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If You Support Outdoor Advocacy Groups, We Want You As A Traveler Member!

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Help the Traveler stay afloat! Become a member today. Kurt Repanshek photo.

If you support the National Parks Conservation Association, The Wilderness Society, the Southern Utah Wilderness Association, the Great Old Broads for Wilderness, the Appalachian Mountain Club, the American Hiking Society, or any other outdoors advocacy group, we want you as a National Parks Traveler member.

The Traveler shares many of the same goals, missions, and passions of these organizations, and we help spread their news, needs, and efforts to a global audience.

Here at the Traveler we were covering the National Park System every day of the year before the government shutdown arrived, and we'll continue that coverage once it's resolved. With your support, we can continue to grow, broaden, and evolve that coverage.

The Traveler is an independent voice for covering the parks. We don't aggregate our coverage, we generate it. That coverage ranges from pointing out the great experiences that can be had in the parks to tracking National Park Service management decisions and congressional action.

Why create a membership program?

In part because there's no corporation behind the Traveler, no foundation that underwrites us, no subscription fees to help meet the bills.

But we also want your support to build a stronger, better informed community for the parks through more extensive and insightful coverage into this wondrous system that protects and preserves America'™s landscapes, history, and cultures.

If you look forward each day to seeing what the Traveler is reporting, if you value independent, nonpartisan journalism, believe there's a need for more expansive coverage of the national parks, coverage that goes far beyond aggregation and sound bites, then we need and want your support as a member.

As a member, you'll not only gain some satisfaction from helping keep us alive, but benefit from discounts on park lodging, trips, book purchases and more.

In return we ask not only for $9.95 a year (that's a measly 19 cents a week!), but for your knowledge on the parks. We've created a Parkipedia section where you can help build the most authoritative guides to the park system in existence with your knowledge of lodging, hiking trails, wildlife, campgrounds, and natural history.

Through our members area, we're focused on building an online community in support of the national parks. The members area is open and waiting for you. Be a part of it!

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I support IMBA, but I don't see it on that list.

Signed up a week ago and recommend to all National Park junkies! Join an already SUPER community and support "America's Best Idea"...with great conversation and fun.

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