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The Quizmeister Has Left The Building....


Ah, professor, we heardly knew ye....and we already miss you!

Sadly, the best quizmeister the national parks have ever known has left the building.

Perhaps he was done in by his Ringers, Mystery Photos, Jumbles, or perhaps those treacherous Mystery Spots.

Or maybe he was simply stumped by perhaps his toughest quiz yet -- how to escape the ever-growing popularity of his quizzes and an over-crowded Winner's Circle. Whatever the cause, the good Professor Janiskee was last seen exiting the servant's entrance.

We've begged, cajoled, pleaded, beseeched, implored, and even supplicated, but all to no avail. We even considered propositioning the professor, but he said it would be no use, as he would be consumed by the Okra Strut and that time would just not allow for another jumble.

While he's available for emergency duty, Professor Janiskee has largely retired his quizmeister togs, put up his park maps, guidebooks, and park trivia stash, and gone out to work in his yard.

I'm sure you, the readers, will miss him as much as we will, possibly more when you turn to the Traveler on a Thursday morning looking for his wit and misdirections.

Truth be told, he's been a great colleague, collaborator, and friend, one whose shoes simply cannot be filled.

We'll continue to offer puzzlers from time to time, but none that match the quality of Professor Janiskee's. Perhaps, though, you can encourage him to return to the Winner's Circle...



So long and thanks for all the fish, Professor! I only wish I'd found the puzzlers sooner, but it's been a fun run and I've learned a lot along the way. Best wishes, and Happy Trails to You!

My Thursdays won't be the same without your great puzzles, Prof, but enjoy your well-earned retirement!

Possibly you could, with the Professors permision, reprint his puzzles

No need to reprint them, as you can find them all here:


You just need to be careful not to read the answers first;-)

Thanks for a great way to shake the cobwebs loose in the ol' attic! Enjoy your well-deserved time off (but I think you'll be back every so often).

You're probably right, Treelizard, as the good professor has tried to retire from the Traveler before;-)

Thanks for the gentle education about units I've never seen!

If I ever get back to Congaree (no longer "Swamp") National Park, I'd love to drag you out to revisit the national record trees, and Becky Sharitz's Hugo recovery plots. Until then, may you never be out at the old hunting lodge when the water comes up!

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