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Trails At Big South Fork National River And Recreation Area To Close For A Week


Work to improve the safety of visitors traveling the Yellow Cliff Horse Trail and Salt Pine Trail in Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area in Kentucky and Tennessee will require that the trails be closed to the public next week.

Park Service crews are going to be installing stream crossing protection on the trails so as to improve water quality, ensure better protection to a variety of species that live in the area's streams, and also improve visitor safety.

Beginning August 27, the Yellow Cliff Horse Trail that goes from the Yellow Cliff Trailhead off of Obey Blevins Road to the Fork Ridge Multiple Use Trail, and the Salt Pine Trail that goes from Fork Ridge Multiple Use Trail back to the Yellow Cliff Trailhead will be closed while the stream bed approaches are being installed. These trails will be closed to public travel Monday-Friday next week.

For further information, or if you have any questions about temporary trail closures related to these activities, please contact Wally Linder at (423) 569-2404, ext. 321.

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