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Take A Side Trip From New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park And Voyage 'Round The World


What better way to enjoy New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park than to take a voyage around the world on a 19th century whaler? You can do that, virtually, beginning June 23 with a stop at the New Bedford Whaling Museum.

The museum, a partner organization with the park, will offer A Voyage Around the World beginning June 23 to explain the logistics of a whaling voyage. Key for whalers leaving New Bedford was a stop in the Azores or Cape Verde to top off their supplies for the many months they'd be away from home.

A Voyage Around the World will demonstrate the remarkable geographical breadth of a real whaling journey. On this imaginary voyage you will begin with the Atlantic Islands of the Azores and Cape Verde, as you start encounter with the many cultures encountered by whalemen. The onto Brazil where the Portuguese influence is apparent and whaling was fruitful along the coast. Next, is the treacherous journey around South America’s Cape Horn where fierce winds, huge waves, and strong currents are the norm, but where the warm Pacific awaits. Each locale will be vividly illustrated by large-scale reproductions of Benjamin Russell and Caleb Purrington’s 1849 Grand Panorama of a Whaling Voyage Round the World.

To help illustrate whaling trips the museum is dipping into its rich collection of artifacts: "art, artifacts and ethnographic objects representative of the cultures as well as 19th century and early 20th century illustrations, sea charts, prints, logbooks, journals and account books."

Admission to the museum runs $14 for adults, $12 for seniors, $9 for students, and $6 for children.

During your visit to the historical park, don't neglect a visit to the Seamen's Bethel to see where whalers would attend mass before going to sea, and where Herman Melville got some of his inspiration for Moby-Dick.


This is an amazing museum! I had a great time here. Really compelling. And walking around historic New Bedford was a great afternoon.

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