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Another Boat Ramp Closing At Glen Canyon National Recreation Area


While monsoonal rains have been dumping on the Southwest in recent days, they're far from enough to float some boats at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Park officials say low water levels will force the closing of the Antelope Point launch ramp on September 23 to all launches with boat trailers due to low lake levels. A barricade will be placed at the lower portion of the ramp to allow for hand launching of kayaks, canoes, and other small vessels.

Boaters should still be aware that while the ramp is open, launching at these water levels is not safe for all sizes of boats and launching is at your own risk. Parking is prohibited on the ramp and self-certification for mussels is still required for all vessels.

Earlier this summer the NRA had to close the Hite boat ramp to launches with trailers due to low water levels. The ramp at Bullfrog also is out of the water, according to NRA officials.

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