28th - 12:36pm | Bob Brister

We need Mexican wolves in southern Utah and southern Colorado, too.

Just Four Days Left To Comment On Proposed Surge Pricing For National Parks

Nov 28th - 09:12am | Donna Barden

Stop LYING and stealing from AMERICA and Americans to push your RACIST NAZI AGENDA AND TO DESTROY our national parks to make your orange demigoug happy. 

Attorneys General Oppose Surge Pricing Approach For National Park Admission

Nov 28th - 07:31am | ecbuck

Glad, don't feel bad.  I had an innocuous post deleted as well, three times.  But somehow an aggressive one by argalite snuck through despite the horse having been "beaten to death".  I didn't call  anyone Yahoos in my post nor tell them to go home. 

Nov 28th - 01:17am | wild places

"Only non US citizens should pay extra, since they do not pay taxes here.". Unfortunately Jennifer neither do nearly half of Americans.

Nov 27th - 20:41pm | Glad2bretired

Ok.  I disagree with your replacement moderator in this instance, but thanks for providing this forum.

Nov 27th - 17:39pm | Kurt Repanshek

Glad, I was traveling when you posted those comments, and a fill-in moderator deleted those and some comments from others as they were akin to beating a dead horse. As much as we invite constructive dialogue, when two or three individuals go back and forth over much the same ground again and again it's time to move the discussion elsewhere.

Nov 27th - 17:36pm | Glad2bretired

Becky, it is President Trump's Administration which proposes a $400 million decrease in the National Park budget, while at the same time greatly increasing the Park entrance fees.  This estimated $70 million increase may raise about 15% of what they're taking away, reducing already-stretched essential Park services and increasing the maintenance backlog.  Giving the President a pass b

Nov 27th - 10:01am | Becky Sopeland

i don't think it's a good idea to raise fees for National Parks entrance...but to blame it on President Trump is LUDICROUS, and shows the writer's default liberal oriented blame/game mode. 

Interior Department: Bang, Bang, Shoot 'Em Up!

Nov 27th - 16:21pm | Kurt Repanshek

Ok, travelers, we're going to shut the door on this post, even though it's probably raked up a very high number of comments. Sorry to those who didn't get the last word in.

Nov 27th - 15:38pm | argalite

Wow, what a bunch of yahoos.  EC where do they get the lead if not from ammo?  Are you saying lead in our environment is good?  If you read the report on ECOS by fws (five-year review) you will see that the ban seems to have made an effect on corvids and vultures.  Who in their right mind does not think humans cause the climate change that we are experiencing?  EC, go h

Annual Deer Culling To Begin At Rock Creek Park On December 1

Nov 27th - 15:58pm | Larry

I know what that means. Everybody who has seen episodes of NCIS or Bones on TV knows a body is going to turn up.

Haleakala Visitor Deaths Yield $5 Million Settlement

Nov 27th - 13:39pm | Nakana Pierce

I was there and watched this happen. I just tried to look up this event, to show a friend what happened this day. I was personally screeming for these people to get out of that area, because it was raining up above, and could clearly hear the distinct thundering sound of the flash flood comming. This was a sad incident, but these people did not deserve any money for it.

Creature Feature: The Banana Slug is Living Proof that a Slimy Little Gastropod Mollusk Can be Loaded with Charisma

Nov 27th - 13:21pm | isai

why do banana slugs have no shell on there back.

Is NPS Getting Ready To Toss Bluffs Lodge On The Scrap Heap?

Nov 27th - 10:01am | James Robert Smith

Our National Parks were not created to make a profit. They were created and protected for USA citizens to enjoy. Private companies and free enterprise profits have no place in our National Parks. The Parks were created with tax dollars from the working class and maintained with tax dollars from the working class.

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Nov 27th - 09:45am | James Malaka

The price on the web page ( is *WAY* out of date.

When Did Dancing In The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Become A Crime?

Nov 27th - 01:18am | Tonk

Shoplifting is not victimless.  The store is the victim.

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide