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Plan Now To Attend The Annual "Fall For Glacier" Event In September


Begin planning to attend the annual "Fall for Glacier" event.

Sure, it's only June, but that doesn't mean it's too early to plan for fall in the Rocky Mountains. In Glacier National Park, specifically, to help raise money for the Glacier National Park Conservancy.

The annual Fall for Glacier event offers good times, great company, and a great cause. During the affair September 19-22 you'll have time to meet with park staff, park experts, and top researchers who, in turn, will give talks, lead hikes and workshops, and best explain how public/private partnerships are critical to the future of public lands such as Glacier National Park.

To check out the list of activities, visit this page. Curious about the speakers? Check out this page. Wondering what the "Backpacker's Ball" is all about? Details can be found here.

And to make reservations (which cover lodging, food, and all excursions during the weekend) at the Izzak Walton Inn just across from the park's southern border, visit this site.

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