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  • Robin Grosshuesch

    Robin and his wife Merri Walters are cocreators of Great Lakes Sacred Essences which makes flower essences and environmental sprays that support the human condition.

  • gloriaber

    friend of the forests

  • Mitgalgelim


    We are retired couple from Israel.  In two month, we are going to become a full-time RV. Beginning our journey in Houston Texas.

  • Nature Jane

    Journalist and former park ranger and biotechnician and firefighter.

  • Robin Pfeifer

    I'm a Minneapolis-based writer and advertising account manager. In a bold move of social defiance, my husband Luke and I have decided to forgo the trappings of proper adulthood and instead have chosen to spend most of our time and money on travel and exploration. We are experts in finding a destination's hidden gems and getting off the beaten path. As a result, we're able to tell some pretty good stories to our friends and family back home. 

  • Michael Sikkila

    Love to travel in the parks. Favorites are Yellowstone, Canyonlands, and Wind Cave.

  • Steven Richardson

    Owner of 2i3D Stereo Imaging. Interested in 3D maps, 3D photography, national parks and monuments. Concerned about the so-called "Sage Brush Rebellion." Interested in finding ways to help visitors to national parks to appreciate all that can be learned during their visit.

  • mommafuse

    Visited Cape Cod nature center. Very interesting.

  • Cole Donelson

    We accomplished our mission to visit and camp at all 59 National Parks during the NPS Centennial year, sharing our experiences and promoting the parks on We finished our big trip in August 2016.


    We're Cole and Elizabeth, 27, born and raised near St. Louis, Missouri. We met at the University of Missouri (Mizzou) where Elizabeth got a degree in education and Cole went with journalism and business. After college we moved to Kansas City, Missouri where Elizabeth got a job as a 6th grade Language Arts teacher and Cole worked at a health care IT company. And together we are the Switchback Kids! One day we were on a hike talking about bucket lists. One thing that made the list was visiting all the 59 U.S. National Parks in our lifetime. Then somehow it evolved into the crazy idea of the visiting all those parks within one year. This year of full park immersion would be full of hiking, biking, backpacking, trail cooking, kayaking and camping 6 nights a week along any other adventures that come our way. And finally we decided our best option was to take the most irresponsible and non-conventional step of our lives: press pause on our careers and take on the challenge and adventure of our lives. Carpe diem style. We don't want this trip to just be a simple year-long vacation to fulfill our wanderlust. We are striving for something much bigger. One main aspect of the trip is sharing our journey and park experiences with others through this blog and our social media. We want the story of two 26-year-olds who break from their 9-5 careers to spend a year traveling the country on a trip of their dreams to inspire others to pursue their own dreams and seek their own adventures. We also want to do our part to celebrate America's Best Idea, the National Parks, especially during the 100th anniversary year of the National Park Service. We hope our explorations of the 59 National Parks, and all other National Park Service sites we can hit along the way, will encourage others to join in the celebration and experience any of the amazing National Park sites all across the country.

  • lovada vaughn

    married, live in Indiana, one daughter, love to see new sights and travel, love to take pictures, I like arts and crafts,

  • Birchbark Farm

    My husband and I are newly retired, and shifting our focus toward traveling North America to see all continental National Parks in the next five years. We're former professionals who have juggled consulting/goat farming/cheese making from 2007 to 2016 -- now we're ready to ramble and hike. We scour the internet daily for wisdom and experiences from NatPark travelers, and hope one day to contribute our own learnings. In our early 60's, we're in fit shape and peak curiosity, savoring the anticipation of thousands of "wow"s and moments of speechless wonder.

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