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It's Giving Tuesday: Help Your Favorite National Park Friends Group


It's "Giving Tuesday," and that means you should consider donating to your favorite national park friends group today.

Whether that's Friends of Acadia, the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, C&O Canal Trust, the Yellowstone Park Foundation, Zion National Park Foundation, or any friends group that falls in between those, today's the day to step up for these organizations.

"Giving Tuesday" is a global campaign that encourages people to make a gift to help support their favorite nonprofits. In return, some of these groups will return more than just appreciation.

For instance, the Yellowstone Park Foundation currently is offering stuffed grizzly bears, gray wolves, "the always cuddly moose," and even a colorful and iconic Yellowstone cutthroat trout in return for a donation that will be applied to wildlife conservation work in the park. To order, check out this site. Or, to make a regular donation, head over here.

The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, meanwhile, is running its "469 Challenge," which is designed to help the foundation reach a goal of 469 gifts by December 31 - one for each mile of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Donations of all sizes through Dec. 31 will help the foundation achieve the goal. The foundation also has its usual giving program ready for your donation.

For the C&O Canal Trust, Giving Tuesday means setting a goal of $10,000 for the day in donations. You can make a general gift to the Trust's donation fund, offer to volunteer your time in the park, or even donate through a workplace program.

Of course, you'll also benefit by earning a tax deduction for your gift. And be kept abreast of news from your favorite park throughout the year via your membership benefits.


Between the sequester and the general poor funding of our National Parks, our taxes are not supporting our park units.

This is where Friends groups and Cooperating Associations come in. Become a member of your national park. Also buy your Christmas gifts in the park visitor center--calendars, books, T-shirts, toys. One stop shopping.


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