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National Parks Traveler Honored By Coalition To Protect America's National Parks


National Parks Traveler has been honored by the Coalition to Protect America's National Parks with its George Hartzog Award

Kurt Repanshek, founder and editor-in-chief of National Parks Traveler, has been honored by the Coalition to Protect America's National Parks with its George Hartzog Award, which is given annually to an individual who has made significant contributions to the National Park System and National Park Service.

"Kurt has been a strong supporter of and advocate for the National Park System and has raised important issues and concerns about the management of the parks," the coalition said in extending the award. "His efforts have raised awareness of challenges facing our parks and have been an important component of the ongoing dialogue about preserving parks for future generations."

Repanshek, who launched the Traveler in August 2005 and last year transitioned it into a nonprofit media organization, thanked the coalition for the award, but noted that there's an unsung supporting cast that helps keep the flagship website and its quarterly Essential Park Guides pertinent in its coverage.

"There are many contributions, and behind-the-scenes work, from folks such as Pat Cone, Gary Vogt, Lee Dalton, Rebecca Latson, Al Runte, Danny Bernstein, Jane Schneider, Bob Pahre, Scott Johnson, Fred Swanson, John Miles, Kim O'Connell, Erika Zambello, and Rita Beamish who really round out Traveler's coverage," said Repanshek. "Without them, Traveler would be a shell of itself. Going forward, we'll be adding more voices to provide wider coverage of the parks themselves and the issues surrounding them."


A HUGE congratulations to Kurt for his wonderful work, and to the team he has working with him.  Fantastic job.  I get park news faster here than through the local news.  It's great  :)

Congrats Kurt on well-deserved recognition.  The Traveler is a vital source of information and discussion about our National Park system.  I'll be mailing a check soon.

This is an honor well earned.

Very well deserved!

Job well done.  That why they pay you the big bucks ;)

All honor to Kurt Repanshek and the National Park Traveler for this symbol of recognition of his work by the Coalition.

When you think about the volume of work, and the unfailingly high quality and earnestness in everything he does, it is an honor to all Americans that we have a one such as Mr. Repanshek so devoted to the most distinctive places and highest quality visitor experience.  This is what patriotism looks like.  Patriotism, and zeal, and devotion to excellence.  This is a person who believes in the best for America.  Thank God.   

Yep, brilliant job, Kurt!

I don't comment often, but as a national park superintendent (yes, it's a psuedonym), I find there is no better source for accurate, insightful news and commentary on the state of the NPS.   I rely on Kurt, often hearing more (and sooner) from NPT about important developments in park management than I do from official channels.  In these increasingly challenging times, I am thankful Kurt is willing to do this, and keep doing it.

Folks, when he puts the pitch for funding out there, it's because he earns no money to do this!  I've sent $$ and I challenge every NPS employee and every person that cares about parks to contribute as it's our support that will keep NPT (and Kurt) going.  Honest journalism is not free.

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