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Guns in the Parks

Senator Coburn Vastly Misstates Impact Of Allowing Guns In National Parks

U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn, who used sleight of legislative hand to see that national park visitors could arm themselves, boasted the other day that violent crime in the parks has decreased 85 percent thanks to that legislation. Unfortunately, he was far from accurate with that statement, according to fact checkers.

Regulatory Landscape For Guns to Change in National Parks on February 22

A controversial rule change concerning firearms in national parks takes effect February 22, a change likely to cause confusion and raise concerns over personal safety, but one also that could go largely unnoticed and give some a measure of personal security.
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Coalition of Groups Asks President Obama To Halt Move to Allow Weapons in National Parks

President Obama stated his support for the 2nd Amendment during the presidential campaign. But how does he stand on allowing national park visitors to arm themselves? A coalition of groups has asked the president to stop a Senate effort to open national parks to a variety of weapons, from pistols to semi-automatics.

Senate Loads Credit Card Bill With Amendment to Allow Loaded Weapons in National Parks

The U.S. Senate, which struggles mightily with topics such as health care, education, and a balanced budget, had no troubles Tuesday amending a credit card bill of all things with a measure to allow concealed weapons to be toted about national parks and wildlife refuges.

House Consideration of Massive Public Lands Bill Could Involve Gun Amendment

Less than two weeks after he lamented items he viewed as frivolous in the massive public lands bill that would designate official wilderness and launch three new units of the National Park System, a Utah Republican believes the bill should carry an amendment allowing concealed carry in national parks.

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