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Woman Swept Down McDonald Creek In Glacier National Park Dies


A Washington state woman who fell into McDonald Creek at Glacier National Park has died.

Abigail Sylvester, 33, of Buckley, Washington, apparently was taking photos when she fell into the creek just below the upper McDonald Creek Falls on Saturday afternoon, park officials said Monday. While her husband jumped into the stream and tried to rescue her, the current swift with snowmelt swept her out of reach and he had to rescue himself, they added. The current carried the young woman about a half-mile downstream, including over the roughly 30-foot Lower McDonald Creek Falls, towards the creek's outlet into Lake McDonald, a park release said.

A park visitor, a volunteer fireman, spotted the woman and was able to pull her out of the creek and onto a small island where he and park rangers performed CPR. The woman was transported to the Kalispell Regional Medical Center in Kalispell, Montana. She was pronounced dead Sunday.


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