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Take A Peek Into The Dinosaurian Past Of Petrified Forest National Park


A student paleontologist explores the wilderness of Petrified Forest National Park in search of dinosaur fossils. Video screengrab.

Just the name of Petrified Forest National Park plants the notion in your mind that the Arizona park is full of petrified wood. But this parched-looking landscape also holds stories of the dinosaurs that once roamed here.

In the following video, join student paleontologist Adam Marsh on a journey through time as he explores the ancient landscape of Petrified Forest National Wilderness Area. Through his expedition field notes, Adam takes us on an adventure to the long lost Late Triassic, exposing an invisible world of dinosaurs and other creatures hiding in the fossil record of what is now a desert landscape.

Through Adam, we come to appreciate this unique wilderness as more than a natural resource: it is a resource for knowledge and a playground for the imagination

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