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Here's Your Chance To Win A National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map To A National Park



National Geographic's Trails Illustrated Maps long have been used to guide folks through the backcountry of national parks.

Now, in conjunction with National Park Week, we, along with the friendly folks at National Geopraphic Maps, are going to give you a chance -- nine, actually -- to win a Trails Illustrated Map of your choice.

Beginning this coming Saturday, and running until April 29, the end of National Park Week, the Traveler will offer daily puzzlers from Professor Bob Janiskee, the Traveler's incomparable Quizmeister.

At the end of National Park Week, everyone who has correctly answered at least one of the puzzles will be entered into the Traveler's highly unscientific drawing -- slips of paper bearing the qualifiers' names cast from atop the staircase at Traveler HQ.   Nine winners will be chosen.

Best of luck!


A good map helps keep one from getting lost and needing rescue.

Maps are great at telling you where things are that you might not have ever known. Now you can see it all at the palm of your hand!

I would like to know when the list of winners will be published.

Good question, Caprice! I'm aiming for tomorrow. Keep your eye on the Traveler....;-)

I love these maps. I've got five (Yellowstone, Yosemite, SEKI, Mt Rainier, Lake Tahoe Basin) myself, and can attest to their durability. Their topics are mostly national parks, but some of them are for other well known outdoor areas. The one criticism I would have is that they're lousy street maps. They typically mark streets, but they don't always have street names. They concentrate on trails and trail names.

I actually had one torn apart (long story) into little pieces. I'd actually found all the pieces, taped them together, and returned it to REI where I'd bought it. They looked up the purchase using my membership number, had the manager come over (I think that was a first for them) and approved the refund (including sales tax) minus the dividend that I'd received on the purchase.

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