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Drive Under Way In Colorado To Gain License Plate Honoring Rocky Mountain National Park

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Colorado motorists might soon have the option of showing their support for Rocky Mountain National Park on their license plates.

A petition drive is under way to get the Colorado Legislature to approve a Rocky Mountain National Park Group Special License Plate. The Rocky Mountain Nature Association is collecting signatures on a petition calling on the Colorado Legislature in January to OK this special plate honoring Rocky Mountain National Park.

The group faces a December 20 deadline to obtain signatures from 3,000 registered Colorado motorists.

The special plate's design features a magnificent bull elk under a starry sky with alpine tundra flowers and reads, “Rocky Mountain National Park.”

If the legislature approves the plan, the plate will be available by 2015 to coincide with Rocky Mountain National Park’s centennial celebration.

“We are excited to provide this opportunity to proudly display your love and support of your favorite national park everywhere you travel,” said Charles Money, executive director for RMNA.

Those who sign the petition also pledge to purchase a plate if the bill is approved by the Colorado Legislature. A $25 donation to RMNA will be required to obtain this special plate (renewals will require a $20 donation).

If approved, funds generated by the new plate will directly support the park’s education programs. 

You can sign the petition at this site...if you have a vehicle registered in Colorado.


Love the idea! Just a few  thoughts, wouldn't  columbines be a more appropriate flower? And what about the other Colorado parks? Could they all be on one plate ?

 Anyway, love the idea.  



Shouldn't be hard to get approved.  CO has dozens of specialty plates although most require annual donations of $50-100.  NP plate holders will be getting off cheap.  

It already is approved...this is an old story.

Didn't notice the story date.

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