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Help The Shenandoah National Park Trust Help Teachers Help Students


A highly valuable, and interesting, program in some areas of the National Park System brings teachers into the parks to learn all they can, and then returns them to the classroom with that knowledge. You can help the Shenandoah National Park Trust fund such a program at Shenandoah National Park.

In partnership with Ahyayha, whose mission is to use social media to raise money for environmental causes, the Trust is working to raise $6,500 to underwrite a "Teacher-Ranger-Teacher" program at Shenandoah.

Developed by the National Park Service, Teacher~Ranger~Teacher is a program that sends teachers into the outdoors. They spend two summers in one of our National Parks working alongside park rangers. They learn first hand about the plants, animals, geology, history and visitors to the parks, and take that valuable knowledge and experience back to share with their students.

The learning goes both ways, too. The teachers bring their unique professional skills to bear within the parks, developing educational programs for the Park Service, which are used to enrich the experience of visitors throughout the year.

In a bid to make participation affordable, the Trust covers the costs of the program, including purchase of a uniform and use of a vehicle within the park, along with a modest stipend to cover living expenses.

This project, if successfully funded, will allow another teacher to develop a deep understanding for the true beauty and value of the national parks, and to share that with young students who will grow up with an appreciation for the need to preserve them. Any extra funds raised can help expand the program so more teachers can participate.

Along with feeling good about donating to such a worthy cause, you'll be rewarded by the Trust for your donation. Depending upon how much you donate, you could receive a discount on dining and lodging in Shenandoah, a guidebook on hikes in the park, or a signed limited edition Giclee landscape print by Kevin Adams.

And, of course, your donation likely will be tax deductible.

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