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Reader Participation Day: What Is Your Most Treasured National Park Souvenir?


Hand-painted slides can turn up at flea markets and antique stores.

We leave footprints and take lots of pictures when we visit national parks, but we also spend a good deal of time in park gift shops looking for souvenirs. For some it might be a poster or print, or maybe a coffee cup emblazoned with the park's name.

I've long treasured Yellowstone National Park, and have amassed a nice collection of souvenirs and memorabilia ranging from decorative plates and even salt shakers to stereoviews and hand-painted glass photographs.

Some folks enjoy collecting books that they can page through years later, or even special edition blankets that were made with that specific park in mind.

Understanding that some mementoes you connect to a specific park are found not in the park but at flea markets or antique shops, we'll accept wide-ranging answers for details on what your most-treasured national park souvenirs are. But please let us know what you look for when you're looking for a souvenir.


I collect hat pins. Not only does the hat protect my face from the sun (too much skin cancer), but it always starts a good conversation as people love to ask about the pins. Then we get to share our stories about our favorite parks.

My sons and I collect the hiking pins to put on our hiking sticks-- we also have started a family thing of dipping our hiking sticks in every body of water we wade thru or cross. Problem is we are starting to run out of room for more pins and will soon have to start new "sticks"!!

I collect pins but our most treasured NP souvenirs are these pewter picture frames we found at only a couple of parks. We are hoping that more parks get them.

That's a new one on me, Caprice. Got a photo?

I like buying patches and sewing them onto my backpack. But my favorite souvenir is my Yosemite coffee mug. I live in east TN now so I miss Yosemite a lot. I do get to the Great Smoky's as much as possible though.

My favorite is a stuffed bear from Glacier National Park, since after going to several Parks we never once spotted a bear!!

My most treasured souveir is my husband. We were married at Schwabacher Landing in Grand Teton National Park 10 years ago. And we have many hat pins, from all the national parks we have visited.

Pictures, S, pictures!

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