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PEER Files Lawsuit To Quiet Skies Over National Parks

Oct 16th - 14:36pm | Lee Dalton

Thanks for the chart, Anon.  It explained just about everything I was wondering about as far as GRCA flights these days. 

Oct 16th - 12:21pm | Anonymous

And just becasue I am eeeeevil, I thought I would throw this piece of red meat out there to the dogs...

Oct 16th - 11:29am | Anonymous

Not sure my comment survived a website crash, so here it is again:

Oct 16th - 09:26am | Lee Dalton

I'm a pilot (who can't afford to fly any more) and I just spent a couple of hours searching the Federal Air Regulations for any regulation regarding national park overflights.  There apparently are none.

Oct 15th - 23:25pm | Beefeater

SmokiesBackpacker----Can you cite some of these codes and laws that you are saying are not enforced?

Oct 15th - 01:20am | tomp2

I've never heard of "helicopter assisted hiking" before.  Yikes.  But I suppose it follows from helicopter skiing.

Oct 14th - 14:16pm | Fred Swanson

Here in Utah we're faced with a proposal to expand helicopter-assisted hiking on BLM lands adjacent to Canyonlands National Park.

Oct 12th - 18:25pm | Rick B.

I live off of a state route that goes on through North Cascades Ntl Park, a mountainous winding road that motorcyclists love to live and die on.. The pass is closed in winter and we can always tell when spring comes by the motorcycle packs revving by, day and night.

Oct 12th - 16:44pm | Anonymous

I'm not sure if there are "laws and codes" on the books which aren't being enforced, other than the law at issue in this recycled press release, and some problems with pirate air tours who don't have the proper FAA operating certificate to do what they are doing regardless of how the land below them are managed.

Oct 12th - 14:38pm | Lee Dalton

Smokies, Amen and Amen!

Oct 12th - 10:43am | SmokiesBackpacker

If I'm not mistaken, there are laws and codes already in place that are not enforced.  So enforcement is the real issue here.  In the Smokies, the overflights occur regularly on weekends.  The number of times I have seen the same orange/red helicopter disrupt a backcountry trip are numerous.

Oct 11th - 21:42pm | tomp2

I agree with EC on phasing out audible overflights in NPS natural parks!

Oct 9th - 09:03am | Lee Dalton

Here's a link to a Recreational Aviation Foundation article about national park overflights:  

Oct 9th - 08:56am | ecbuck

I was in Bryce last month and made a note to self about the intrusiveness of the overflights in this environment.  I would like to see them phased out by capping existing operators and not permitting new ones.

Interior Secretary Promises To Root Out Sexual Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying Across National Park Service

Oct 16th - 13:54pm | y_p_w

Glad2bretired: I'd also like to see or at least listen to Secretary Zinke's broadcast.  I bet he referred to his controversial Navy Seal career about as often as Dennis Hopper said "Man" in one of his early biker movies.

Oct 16th - 12:34pm | anonymous cynic

Lee--  The announcement to NPS employees said that the recording and a transcript will eventually be posted to the Director's Webchat page on InsideNPS.  It may be a few weeks before they get posted.

Oct 15th - 21:29pm | Glad2bretired

I'd also like to see or at least listen to Secretary Zinke's broadcast.  I bet he referred to his controversial Navy Seal career about as often as Dennis Hopper said "Man" in one of his early biker movies.

Oct 15th - 09:33am | Lee Dalton

I'm hoping that somehow the Harvey Weinstein mess helps.  At the moment it seems to be bringing nationwide attention to what is apparently an enormous problem.  I hope that with enough attention focused on prominent offenders, some real changes may follow.  

Oct 14th - 13:07pm | anonymous cynic

I listened to the broadcast of Zinke's presentation or press conference at Grand Canyon.  "Drink" every time he mentioned he was a SEAL would have been one heck of a drinking game...

Oct 14th - 12:33pm | Glad2bretired

Don't hold your breath waiting for this "Immediate and lasting reform" promised by Secretary Zinke.  We've heard similar empty promises many times before.  Zinke's own continuing ethical lapses further diminish the liklihood of anything meaningful coming from this.

Oct 13th - 22:16pm | Rick B.

From the President.. so, like, no more grabbing them by their nether bits, eh?   That is the level oif credibility and leadership in the WH. Why would Zinke think that by his fiat pronouncement things will improve. He may put a few heads on pikes, but unless the moral authority is reset above his paygrade, it is useless.

Oct 13th - 17:36pm | Lee Dalton

"I can tell you, from the president and myself, that's over. We're going to root out this virus, and it begins with putting a new culture forward, a culture that embraces diversity of thought, embraces teamwork," Hmmmm.  Maybe a good place to work on a similar problem would be in the Oval Office, too. 

If You Pave (Or Gravel) It, They Will Park

Oct 16th - 12:21pm | Delaware Roy

We visited the park over the 4 th of July this year.  We left our 5th wheel trailer at the campground outside the park.  Even with doing this we had trouble finding parking for our 4 door truck not only here but in most lots through the park. I would never think of trying to bring a RV into the park.  People have to use common sense.    

Oct 16th - 10:55am | Anonymous

First off, the trailhead parking was not built to support visitors attempting to access the Grand Prismatic Spring/Midway Geyser Basin boardwalk, it was to support the large number of people walking the Fountain Freight Road/Fairy Falls trail, which now includes a very nice overlook of the Grand Prismatic feature as seen above.

Oct 15th - 13:11pm | Heather Apgar

we visited Yellowstone about 3 years ago, and had an amazing time, but were stunned at how many people just didn't bother with posted signs... especially re:parking and getting close to animals.  sad, really that people choose to do what they want, rather than what is best to preserve the treasures there. 

Oct 15th - 10:32am | tahoma

This 2015 summary lists over twenty million dollars in deferred trail maintenance and almost ten million dollars in deferred unpaved road maintenance at Yellowstone:

Keeping Things Quiet In The National Parks

Oct 16th - 00:56am | Glam RV Girl

 I just found this blog and although the comments are rather dated I wanted to add my $.10 worth. I started a video blog on YouTube to chronicle my solo RV adventures. Although I am new to all of this I fell in love with solar technology. I have found myself staying in national parks quite frequently and cannot believe the noise I have to endure from the generators.

UPDATED | Congressman Introduces Legislation To Extensively Rewrite Antiquities Act

Oct 15th - 17:51pm | Rick B.

His actions seem to always have a negative effect on the body and spirit of the NPS, but sometimes I don't know if he is actively trying to hurt the Parks or if he just wants to demonstrate his power.

Oct 15th - 17:13pm | Gerard Dauphinais

Rep. Bishop, who chairs the House Natural Resources Committee. Well, I guess we know where this is going, don't we!

Musings, Some Political, From Around The Parks

Oct 12th - 23:37pm | y_p_w

This is weird.  Apparently Zinke likes using military style flags to denote whether or not he's in the building.  And he's also commissioned commermerative medaliions with his name and title on them, although it's not clear who's paying for them.

Work Begins On Alluvial Fan Trail In Rocky Mountain National Park

Oct 12th - 21:17pm | david nistch

Sorry, you are thinking of some different trail. Alluvial Fan Trail goes nowhere, it's a very short car-hiker trail below the Lawn Lake Trail. Perhaps the moeny would be better spent re-building a real trail that actually GOES somewhere, there are plenty trails in need of work in RMNP.  

Oct 12th - 17:54pm | Peter

Beautiful trail follows the stream for miles (Fern Lake Trail??) to some beautiful lakes.

Celebrate Haunting In The Hills At Alley Spring In Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Oct 12th - 17:37pm | suzanne smith

looking for ward to the event.

Oct 8th - 06:38am | RT

Sounds like a fun event, and very Ozarks.

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Oct 12th - 07:38am | Ranger1

I hate to council patience-but this is all we can do at NPS. NPS does not run the web site for pass sales-but I'm sure that the USGS, who do, are totally overwhelmed, just like we were. In the final three weeks before the deadline my small historic site sold over 4,000 senior passes.A normal year would be about 200. We had to put on extra staff just to sell the passes.

Oct 11th - 17:26pm | Kurt Repanshek

Jim, this is what the Park Service told us:"They added extra staff to accommodate the thousands of senior pass applications that were received around the deadline, but it is going to take some time to get them all shipped out. In the interim, until folks get their permanent passes, they can use a printout of their order confirmation in lieu of the physical pass.

Oct 11th - 17:24pm | Jim Potter

Applied for senior pass last August.  How do I check on the status of said pass?

Groups Critical Of Effort To Rewrite The Antiquities Act

Oct 11th - 18:20pm | Rebecca Latson ...

I'd be curious as to how many of those hateful, soul-less, greedy, grasping creatures in congress have actually traveled to any of these parks and seen nature (not dollar signs).  For those of you who might think it's a great idea to gut The Antiquities Act, I'll personally travel to those national parks and national monuments that might be trashed as a result of this planned travesty and photo

Oct 11th - 17:47pm | Lee Dalton

Now is the time for all who care about our public lands and parks to make sure our memberships are paid up in organizations that will stand and oppose this garbage. 

Traveler's View: Let's Listen To Nature At Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Oct 11th - 16:12pm | Lee Dalton

I have no doubt that understanding all this will require looking beyond the NPS to the dim, dark reaches of Congress or other places where moneyed interests of various kinds have been able to exert enough pressure to force NPS to accept yet another deal with the Devil.

Oct 11th - 13:45pm | robert mahoney

""Why has NPS issued rules allowing Jet Ski use in two beautiful and pristine national parks, acknowledging that such use will impact, to varying degrees, water quality, air quality, wildlife, animal habitats, soundscapes, visitor use and safety, etc., when the users of jet skis are perfectly free to enjoy their vehicles in other, equally accessible areas, without threatening the serenity, the

Trails I've Hiked: Mallard Lake Trail At Yellowstone National Park

Oct 11th - 15:19pm | David Crowl

Wish I was There! Here is a link to a map for those that like the visual of a map;

Visitor Services On Grand Canyon National Park's North Rim Shuttering For Winter

Oct 10th - 16:47pm | Sarah Eickhoff ...

Hi- I just read your article and it provides great information for the public. The North Rim Country Store is located 6 miles outside of the park entrance, right across from Kaibab lodge and Demotte Campground. Highway 67, milepost 605. We are open until October 30th with fuel, propane, water, groceries, souvenirs, etc.

There's A New Top Dog At Grand Canyon National Park

Oct 10th - 16:28pm | George H

This reads like an NPS press release under a NPT byline.

Support National Parks Content That Matters To You On A Recurring Basis

Oct 10th - 14:09pm | Rick B.

Thanks for the reply, Kurt.  

Oct 10th - 10:41am | Kurt Repanshek

I'm afraid at this point you'd have to write a check a month, Rick.

Oct 8th - 18:50pm | Rick B.

How can I do a continuing contributrion without PayPal?

Cannon Fire Will Roar Across Fort Pulaski National Monument This Summer

Oct 8th - 20:31pm | lisa christmas

I was wondering what are the hours for Ft Pulaski during the weekend of Oct 20th? Do you still fire cannons in the fall? Thank you

Arlington House, Home of Robert E. Lee

Oct 8th - 08:12am | Alison

Pierre Charles L'Enfant, who designed the city of Washington in 1791-1792, is buried right in front of the house.

UPDATED: Great Smoky Mountains National Park Wildfires Sweep Over Gatlinburg, Kill Three

Oct 8th - 06:25am | John Smith

Perhaps these incidents of critical fire weather driven by Climatic Warming events wil have a positive learning effect on all the Trump Republican Science Deniers.  In addition, it's time the NPS CHANGED THEIR POLICY on roofing structures with wood shingles or shakes.

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