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June 27 Ceremony Marks Presidio Of San Francisco's 237th Anniversary


The founding of the Presidio of San Francisco will be celebrated on June 27. NPS photo.

Come June 27, it will have been 237 years since the Presidio of San Francisco was founded. Not surprisingly, that's cause for celebration!

In 1775-76, Captain Juan Bautista de Anza led more than 240 men, women, and children on a perilous overland journey from present-day Mexico to establish the Presidio of San Francisco—the first colonial settlement at San Francisco Bay.

The Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail commemorates this important turning point in American history.

The Anza Expedition families arrived at the Golden Gate on June 27, 1776. Every June 27, Los Californianos—an organization of expedition descendants—delivers a roll call of their ancestors to commemorate the founding of the Presidio. This year's ceremony features as its backdrop a color guard of costumed youth and adults, including the Walnut Creek-based equestrian group Amigos de Anza.

This year's celebration will be held Thursday, June 27 from 11 a.m.-noon at the Main Post flagpole in the Presidio, and feature Anza Expedition descendants and costumed youth on horseback delivering the roll-call of San Francisco’s first colonist families.

Also at this year's ceremony, the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail and the Anza Trail Foundation announce the official launch a new online Anza Trail experience—

The website connects communities along the Anza Trail with history, culture, and outdoor recreation. More than 36 million people live along the present-day corridor of the Anza Expedition. The website's backbone, a cutting-edge map developed by the nonprofit GreenInfo Network, allows users to create their own Anza Trail experience:

• Zoom to street level to see where the expedition party traveled

• Locate local Anza Trail interpretation sites, recreation trails, and auto tour route

• Follow an animated timeline to read expedition diaries in English and Spanish

• Users are also invited to help document and share the Anza Trail story. By launching the site's MapCollaborator portal, they can add and edit information and photos directly on the map.

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