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Winter's Not Too Far Off At Bryce Canyon National Park


Winter really isn't too far off at Bryce Canyon National Park. Kurt Repanshek photo.

The calendar might be turning over to October, but at Bryce Canyon National Park it also means winter isn't too far off.

Park officials are alerting visitors that snows won't be too far off, and as snow increases and daytime temperatures decrease, hikers are encouraged to prepare by dressing warmly and hiking with snowshoes or under-boot traction devices when applicable.

Trails dropping below the rim are open to snowshoeing and hiking, but hikers are encouraged to check with the Visitor Center for weather updates. Cross-country skiing is permitted on top of the plateau (above the rim), but no skiing, snowboarding or other sliding is allowed below the rim.

During the winter season, some facilities and amenities will be closed or have their operating hours reduced. The park Visitor Center and Bookstore will be open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. from October 7 to November 3rd and 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. starting November 4th.

The last day of operation for the shuttle service within the park operated by McDonald Transit will be on Sunday, October 7th.

The final day for horseback and mule rides operated by Canyon Trail Rides will be Wednesday, October 31st, depending on the weather.

The Bryce Canyon Lodge, motel units, restaurant and gift shop operated by Forever Resorts Inc. will close for the season after breakfast on Sunday, November 11th. The General Store and public shower/laundry facility will close on Sunday, November 4.

North Campground loops A and B will remain open throughout the winter season, but loops C and D, Sunset Campground, and the North Campground dump station will close on October 23rd (or possibly earlier if overnight temperatures drop dramatically).

Bryce Canyon National Park’s main road will remain open through the winter but subject to temporary road closures after heavy snowfall. The Fairyland Point and Paria View roads will be closed to vehicular traffic and left unplowed for cross-country skiers.


I stayed in the lodge on my 50th birthday. A trip taken with my two sister that was unforgetable. I would recommend it to everyone! :)

Looking forward to seeing Bryce in the Fall / early Winter when I vist on October 20. A little snow would be nice as long as the park doesn't shut down.

Winter's Never Too Far Off at Bryce Canyon National Park should be the title of this piece. The last time I visited some years ago it was in mid-June and it snowed on my family and I as we were setting up our tents. We had quite a chilly night. But, oh what a beautiful place.

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