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Access Restrictions In Place At Rocky Mountain National Park To Protect Nesting Raptors


Twin Owls formation along Lumpy Ridge. NPS photo.

To give hawks and falcons a break from humans during their nesting season, officials at Rocky Mountain National Park have instituted some temporary closures in popular climbing areas of the park.

According to park officials, Golden eagles, kestrels, turkey vultures, peregrine and prairie falcons, and red-tailed and Cooper's hawks are especially suited to the park's craggy rock outcroppings.

As of this past Friday, and possibly through the end of July, the Lumpy Ridge and Sheep Mountain areas of the park are off-limits to park visitors.

These closures may be extended longer or rescinded at an earlier date depending on nesting activity, according to park officials.

The closures in Checkerboard Rock, Lightning Rock, Batman Rock, Batman Pinnacle, Thunder Buttress, The Parish, Alligator Rock, Sheep Mountain, and Twin Owls, Rock One. These closures include the named formations as well as areas extending 100 yards surrounding the base of the formation.

The perimeter around Alligator Rock extends for 200 yards in all directions.  Closures include all climbing routes, outcroppings, cliffs, faces, ascent and descent routes and climber access trails to the named rock formations.

You can stay atop the closure orders by checking the park's website from time to time.


Thank you, "NPT Staff" for posting this news. I'll be at Rocky Mountains National Park at the beginning of July with Family Nature Summits and will point them to this news.
Danny Bernstein

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