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"Ghost Trains Of Scranton" On Display At Steamtown National Historic Site


A beautiful photo exhibit, "Ghost Trains of Scranton," will be on display at Steamtown National Historic Site from November 4 through year's end. Photos by Kathryn Scott Adams, aka Lucian Palmer.

They are called "ghost trains," but in truth they are simply old trains decaying on railroad sidings. And from November 4 through the end of the year you'll be able to enjoy some fantastic photos of these trains by Kathryn Scott Adams at Steamtown National Historic Site.

Under the nom de plume "Lucian Palmer," a tribute to her parents Ruth Palmer Conrad (an artist and historical preservation advocate) and Leroy Lucian Scott Jr. (a business owner and photography hobbyist), Ms. Adams employs "high dynamic range (HDR) digital image capture" to pull out an "range of tones, highlights and shadows" from her subjects. In this case, old steam locomotives and passenger cars.

"The older [trains] are especially majestic looking," says Ms. Adams says. "They are so strong. In fact, I think they’re so beautiful – the colors, the grit, the rust, not to mention the history. They are truly amazing."

Colleen Creamer, of B&W + Color Magazine, says that, "To better convey a sense of the trains' powerful character and time-tempered beauty, Adams combined different exposures of the same subject, which gives her photographs an almost vertiginous depth. This is especially apparent in images like Ghost Car, which pulls the eye irresistibly down a long, narrow corridor, past a jumble of upended, decaying seats, to a door at the far end leading to another compartment and another corridor, as if one were traveling further and further back in time."

The exhibit, "Ghost Trains of Scranton," will be displayed at Steamtown's Changing Exhibits Gallery from November 4 through December 31; entrance to the exhibit is included in the park’s daily entrance fee ($7 for adults 16 and older).
The exhibit will also be available during the park's Veteran's Day Fee Free weekend, November 10 – 12. Steamtown also will honor military veterans and their families by waiving the park’s daily entrance fee for everyone on those days.
Additionally, all active duty military members and their dependents are able to obtain the $80 annual pass, at no charge, during their visit.

Located in downtown Scranton, Pa., Steamtown National Historic Site is open daily from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. From I-81 follow exit 185 (Central Scranton Expressway); then, follow the brown and white signs to the main entrance at Lackawanna and Cliff Avenues (GPS: N 41.41, W 75.67).

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