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Zion Natural History Association Has A New Name


After eight decades, the Zion Natural History Association has rebranded itself as the Zion Natl Park Forever Project

After more than eight decades, the official nonprofit partner of Zion National Park, Zion National History Association, has rebranded itself as Zion Natl Park Forever Project.

This announcement launches a new era of stewardship and support for Zion National Park, and sister parks Cedar Breaks and Pipe Spring national monuments. In addition to the Zion Forever Project brand launch, a comprehensive Field Guide has been created to educate the public about the park’s highest priorities in resource preservation, education, visitor experience and sustainability. This informational guide, available to the public, includes program descriptions, along with the financial details required to support these park priorities.

“For eight decades as Zion Natural History Association we’ve been establishing layers of meaningful programs to address the park’s greatest needs, including its first bookstores, a Field Institute, and a Foundation,” said Lyman Hafen, executive director of the Zion Forever Project. “Now we’re bringing the full force of our heritage, plus our knowledge from the field, to re-commit ourselves to address the issues of today. Our goal is to grow a community of stewardship for Zion and her sister parks that is a model for the world.”

Zion National Park has experienced a record year of visitors every year since 2010 – currently 4.3 million visitors annually. As a result, ZNHA evolved to Zion Forever Project recognizing the growing needs of Zion’s future and how it should support the park’s highest priorities – namely, resource preservation, visitor experience, education, and sustainability of Zion National Park – now and for future generations.

“The mission of the Zion Forever Project is an ongoing commitment to ensure there is an abundance of resources now and for future generations to enjoy the Zion experience,” said Mark Preiss, director of Zion Forever Project. “The new name and brand reflects the understanding that our community and partnership efforts will always require our unified attention as the needs of the park evolve. This is an exciting new chapter for all who come to enjoy this beautiful sanctuary.”

As the official fundraising partner of the park, the Zion Forever Project notes that federal support of park operations has been flat to declining, leaving resources inadequate to keep up with the demand required to provide the visitor experience on which Zion’s legacy is built. This discovery process engaged park leadership, and park board and staff, leading to the new name and brand as the perfect platform for engaging the public in its commitment to maintain the integrity of the park for generations to come.

“Critical to the future of Zion National Park is a recommitment to the care and sustainability of the park in order to facilitate the millions of visitors that come from around the world every year,” said Zion National Park Superintendent Jeff Bradybaugh. “The Zion Forever Project is a collaborative and necessary partnership that fully leverages federal and private support to address the park's highest resource priorities. This effort reminds each of us that we can make a difference, and stewardship of this natural gem is our responsibility.”

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