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Check Out Traveler's Guide To Grand Canyon National Park


A colorful rift in the earth millions of years -- and immeasurable gallons of water -- in the making, the jagged maw of the Grand Canyon draws crowds content enough to simply stare across this impressive cross-section of geology from either the South or North rim of its namesake national park.

And that can be enough for first-time visitors to Grand Canyon National Park. The rims have numerous vantage points from which to ponder the best morning and evening light, points of interest to gain some understanding of the human history that evolved with the canyon, and resting points to celebrate day’s end over meals and stories of wonderment of this hole in the ground.

Those are the opening two paragraphs to our guide on Grand Canyon National Park. If you're heading to the Canyon, be sure to check out the guide. It has information on lodging, hikes, float trips, camping, even mule rides.

We have a growing number of guides to other national parks, too, so be sure to visit our parks directory if you're planning a national park vacation.

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