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There's A New Look Coming To The Traveler....Benefit From It!


There's a new look coming to National Parks Traveler, and along with it a way for you to benefit, and not just from reading.

* ARAMARK Parks and Destinations

* Sierra Designs

* Helly Hansen

* The Mountaineers Books

* Bushnell

* Stone Canyon Inn

* Cascade Designs

* Holiday River Expeditions

* YExplore

* Osprey

* Kelty

* Hidden Creek Cabins

* Grand Canyon Railway

And for details.


I LIKE it! Nice and clean, easy to read. Very nice. Thanks.

Thanks Lee. Some tweaks need to be made, but hopefully everyone will share your opinion. The best is yet to come....

Kurt, I don't know if there is a problem with Traveler or my computer. I just switched from iGoogle to Chrome and the type face used on traveler is somewhat garbled.

Might be your computer, Lee. I have Chrome and it looks fine. Can you email me a screenshot?

It's my computer. I just opened Traveler with my old Firefox and it looks fine.

No technical problems. I do prefer the cluttered look so I can see everything. I'm sure a lot of effort went into this, though. I realize I am not the only person who views the site.

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