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Individually, It Doesn't Cost A Lot For A Year's Worth Of National Park Stories


"Can you spare a dime, friend?"

As a nonprofit media organization, we depend on donations and grants to stay online. An astonishingly low portion of our readers donate to get daily news on national parks, monuments, historic sites, seashores, lakeshores, and more from the National Park System every day of the year.

If everyone who stopped by the Traveler each month donated just $5 once a year, we not only could keep the Traveler online, but expand our staff by two or three positions and greatly grow the depth and breadth of our coverage.

Please, if you stop by the Traveler for information on the parks, to learn how Congress is managing them, or to find out how you can help improve the parks, click on one of the buttons below to keep it online and growing. Thank you.

Please Support Independent National Park Journalism

Use the links below to make your donation to National Parks Traveler via PayPal, or send your check to National Parks Traveler, P.O. Box 980452, Park City, Utah, 84098. The Traveler is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit media organization. For U.S. residents, 100 percent of your contributions may be eligible for a tax deduction in accordance with applicable law. 


Kurt. You're missing the boat here. What you need is a Steamtown Level, you know, for those readers who are all hot air. Perhaps that level could be 25 cents, or two bits as grandpa used to say. Then the hot-air crowd might feel they could afford it. I toot-tooted for The Traveler! At least I gave two bits!

Who knows? The Steamtown Level could start adding up. A penny saved is a penny earned, old Ben Franklin used to say. A few quarters a day would be better than nothing, right? At least you could pay the electric bill.



I think it's Kurt's call whether he wants commentators in his community badged or identified for chipping in.  Whether I'm agreeing or disagreeing with you, I don't think that the validity of my comments is better because I was able to chip in, or would be more valid if I were able to contribute more.

If, instead, you're proposing a toll-booth of 5 cents or 25 cents for each comment posted, that might discourage some informative comments.  Beyond that, the hassles of handling the transactions for each posting, and the vulnerabilities for Kurt having to track individual IDs and billing information, make such micropayments logistically infeasible.  Perhaps if folks think about the satisfaction they get from posting here as well as from reading Kurt's content, more will contribute a modest lump sum for a year of reading & posting.  [I tend to pay lump sums in advance into my pickle jar for cursing or skipping exercise, although I then only charge myself wholesale prices, except for the most egregious fouls...]

If you just want a way to chip in Kurt's $5 because that's what you can afford, I think the paypal links let you change the amount in the form.  I don't know how that affects the cut that PayPal takes out of the contribution.  


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