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Prizes Galore...Come And Claim 'Em!


We have prizes galore to hand out in the wake of both National Park Week and April's regular lineup of quizzes, so stand up and claim your prize!

First off, let's start with the winner of April's regular quizzes. We cut this month's qualifiers a week short in light of National Park Week -- when we had daily quizzes to winnow the field for nine winners of Trails Illustrated maps from the kind folks at National Geographic Maps.

As usual, the highly unscientific drawing for these prizes consisted of writing the qualifiers' names on pieces of paper, then tossing them from the top of a staircase at Traveler HQ.

For April's regular contest winner -- there were 21 qualifiers -- the piece of paper that flittered farthest was declared the winner. In that flutter-off "Eric" came out ahead. If he'll please contact us we'll stick a copy of Andrew Skurka's The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide in the mail.

Now, for the maps. (And we're talking the paper kind, folks, not the software.) There were 35 readers who endured the Quizmeister's cruelties. God bless each and every one of you, for I don't know where you draw the patience and perseverance from to accept his challenges.

Kudos go out in particular to EEW, who managed to solve each of the nine daily quizzes! Sadly, his fluttering slip of paper just couldn't keep up with the rest of the flittering field. But we'll allow him to keep his Gold Star and conceirge floor privileges.

The following nine folks, however, were fortunate enough to catch the proper draft. If your name appears below, please email us with your full name and address, and preferred map from this page of Trails Illustrated national park maps.

* Connier

* y_p_w

* JanetInKy

* Clara

* viewmtn

* s

* Ken

* Mizzou Bluke

* RC

Thanks to all for playing! For May's contest, we're handing out a Vapur Element water vessel.


Thanks Clara, we got you covered!

I demand a recount!

I'm on the list?

Never mind.

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