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Young Grizzly Put Down In Yellowstone National Park


In the end, no matter of electrifying experience could deter the young grizzly from pursuing backpackers' tents and packs for a meal. 

So after trying with electrified tents and food sacks, rubber bullets, and cracker shells, Yellowstone National Park wildlife biologists felt they had no choice but to capture and kill the bear near Heart Lake.

According to park staff, the bear's run-ins with backcountry travelers date to 2015. At that time, Wyoming Game and Fish personnel captured the bear, tagged it, and relocated it to the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. In 2016, the same bear entered campsites in the Heart Lake area of Yellowstone and destroyed backpackers’ tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads. Yellowstone staff tried to change the bear’s behavior through the use of electric decoy tents, electric food sack decoys, and by hazing with bean bag rounds, rubber bullets, and cracker shells, but the grizzly wouldn't be dissuaded.

Hikers reported observing the bear around campsites and investigating tents in the Heart Lake area in 2017. On the evening of August 26, the bear forced a group of three backpackers out of their campsite near Heart Lake and consumed all of their food, park staff reported. In response, Yellowstone closed the area to backcountry camping on August 27 and set traps for the bear on September 1. The bear was captured and killed on the morning of September 8.

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