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With the blush slowing vanishing from the new year, it's time to persuade you to become a member of National Parks Traveler.

For just $9.95 a year not only do you help keep the Traveler delivering fresh national park news every day of the year, but you benefit from discounts we've arranged for our members.

We just worked out a deal with Eastern National that will get you 15 percent off purchases of their interpretive and educational materials -- do you have your Passport® To Your National Parks? Or need a new one to add more park stamps? We can help save you money on those purchases.

Members also benefit from savings on lodging from Aramark Parks and Destinations, river trips with Holiday River Expeditions, book purchases from The Mountaineers Books, and lodging near such parks as the Blue Ridge Parkway, Glacier National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

And, of course, you benefit by contributing to, and learning from, Traveler's Parkipedia, a wiki to the national parks, and through members' only forums. For all the benefits, visit this page.

Join the Traveler, and help ensure a steady flow of national park news and feature coverage.


Kurt, I saw your FB post about becoming a paying member. And just wanted to let you know it is in my plans. You provide a much needed resource to get the news the NPS would rather we not have.

I am afraid though it will have to wait until the person I am sharing my job with finishes their 1039 hours and I can pick up my six months some time in the spring -assuming of course that they don't decide to make the job a student hire or some kid of HQ staff doesn't need a job and gets put in as an emergency hire or something like that.

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