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There is a need, a growing one at that, for day-to-day media coverage of the parks and protected areas
A section of Rim Rock Drive in Colorado National Monument will be closed for a while, beginning late this month, to allow crews to rebuild the road base.
As Saturday dawned, the government was shut down, most National Park Service personnel were furloughed, and visitors to the parks were largely on their own. No fees were collected, many restrooms and visitor centers were closed, but concession operations were in business.
There are many amazing sites and views at Death Valley National Park in California, and one of those can be enjoyed from Dantes View high above Badwater. However, due to necessary maintenance and improvements, the viewpoint is expected to be closed into early April.
Interior Department spokeswoman Heather Swift should not have used the saga of sexual harassment in the National Park System for political purposes, says a woman who claimed to have been a victim of such during her time at Grand Canyon National Park.
After putting their lives on the line to protect the United States and the values it stands for, more than 1,000 American military veterans — including retired high-ranking officers — signed a letter to the commander-in-chief urging him to “protect the public lands and traditions for which we fought, specifically by maintaining the boundaries and protections of the national monuments that were reviewed by Secretary Zinke.”

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