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Yellowstone Officials: Expect Crowds This Summer


Heading to Yellowstone National Park this summer? Enjoy the beauty...and prepare for crowds/NPS

After year after year after year of increasing summer crowds, you likely can expect more of the same this summer if you're heading to Yellowstone National Park, according to park officials.

To help you prepare for the crowds and for being in a park renowned for its wildlife, they've put together this short video:

Summer is Yellowstone’s most popular season. Expect busy facilities and destinations, as well as delayed travel times due to heavy traffic and wildlife jams. Try to arrive early or stay late, and avoid main attractions (like Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Spring, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, and Norris Geyser Basin) during peak hours

“More than half of the record 4.25 million visits in 2016 took place during June, July, and August,” said Superintendent Dan Wenk. “Whether you are visiting Yellowstone for the first time or the 50th, we hope you’ll take the Yellowstone Pledge and plan ahead for a safe, enjoyable trip.” 

The Yellowstone Pledge is a personal promise you can make to yourself and the park. It can be taken anywhere — at home, in your car, or in front of your bathroom mirror — and now it’s available in 10 languages. Tag your photos with #YellowstonePledge. 

Know before you go: 

While you are here: 


We love our cars . Being able to get from point a to b at our leasure , it might be getting close for a shuttle system .I would enjoy the park alot better when some one else is driving . Of course they would stop at all the thermal  features and slow down or stop for wildlife .   It may come to this giving the short season Yellowstone has.

This is off the subject here, but it's fun.

Try your hand at this quiz that was published this morning by Salt Lake's Deseret News.  (I have to admit that I missed two questions, so I was rated as a Junior Ranger who has a passion for our parks.)

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