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What's That Sound? Building An Audio Library At Glacier Bay National Park


Recording barnacles in Glacier Bay National Park. NPS photo.

Sounds can identify a place, and the residents of that place. Pulling the sounds of Glacier Bay National Park together and placing them in one repository will make it easier to piece together the sounds of the park.

This year crews at Glacier Bay launched into an exciting collaboration to collect natural and man-made sounds for an archive to serve science and interpretation. Through a cooperative agreement with the Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center at the University of Alaska Southeast, park staff has been working with long-time Alaska naturalists Richard Nelson and Hank Lentfer to collect hundreds of high quality audio recordings of animals and physical phenomena (think glaciers, raindrops and kayaking) in Glacier Bay.

Each recording will be accompanied by standardized metadata and a photograph to document the habitat where the recording was made.

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