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Rocky Mountain National Park Remains Closed As Damage Assessment Continues

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Saturated soils have led to landslides in Rocky Mountain National Park, such as this one on Twin Sisters Peak. NPS photo.

Rocky Mountain National Park remained closed for a fifth day Tuesday as crews worked to assess the damage in the wake of last week's torrential rain storms.

While some problems arose during the storms -- roads washed out, trails buried, campgrounds cut off -- since the weekend other problems have surfaced, such as landslides caused by saturated soils.

According to the park's Facebook page, "(T)here have been a number of large landslides due to saturated soils, and falling trees continue to be an ever-present hazard."

Though the park was closed to recreational visitors, Trail Ridge Road that runs from Estes Park on the eastern side of the park to Grand Lake on the western side was being kept open for emergency and essential traffic needs. 

Due to emergency conditions and the need to get vital supplies, including, but not limited to, food and fuel, to the Estes Park area, commercial truck traffic is temporarily being allowed to travel over Trail Ridge Road between Grand Lake and Estes Park. Truck length may not exceed ninety feet. For trucks longer than a bus, an escort will be provided. Other essential travel being allowed includes: community residents, family members of community residents providing support, and emergency services vehicles. No other east bound traffic will be allowed, even for those with advance plans and reservations in the community. Trail Ridge is open to all travel west bound from Estes Park to Grand Lake.




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