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Name That Foal, Support Assateague Island National Seashore

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Name your price and you just might be able to name the only foal born into the Maryland herd at Assateague Island National Seashore this year.

In a bid to raise money that it can invest in the national seashore, the Assateague Island Alliance is conducting an auction on eBay for the right to name the colt. The bidding, which started December 6, runs through December 16. The winning bidder gets the right to name the above pictured foal, not-so-affectionately known as "N9BFQ-GL," that was born to N9FBQ-G, aka "Harmony" in May. The bidding started at $300.

According to the Alliance, "horses have lived there (on Assateague Island) since the late 1600s. The present inhabitants are thought to be the descendants of horses owned by families with grazing rights on the island. Today's Assateague Wild Horses are the best known inhabitants of a pristine barrier island -- one of the few wild beaches left on the east coast. "

The fine print: "The naming rights are subject to the approval of the National Park Service and may not include profanity, pejoratives, corporate, copyrighted, or brand names, or any name with "Misty" as a part of the name. The wild horses are just that – wild, and the agreement for the approved name is for the life of the animal that may live for many years or may meet an early demise through accident or disease. There will be no intercession by the park."

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