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Günther Bloch set out to study the Pipestone wolves “to outline the difference between a wolf ‘pack’ and a wolf family, and we wanted to describe the wolves’ different personality types and how this impacted their survival rates in the Bow Valley." This book is not, however, a dry scientific report. It is a large format (9”x11”) description, complemented by Marriott’s terrific photographs, of the fate of one wolf family in Canada’s flagship national park.
With few rangers around to watch, some snowmobilers went illegally out of their way in Yellowstone National Park on Sunday, with a couple cruising the boardwalk fronting Old Faithful and several others riding two-stroke machines in the park, Superintendent Dan Wenk said.
Trying to figure out where you can go in the National Park System during the government shutdown? That's a good question, but not easily answered, as it seems much has been left to the discretion of individual superintendents.
Southern Utah's national parks all are red-rock wonders. Zion National Park features towering cliffs of stone. Arches National Park showcases a one-of-its-kind collection of stony arches and windows. Canyonlands National Park is a maze of canyons, and Capitol Reef National Park offers a sprawling rockscape. Bryce Canyon, on the other hand, is much, much more intimate and, in some manners, more curious, geologically.
Curious about Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument in Maine? This video opens a window for you on the wonders of this unit of the National Park System.
A section of Rim Rock Drive in Colorado National Monument will be closed for a while, beginning late this month, to allow crews to rebuild the road base.

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