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Academy Award Video Feature / Richmond's Starring Role in Lincoln—A Video Tour Of Oscar-Quality Locations


Daniel Day-Lewis turned in an Oscar Award-winning performance as Lincoln, but Richmond Virginia’s supporting role as the location where Lincoln was filmed will also wow the crowds. Take this short video tour that showcases Spielberg’s Richmond sets for insight into Lincoln the movie, and Lincoln the man.

Between sites actually visited by the 16th president and the city’s modern urban attractions, Richmond is a destination of Civil War—and cinematic—distinction.

Watch this short video, then check out our earlier article to visit all the behind-the-scenes locations where the movie came to life. Many of the places where the cast and crew enjoyed their lives as Richmonders during the making of the film—restaurants, hotels, and more—are seen in this video and detailed in the article.

Taken together, you won’t find a better guide to Lincoln’s real and cinematic visit to Richmond than the video below and our earlier article “Following The Film Lincoln Around Richmond: How One Surprising City Dominates The New Spielberg Blockbuster.”

It's easy, and memorable, to add a Lincoln movie tour to a Richmond visit aimed at the city's Civil War battlefields and historic sites.

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