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On The Lighter Side In The National Parks In 2012


A few stories from the National Park System stood out this past year because, well, because they cast a light on the lighter side of life in the parks

Yankee Fans Stunned: Fenway Park Listed On National Register Of Historic Places

Saturday was a black day for Yankee fans, as National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis traveled to Boston to add Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, to the National Register of Historic Places. (If you were a life-long Yankee fan, you'd understand...)

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New Postage Stamp Putting Kenai Fjords National Park On The Map, Er, The Envelope

Come Monday, you can send Kenai Fjords National Park around the country. At least figuratively, thanks to a new stamp from the U.S. Postal Service.

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Llama On The Lam Saga Has A Happy Ending At Cowpens National Battlefield

Cowpens National Battlefield and the Revolutionary War battle it commemorates are both named for a site associated with the early cattle industry in America. An recent situation at the park created the need to get a four-legged animal into a pen, but in this case it wasn't a cow—it was a llama on the lam.

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Death Valley National Park Officially Recognized As World Champion When It Comes To Hot Temps

How hot can it get at Death Valley? Why, there was a day back in 1913 when it was so hot that "swallows in full flight fell to the earth dead."

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Where Not To Park Your Car: In A National Park's River

It's not every day that vehicles find their way into rivers in the National Park System, but it happened twice in the span of six days in September, once apparently due to too much libation for the driver, and once due to inattentiveness.

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When Ordering The "Everglades Pizza," You Might Want To Hold The Python

The "Everglades Pizza" might be the rage in some parts of Florida, but before you sink your teeth into the pie with frog legs, gator meat, and ground python, check where the python came from, because the big snakes slithering through Everglades National Park are incredibly high in mercury.

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Living The Good Life At Cape Lookout National Seashore: Mare 63 Turns 30

Feral horses at Cape Lookout National Seashore live to an average age of 11, according to the National Park Service, but there's a mare on Shackleford Banks that blitzed past that birthday and has counted 30 of them overall.

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Yogi The Bear Meets His Match At Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

Yogi might have been smarter than the average bear, but he was just a two-dimensional cartoon character. But there's a bear in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve who really seems to be smarter than the average bear, as he's figured out how to use tools.

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