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National Park Service Moving To Engage Company To Promote 2016 Centennial


With less than four years to go before the National Park Service marks its centennial, the agency is moving to engage a New York-based marketing and advertising agency to promote the centennial.

The decision to sign the GREY Group to a multi-million-dollar contract was made by members of the Park Service and National Park Foundation Board who comprise the "Centennial Committee." Among GREY's clients have been the National Football League, DirecTV, W, Coca Cola, e-Trade, P&G, and Cannon.

In the coming weeks and months the agency is expected to research how the general public and stakeholders of the National Park Service and National Park System view the 2016 centennial.


I suspect very few taxpayers, or even park visitors, give a rodent's rump about the NPS centennial. This is just more millions wasted by Park Service upper management, who continue to confuse themselves with "America's best idea".

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