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Booker T. Washington National Monument Announces Upcoming Civil War Program


Ranger Betsy Haynes leads an interpretive walk to the reconstructed slave cabin at the Booker T. Washington National Monument. Photo by David and Kay Scott.

A discussion about the impact a Civil War soldier's death can have on his family will be presented at the Booker T. Washington National Monument later this month.

The Living History Guild of Virginia’s Booker T. Washington National Monument has announced an upcoming program for the month of March. The presentation, Death Comes Home, will focus on the death of Private William Burroughs, who was killed on March 17, 1863, during the Civil War Battle of Kelly’s Ford.

Private Burroughs was the son of James and William Burroughs, owner of the 207-acre farm on which Booker T. Washington was born and raised. Burroughs was one of over 600,000 individuals who met their death during the war.

Washington chronicled the impact of Billie’s death on the residents – both family and slaves - of Burroughs’ plantation. According to Washington’s autobiography, Up from Slavery, Billie Burroughs during his youth had demonstrated acts of kindness to the plantation’s slaves that caused them to feel a real sadness upon news of his death.

During the program park staff and volunteers will present a reenactment of the death and burial of Billie Burroughs. The program is scheduled for an outdoors presentation on March 24 at 2 p.m. It will move indoors in the event of inclement weather. For information call the park at (540) 721-2094.

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